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Site Name 

North Creek Mosaic Project – North Creek, NY 

Job Location 

North Creek, NY 


Carpet Products – Albany, NY

ARDEX Products or Systems 



 Fiber Reinforced  

Tile and Stone Mortar


• Extreme Temperature Cycles 

• Use of Volunteers


Starting in 2011, the community of North Creek, NY has commissioned 

tiling work along a 200 ft. retaining wall flanking the entrance into 

downtown.  Lead by local artist Kate Hartley, the Jonsburgh Fine Arts 

Group, and thousands of volunteers; the North Creek Mosaic Project is 

an on-going work in progress. The varying and extreme temperatures 

in the Adirondack Mountains would put to the test the workability and 

durability of tile and stone mortars. The project was also faced with 

overcoming fundraising obstacles and the number of volunteer man 

hours needed to complete this community project.


ARDEX LME Installer Geoff Konis first heard about the North Creek Mosaic Project in early 2011.  After reaching 

out to Kate Hartley, Geoff knew that to withstand the extreme freeze/thaw cycles experienced during the 

Adirondack Mountains region, ARDEX X 77™ MICROTEC


 Fiber Reinforced Tile and Stone Mortar would be 

the one mortar solution needed for the entire project. ARDEX X 77 features the most advanced technology for 

exterior applications with an extended open time of 60 minutes and unmatched sag resistance; both are double 

the ISO 13007 standards.

Working with thousands of volunteers unexperienced to tiling, large periods of gaps in the project timeline, 

and extreme weather conditions, the extremely easy to mix and apply properties of ARDEX X 77 enabled Kate 

and her team to consistently set a mirage of broken glass and tile pieces along large stretches of the mural; 

sometimes 600 sq. ft. at a time due to the creamy consistency and longer adjusting times!  

“It took me a while to learn the logistics of creating a mural of this scale, especially with such disparate materials 

- natural stones, shells as well as tile and glass - but I continue to be impressed with the ability of ARDEX X 77 to 

keep things in place, even when first applied. It’s so easy to use, even toddlers can stick tile!”, Kate Hartley on 

the ease of using ARDEX X 77™ MICROTEC


 Fiber Reinforced Tile and Stone Mortar.

The North Creek Mosaic Project is nearing completion of its 6th year, with 2 more years of estimated work to  

be completed.



CS254 (10/2016)


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eek Mosaic Pr



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eek, NY

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