Shonaeva mukhayo of teacher of English ­­­­­­­­ of general secondary school №

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of teacher of English


of general secondary school ____



Maktabi direktori

_________________________ /________ /

____________ shahri(tumani)

___-umumiy o’rta ta’lim maktabi

ingliz tili fani o’qituvchisi


5-9 sinflar uchun


__________________ o’quv yili


The 5th form Control work 1. Word dictation
Bag, cat, hat, map, rat, bat, man, can, fat, bag, sad, map, lamp, flat, camp, lamb, hand, flag, pen, bed, pencil, desk, hen, he, she, me, we, see, sea, meat, seat, weak, speak, cap, name, cake, face, place, city, big, dog, game, age, cage, change, give, page, in, it, sit, list, pit, time, life, five, nine, fine, is, pig, film, milk, I , hi, mine, nice, like, sister, I, you, hot, on, of, got, not, go, so, note, no, tone, book, noon, cook, took, look, hook, moon, food, tool, pool, room, quail, quick, quiz, queen, kitten, kill, keep, kite, kit, kitchen, squirrel, ring, river, room, rain, grey, green, dress, read, right, car, far, park, large, for, sport, port, corn, nose, rose, vase, please, visit, match, catch, put, bush, pussy, cut, nut, but, pupil, tune, mute, the, this, that, these, those, mother, father, brother, weather, three, thank, thing, think, zip, zoo, zed, zero, zebra, how, now, town, down, brown, low, know, show, yellow, window, old, hold, told.
The 5th form Control work 2. Translate the text
A) Mrs. Whitfield is from England. She is English. She is Lucy and John’s mother. Mrs Whitfield is an English teacher. She has got a father and a mother. Her father, Mr Simpson, is an electronic engineer. Her mother Mrs Simpson, is a secretary in an office. Mr Simpson and Mrs Simpson are Lucy and John’s grandparents.
B) Lucy: Hello. My name is Lucy. What’s your name?

John: Hello. Lucy. My name is John. How are you Lucy?

Lucy :I am fine ,thank you. How old are you John?

John: I am 9 years old. And you?

Lucy: I am 9 years old too. Where are you from John?

John: I am from America .Where are you from Lucy?

Lucy: I am from England. Nice to meet you John.

John: Nice to meet you too, Lucy.

Lucy: Good bye John.

John : Good bye Lucy.

C) This is Kite. She is a girl. She is seven years old. She lives in Tashkent. Her family is big. She has got a mother, a father, a sister, a brother, a grandfather and a grandmother. Her father is a cook. Her mother is a doctor.

She likes to eat ice-cream, sweets, cakes, pineapples, strawberries and pears. She doesn’t like to eat soup, porridge, cucumbers and potatoes. Her favourite fruit is orange.

D) This is my friend Mike. He is six years old. He has got dark hair and large brown eyes. He has a pet. His pet is a parrot. It is very funny. Mike likes to play with his parrot.
E) These are my pets: dogs and cats. This is a little cat. Its name is Yussi. It is orange. It likes to run and jump. It likes to eat fish. I like to play with my cat. This is my dog. Its name is Olapar. It is grey. It has got long soft tail and funny ears. It lives in its den. I like Olapar very much.

F) This is my friend. Her name is Rita. She is eight years old. She is blond. She has got blue eyes. Rita likes to go to the zoo. She has got two pets. They are cats. Their names are Momikvoy and Paxmokvoy. They like to jump and run. Rita likes to play with them. Rita is a good friend.
G) These are my grandparents. This is my granny. Her name is Mukarram. She is very old. She is a pensioner. She has got grey hair and brown eyes. She is very kind. This is my granddad. His name is Abdujalil. He is not very old, but he is a pensioner, too. He has got brown hair, brown beard and green eyes.
H) This is my little sister. She is very small girl. She is a child. Her name is Malika. She has not got hair. She has got black eyes and red lips. She has got many toys. She likes to play with her toys.

