Smart car security system based arduino and gsm alisher Shakirovich Ismailov Andijon Machine-Building Institute Abstract

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Alisher Shakirovich Ismailov 
Andijon Machine-Building Institute 
Abstract: This system proposes the design and construction of an advanced car 
security system using mobile phone. It uses the Arduino, Esp8266 and GSM mobile 
communication networks to transmit alarm signal and control instruction. The 
proposed system is a new generation of car alarming system. The current car 
alarming systems uses remote control which sometimes uncomfortable to carry. The 
proposed system uses mobile phone as a controller rather than remote controller. This 
achieved by using esp8266 Wi-Fi router. The Wi-Fi signal works up to 1 km radius. 
If car owner is not in Wi-Fi zone, system switches to second program which is GSM 
communication and it can work from anywhere. The control and communication 
between the user and the proposed system are achieved through a short message 
services (SMS) protocol available in the mobile phone. The proposed system can 
detect threat to the car via vibration sensor. It will signal to mobile phone or (SMS) 
about threat to the car. Using mobile app user can start and stop car engine, open and 
close the door and can use horn. Hardware consists of arduino microcontroller, 
esp8266 Wi-Fi router and GSM module. Software developed by Arduino 
programming language and mobile app developed by Android Studio software.
Keywords: Aruino microcontroller, Esp8266 Wi-Fi router, GSM Modem, 
Vibration sensors. 
Nowadays, automobile thefts are increasing as well as production of cars in 
yearly in the world. Therefore, vehicle theft is a universal problem. To solve this 
problem, most of the vehicle owners have started using the theft protection systems. 
A wireless vehicle security system which implements mobile communication 
protocol is proposed. The most popular existing car security system is car alarm and 
has a lot disadvantages:
- If car owner loses remote controller the system will become useless 
- Distance – cover Area, the siren cannot be heard over a long distance
- False Alarm
- Cannot be heard in buildings
This type of security system is less effective if the car is far away from the 
owner as the alarm cannot be heard by the owner.
This paper proposes two programs:
"Science and Education" Scientific Journal
February 2021 / Volume 2 Issue 2

a) Car alarming system when vehicle owner nearby his car. In car alarming 
system user communicate with his car through his phone and Esp8266 Wi-Fi router. 
Esp8266 Wi-Fi router installed to the car and connected to vibration sensor. So when 
there is a threat to the vehicle Esp8266 send signal to mobile phone. The app 
developed for car alarming system using Android Studio software. The vehicle owner 
can start and stop car’s engine, open and close car’s door, and can use car’s horn. 
b) GSM based car security system is an advanced security system. When the car 
is vibrated, the system will produces an alarm signal and immediately send a SMS to 
car owner’s mobile phone. The user could easily supervise, protect and control their 
car anywhere at any time. It is designed using by Arduino programming language. 
Serial communication is used for data communication between GSM modem and 
Arduino microcontroller. In this system, firstly, vibration sensors sense the 
instruction and produce output signal and this output signal arrive at the Arduino 
controller. Arduino acts as electric brain or message sending controller that control all 
of the functionality and interfaced circuit attach to the system. It sends SMS message 
to the mobile phone via GSM modem. GSM modem sends the signal (SMS) to the 
user’s mobile phone when receive signal from the Arduino controller. In this way, the 
users can protect from being stolen. 
Objective of the study
The primary goal is to improve user situational awareness during vehicle 
security threats. The GSM module sends SMS when a threat is detected. The user 
will be able to judge the situation and take action. Another goal is to permit the user 
"Science and Education" Scientific Journal
February 2021 / Volume 2 Issue 2

to remotely control the system using SMS. After a security alert, the user will be able 
to send commands to the microcontroller to deactivating the car alarm. Additionally, 
we would like to permit the user to get the status of car even when a security threat 
has not been detected. We believe that these systems are most valuable when the user 
is far away from his/her vehicle; therefore, we will implement long-range wireless 
transmission/alert access using GSM module. 
Literature review 
Car security system has been very popular in recent times and widely used in 
most cars and 
Automobiles owned by companies, business organization and even by some 
private individuals who can afford the cost. The most common automobile security 
system has been the manually operated demobilize. Few of the many automobile 
theft-prevention system allow a vehicle to start and temporarily run before disabling a 
critical component, such as the fuel or ignition system. This type of shut down 
sequence is not very confusing and the system could possibly be overcome by the 
thief [1]. [2] Have developed embedded system design to control automobile 
peripherals automatically through voice recognition system. The profile of the 
authorize user was configured and saved in the system which operates specific 
settings for the user. Whenever the user wishes to drive the car, system will initiate 
the personal settings by identifying the users voice which includes the side and rear 
mirrors setting and seat adjustments. The use of DM642 media processor allows the 
real time snapshot of the driver to be taken and displayed on the LCD screen with 
available profile report. The remotely operation of the smart car locked or unlocked 
was also performed using GSM modem. Some another features such as navigation 
and tracking of car using GPS module was also incorporated into the system. The 
latitude and longitude positions were also taken by the system from GPS and sends to 
the PC using GSM modem. The car real time location was also displayed on the map 
on PC. Also [3] have presented Short Message System (SMS) based home security 
system equipped with motion sensor, smoke detector, temperature sensor, humidity 
sensor and light sensors. A microprocessor PIC 18F4520 controlled the sensors 
through the SMS being password. The home security operation has been tested on 
Vodafone- Fiji network for emergency and feedback responses were obtained for 25 
samples. The GSM experiment showed that it takes about 8-10s delay for the security 
system to reply the relevant civil authorities and occupant in case of emergency. The 
occupant takes about 18-22s to energize and monitor lights and appliances and then 
get feedback from home due the network traffic. [4] have presented the “ Design and 
Development of Activation and Controlling Of Home Automation System VIA SMS 
(Short Messaging Service) through Microcontroller” which was used to control home 
appliances remotely when the user is absent from the place. The system is SMS based 
"Science and Education" Scientific Journal
February 2021 / Volume 2 Issue 2

and user uses wireless technology (GSM). The system uses GSM technology thus, 
provides universal access to the system for automated appliance control. GSM 
(Global Systems for Mobile Communication) is highly used due its simplicity in both 
transmitter and receiver design, can operate at 900 or 1800MHZ band, faster, more 
reliable and globally network. 
Proposed system
The developed system makes use of an embedded system based on GSM 
technology. When an unauthorized person tampers with a vehicle in which an 
antitheft system is settled up then the microcontroller commands the GSM modem to 
send a text alert to the vehicle owner. In this system we interfaced Arduino UNO 
microcontroller with SIM-com 900 modem to decode the received message and do 
the required action. The protocol used for the communication between the two is 
Serial command.

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