Seeking Livelihood Adaptation through Communication for Development

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Seeking Livelihood Adaptation through Communication for Development

  • Mario Acunzo

  • Research and Extension Division

  • Natural Resources Department

  • Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations

Communication for Development in Livelihood Adaptation

  • Climate Change Adaptation (CCA) require multi-stakeholders action, innovation and a process of social learning for adaptive livelihoods

  • Communication is a key for CCA and sustainable rural livelihoods

  • Communication for Development (ComDev)

  • enables rural people and institutions to:

    • assess and agree on needs and priorities
    • share relevant knowledge and information
    • foster multi-stakeholder dialogue and action
  • Communication approach to livelihood adaptation

ComDev in Livelihood Adaptation

  • ComDev strategies support livelihood adaptation by:

    • facilitating equitable access to knowledge and information
    • promoting peoples’ participation and collaborative NRM
    • improving linkages between research, extension, advisory services and farmers for technology innovation/adaptation
    • enhancing community based adaptation processes and disaster risk management
    • bridging the gap between global early warning & information systems, local knowledge and communities
    • improving dialogue between institutions and farmers

ComDev Strategies for Livelihood Adaptation

  • Methodology

    • Situation/problem assessment
    • Participatory rural communication appraisal
    • Participatory communication strategy and messages design
    • Communication methods and materials development
    • Implementation and monitoring of strategic, targeted communication interventions
    • Evaluation of outcomes/impacts in terms of changes in attitudes, knowledge levels and practices

ComDev Strategies for Livelihood Adaptation

  • Main areas for communication support

    • Technology innovation/adaptation
    • Sustainable NRM
    • Disaster risk management
    • Livelihood options for adaptation
    • Environmental/local governance
    • Rural Communication Strategies & Systems

ComDev in Livelihood Adaptation Technology adaptation

  • Rural and Agricultural Development

  • Communication Network- RADCON – Egypt

  • Rural communication services for agricultural development

    • Community level, with peoples’ participation in generating, developing and sharing knowledge
    • Livelihoods perspective in the definition of solutions
    • Application of multi-media and new ICTs
  • Outcomes

    • Village facilitators trained in 50 rural villages
    • A network of research, extension workers & technicians,
    • Communication strategy to serve pilot areas
    • Virtual communication system and library to support village facilitators and extension agents

ComDev in Livelihood Adaptation Sustainable Natural Resources management

  • Communication for NRM & Sustainable Agriculture -Bolivia

  • Rural communication system

  • Outcomes

    • Communication services for municipalities & communities
    • Improved early warning systems, soil maintenance, river control, sustainable NRM
    • Better coordination & participation in municipal development
    • Farmers access to information on NRM and agriculture
    • Proposal for institutionalization of communication services

ComDev in Livelihood Adaptation Community participation - Rural Radio

  • RR is the most pervasive, accessible & flexible medium

  • Participatory approach

    • Two-way process
    • Participatory needs assessments + analysis of perceptions, expectations and commitments
  • Main results

    • Rapid dissemination of critical information to remote audiences and early warning
    • weather, markets, crops and livestock production, natural resources
    • Local generation of contents including traditional knowledge
    • Improved coordination and awareness
  • Rural radio in climate change adaptation

    • forecast & community based early warning
    • market information
    • livelihood options
    • local knowledge
    • community participation mobilization

ComDev in Livelihood Adaptation Livelihood approach to information and communication

  • Approach

    • Building on existing systems
    • Ensure equitable access
    • Promote local contents
    • Use realistic technologies
    • Ensure financial sustainability
    • Build local capacities
  • Initiatives

    • Strengthening regional capacities (ComDev platforms)
    • A comprehensive programme on communication for NRM, rural development and climate change

Communication for Sustainable Development Initiative - CSDI

  • Methodologies and tools

  • Development and systematization of: methods, tools, best practices, and training materials on ComDev for CCA

  • Knowledge sharing and Partnerships

  • Networking and partnerships for mainstream ComDev services  ComDev Platforms

  • Support to field projects

  • Communication Action Plans & Technical advise

    • Congo
    • Bangladesh  Support to CCA programme
    • Jamaica Communication in Disaster Risk Management & CCA
    • Bolivia & Central America
    • Near East

Next steps

    • Increased support to field projects through partnerships
    • Develop and test ComDev model for CCA
    • Systematize best practices for ComDev services for CCA
    • Support knowledge networks/platforms on ComDev for CCA and a global virtual consultation
    • Support to the International workshop on Community-Based Climate Change Adaptation (Dhakka, Feb 09)
    • Global study on R/E/Communication systems and CCA
    • Consolidate and expand the CSDI partnerships
    • Multi-donor funding

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