I) This is me. My name is Helen. I have dark hair, brown eyes and pink lips. I am nine years old. I live in England, in Central Street. My family is very big. I have got a father, a mother, a sister, a brother, a grandfather and a grandmother. My father is a journalist. My mother is a teacher. My grandmother and grandfather are very old. They are pensioners. My sister is a small girl. She is a child.

I have got many toys. I have got three nice dolls, two green balls, one big toy-train, a long skipping rope, two funny teddy-bears and a bicycle. I like to play with my toys.

I have got many pets. They are three dogs and two cats. They like to eat meat and fish. They can run and jump well. I like to play with my pets.

J) I am a boy. My name is Dima. I am seven years old. I am very clever. I live in Russia. My father is a driver. My mother is a teacher. My sister is a secretary. I would like to be a fireman.

I am a girl. My name is Zuhra. I am eight. I am very nice. I live in Bukhara. My father is a journalist. My mother is a hairdresser. My brother is a pilot. I would like to be a teacher.

K) My name is Kate. I am seven years old. I live in London. This is my room. It is not very big. It is small. There are blue curtains on the window. Under the window there is a green armchair. There is a pillow on it. There is a vase on the window. There are two red flowers in the vase. To the left of the window there is a picture. In front of the armchair there is a small table. To the left of the table there is a carpet on the floor. Under the picture there is a TV set.

The 5th form Control work 3. Dictation
A)School subjects

Every day I go to school. On Monday I have got four lessons. They are: Reading, Russian, Mathematics and Music. On Tues­day the first lesson is Mother tongue, the second lesson is Mathematics, the third lesson is Reading and the fourth lesson is P.E. On Wednesday I have got five lessons, they are Rus­sian, Mathematics, Botany, Reading and Handicrafts . I have got Mother tongue, Drawing, Mathematics and Reading on Thurs­day. On Friday I usually have got English, Russian, Mathemat­ics and P. E. On Saturday I usually have got three lessons: they are: Reading, English and Mathematics. On Sunday I don't go to school. On that day I have a rest with my parents.

B) My name is Dick. I live in London, the capital of Great Britain. I am a schoolboy, I am nine. In England, school begins in Sep­tember. English children have classes on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday. They do not have classes on Saturday and Sunday, they are at school from nine o'clock in the morning till half past four in the afternoon. But they have a long break from twelve o'clock till two o'clock. In Great Britain school is over in July.

The 5th form Control work 4. Test

The 5th form The 2nd term (Variant-I)

1.Choose the best answer: … [i:]. a) A b) I c) E d) U

2. Choose the best answer: Good morning ! a)1200 -1800 b)800\1200 c) 1800-2200 d)-

3.Write the transcription of the given words: cup, gym

a) [kp], [dzim] b) [cup],[jim] c) [kip], [gum] d) [cip],[jum]

4. Translate into English:(xayrli kun).

A)good morning b) good afternoon c) hello d) Hi

5.What___your name? a) is b) am c) are d) has

6. Where are you from? a) My name is .. b) I am fine

c) I am from Uzbekistan d) I live from Uzbekistan

7. Choose the best answer: I’ve got = a)I have got b)I am got c) you‘ve got d)She’s got

8. - …? -I am 12 years old. a) How old are you? b) Where are you from?

c) What is your name? d) How are you?

9. Choose the best answer: “There is a pencil case in my bag. a) Sumkamda qalam bor b)Bu qalamdon c)Uyerda sumkada qalamdon bor d) Sumkamda qalamdon bor

10.Translate into English: Men Bobur ko’chasida yashayman

a) I live in a Bobur street b) I have a book Bobur

c) He lives in a Bobur street d) You live in a Bobur street

11.Choose the best answer: -________________? - Lucy is from London

a)Is she from London? b)Is he from London? c)Where is she from? d)Where are you from

12. I have not a sister. Translate into Uzbek. a)mening singlim bor b)mening singlim yo’q c)mening opalarim bor d)mening 1ta singlim bor

13. Choose the best answer: How … are you? -12 a) is b) old c) have d) years old

14. Choose the best answer :– How … you Rustam? -- I … fine , thank you.

a) is/am b) are/am c) have/are d) old/ live

15. Choose the best answer :- How old is Rano? . --…

a) she is eleven b) she’s fine c) hello, I’m Anvar d) Rano is OK!

