Student: Samadova Ozoda

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Student:Samadova Ozoda

A circumstance that not everybody can envision is how to select a great calling within the future and how to approach it. However, I regularly had this circumstance some time recently I begun considering. Presently my plans are prepared. All that remains is to put them into hone. I am as of now studying at the College additionally working at the preparing center. Presently let me turn to my plans: to begin with to graduate with a red diploma and ended up a great pro, and after that to open a "Dialect Center" for youthful individuals to instruct dialects ​​to children aged 7 to 70 a long time. The moment is to ended up one of the foremost active instructors at Bukhara State College. And the third is to continuously work on myself, to memorize more dialects ​​and to gotten to be an dynamic staff that will benefit our nation and our youth. When I make time for myself, I fair get occupied by these contemplations, and the leading portion is that I settle the inadequacies of what I have arranged and come up with more great thoughts
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