St European Championship 2000: 1st European Championship

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2000: 1st European Championship

  • 2000: 1st European Championship

  • In July 2000 the first European Beach Handball Championship was organized by the European Handball Federation (EHF) in Gaeta near Rome (Italy), which was the first official International Championship in Beach Handball.

  • The women’s team of Ukraine and the men’s team of Belarus became the first European Champions.

2002: 2nd European Championships

  • 2002: 2nd European Championships

  • At the 2nd European Championships in 2002 in Cadiz (Spain) the field of the participating nations had already doubled from 8 each onto 16.

  • Nearly all nations had also improved their technical and tactical standards.

  • Spain, in a great final against Russia, won the title of European Champion. In the women’s competition, the Russian women defeated Turkey.

Russia fetches the Double:

  • Russia fetches the Double:

  • In the Men’s Competition, Russia beat Germany. Turkey reached the 3rd place ahead of previous Champion Spain.

  • In the Women’s Competition Germany beat Italy in the match for place 3.

  • Russia defeated Croatia in the final and therefore became the first “double European champion”.

2004: 1st Asian Ch in Oman (Men)

  • 2004: 1st Asian Ch in Oman (Men)

  • As a qualifier for the 2004 World Championships in Egypt, the 1st Asian Beach Handball Championships for Men were held in 2004 in Oman.

  • In the final Oman beat Bahrain, Pakistan ranked 3rd ahead of Iran.

  • 2004: 1st Asian Ch in Japan (Women)

  • As a qualifier for the women’s competition of the 1st official World Championships, the first Asian Women’s Beach Handball Ch was carried out between Japan and Hong Kong, which was won by host Japan.

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