16. Choose the word belongs to “My family”. a) mother, mum, dad, Karim, I

b) father, mother, granny c) I, you, he, she d) baby, sister, popular

17. Find words which given to the sound[g].

a) German, got b) son, gym c) good, game d) jump, go

18.Read the sounds: [ ∫ ], [t∫]. a) sh, ch b) ch, ch c) s, z d) l, ch

19.Choose the transcription of “the, three”: a) [θe],[ðri] b)[ ze],[sri]c)[de],[tri] d)[ce],[zri]

20. Find odd word. a) teacher. Pupil, doctor b) farmer, mechanic, pupil,

c) doctor, teacher, taxi-driver d) engineer, businesswoman, farm.

21.What’s your telephone number? a)222-56-78 b)2013.2014 c)1998,23 555 d) 03,01

22. Bu odam inglizcha gapirmaydi.

a) This man don’t speak English. b) This man speaks English.

c) This man doesn’t speak English . d) This man doesn’t speaks English

23.How many people are there in your family?

a) There is 4 people in my family b) there is 5 man in my family

c) we have got 6 pupil in our class d) There are 4 people in my family

24. How do you go to school? -… . a) I go to school on foot b) I go to school at 8 c) I don’t go to school d) You go to school by tram

25.Choose the best answer: There is/ are a lot of pupils in the school

a) is b)are c) is/are d) have





















































The 5th form The 2nd term (Variant-II)

1.Translate “ota –ona”

a).friend b)live c) parents d) family

2.What number is your house?

a) .My telephone number

b) My house is number 10

c).My house is in Navoi

d) I live in a Flat.

3.What is your address? a).My address is Navoi Street

b)I live in Navoi c) My house is in Navoi d).Her address is Navoi

4.How old are you? a)Ahvollaring yaxshimi ?

b) Qayerdansan? c).Yoshing nechada? d).Sen qayerda yashaysan?

5.Tom is from……..America. He is …. American boy.

a).a/an b).--/ an c).an /a d).the/a

6.I have got two sisters. a).Men yaxshiman b).Men o’quvchiman

c).Mening ikkita opam bor d).Mening opalarim bor

7.This is my family. a).U shifokor b).Bu uning oilasi c).Bu mening oilam d).Oila

8.Translate “number” a).Hovli b).Raqam c).uy d). son

9.My family…….big. a)the b).is c) where d) are

10.Where are…….. from? a).you b).I c).do d)she

11 Where do you work? a) Sen qayerda ishlaysan ? b).sen qayerdasan?

c). yoshing nechada? d) ishlaring qanday?

12.Translate “name” a).men b).oila c).ism d) hafta

13.Translate “address”

a).manzil b).Do’st c).Vatan d) telefon

14. Where do you live?

a).U qayerda yashaydi ? b).sen qayerda yashaysan?

C) Men qayerda yashayman? d) Sen qayerdansan

15.Traslate “Flat”. a).Hovli b).kvartira c) .kop qavatli uy d) uy

16. What is ... first month of the year ?

a) a b) the c) an d) without preposition

17. Give me … apple, please . a) __ b) the c) an d) a

18. Are you English ?

a) yes , I’m b)Yes, I have c)Yes, I can d)Yes, I did

19. Is he from Uzbekistan ?

No, he ...

20.Ann .... up early every morning .

