Self-study work Content of the national economy and its structure

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Self-study work

  1. Content of the national economy and its structure

  2. The concept of aggregate demand and its composition

  3. Equilibrium between gross demand and gross supply and its change

  4. Content and types of consumption

  5. The content and sources of economic savings

  6. Economic growth.

  7. Equilibrium of the national economy

  8. Economic cycle theories

  9. Unemployment and its types

  10. Types of inflation

  11. The financial system and its components

  12. Taxes and their objectives in the market economy

  13. Fiscal Policy

  14. The circulation of money

  15. Credit system and its components

  16. Economic content of banks. Central Bank and its functions. Commercial banks and their functions

  17. The role of goverment in regulating the economy

  18. Public income and welfare of the population

  19. Content and forms of international economic relations

  20. Different Theories of International Trade

  21. The content of international trade

  22. Foreign Trade Balance

  23. International monetary system

  24. Development of world infrastructure

  25. Direct and indirect methods of state regulation of the economy

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