Spoken Discourse

Differences in spoken discourse do not necessarily indicate language deficiency

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Spoken Discourse
Bayonnomalari, Maqola Ali, Maqola Ali, Maqolalar2020, kichik biznes oraliq, 1 - mavzu, yoruglikning qutblanishi. yoruglikning ikki muhit chegarasidan qaytgandagi va singandagi qutblanishi. bryuster qonuni., turkiy filologiyaga kirish maruza matni, turkiy filologiyaga kirish maruza matni, 10-MAVZU-prez (2), Шеър поэтикаси-107-мажмуа, funksional va darajali qatorlar , 3-sinf Bo’lishli va bo’lishsiz fe’llar, §. Natural va butun sonlar, ILMIY MAQOLA SALOXIDDIN RAXMATOV TAXRIRI
4. Differences in spoken discourse do not necessarily indicate language deficiency 

          -Language learners often employ "code-switching," or beginning a thought in one language and finishing in another. Code 
           switching can also apply to a speaker who uses one dialect at school and another at home. 

           -While switching between languages might seem confusing, understanding spoken discourse helps you understand that this practice
             is actually a sign of language strength, not weakness (MacGregor-Mendoza 2005). 

            -Students who speak one language or dialect at home and one at school are sometimes encouraged to drop their home language all
             together in favor of their academic language, since teachers believe this practice will make their academic language skills stronger. 
                               However, studies have shown that students who were able to use their home dialect continuously learned just as well as
                               those who did not, and in some cases, better (Bayley & Schecter 2005, Wheeler 2005). 

                        This packet advertises for a book of lesson plans for integrating code-switching into the classroom:
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