21. Where .... you from ?

22 ... name is Adella. She is English

23 I go .... the cinema

24. This elephant is 20 … .

25 What is the “ hafta” for English ?







































19. not

20. gets

21. are

22. Her

23. to

24. years old

25. Week

The 5th form The 2nd term (Variant-III)

1.Ingliz alifbosidagi qaysi harflar [ai] [iets] [vai] tovushini beradi?

a) A,H,W b) I,H,Y c) E,I, U

2. Good evening qachon ishlatiladi?

a) 12-00\18-00 b) 8-00\12-00 c) 18-00\22-00

3.Quyidagi so’zlarning transkripsiyasini belgilang: I, book

a) [ai], [bok] b) [ ei],[buk ] c) [ ai ], [ buk]

4.What …your name? My name … Kamola a) is , is b) am , is c) are, am

5. Qaysi javobda ortiqcha so’z berilgan

a) teacher. People, doctor b) farmer, mechanic, have c) doctor, teacher, taxi-driver

6. Where are you from?

a) I live in Karman b) I am fine , thank you c) I am from Uzbekistan

7 . - …? --I am 12 years old.

a) How old are you? B) Where are you from? C) What is your name?

8 . “To be ” fe’lini tarjima qiling? a) ega bo’lmoq b) bor c) bo’lmoq

9.Men Ibn Sino ko’chasida yashayman

a) I live in a Ibn Sino street b) I have a book Bobur c) he lives in a Bobur

10. How … are you? I am 13 . a) is b) old c) have

11.What’s your father? a) he’s a mechanic b) he is 45 c) my name Lola

12. “There is/are” qurilmasini to’g’ri tarjima qiling?

a) ega bo’lmoq b) bor c) bo’lmoq

13. Monday is the …, Tuesday is the …, Wednesday is the … day of the week.

a) first, second, third b) first, two, three c) one, two, three

14. Sanoq sonlarni tartib songa aylantiring: 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10,11,12,13,21,22,23

a) 1st ,2nd ,3rd, 4th ,5th ,6th,7th,8th,9th,10th, 11th, 12th, 13th, 21st, 22nd, 23th.

b) 1st ,2nd ,3rd, 4th ,5th ,6th,7th,8th,9th,10th, 11th, 12th, 13th, 21st, 22nd, 23rd.

c) 1t ,2id ,3td, 4th ,5th ,6th,7th,8th,9th,10th, 11ts, 12th, 13th, 21st, 22sd, 23th.

15.We have PE … Monday and Friday. Who is … duty today.

a) on, in b) on, on c) in, at

16. Children … play with matches. Pupil … go to school every day.

a) mustn’t, must b) must, must c) must not, must not

17.Tushib qolgan harflarni tongue,h..story,ma…s,, ..rt, geogra…y a) h, a, s, th, x, d b) h, i, th ,u ,a ,ph c) i, th, u, a, ph, f

18.What time is it? 16:00, 22:20,08:00

a) it’s four p.m, it’s twenty past ten p.m, it’s eight o’clock b) it’s for , it’s twenty to ten p.m, it’s eight c) it’s four a.m, it’s twenty past to p.m, it’s eight o’clock

19. I like English. And you? a) Yes, I do b) Yes, I like c) Do you like English?

20.Hozirgi oddiy zamonda so’roq va inkor shakllarni yasashda qaysi ko’makchi fe’ldan foydalanamiz? a) do b)not c) do ko’makchi fe’li va not inkor yuklamasidan

21.Translate into Uzbek: English schoolchildren have not lessons on Saturday

a) Ingliz o’quvchilari shanba kuni o’qimaydilar b)ingliz tili shanba kuni bo’lmaydi c) a/ b

22.Complete. Use ‘have’ or ‘has’. I … a car. She … maths today.

a) have, has b) have, have c) has, has

23. ….schoolchildren don’t have lunch at school. a) Uzbek b) English c) Russian

24.It’s quarter to seven, it’s ten past eight a) 06:45, 08:10 b) 08:45, 09:10 c) 10:45, 10:08

25.He has got a small , round head and short legs.(Translate into Uzbek)

a) Uning kichkina, aylana boshi va kalta oyog’i bor. b) Uning kichkina, boshi va kalta oyog’i bor. c) Uning kichkina, aylana boshi va uzun qo’li bor.


























5/4 V-III

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