Subject: English Theme: Cartoons

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Subject: English

Theme: Cartoons.


School: 18


Qashqadarya region, Qarshi city.


  • Warm up : to creat an English atmosphere.
  • Check up the homework.
  • New theme.
  • Consolidation.
  • Marking.
  • Homework.


Good morning dear pupils. How are you?

How old are you? What is the weather?

Warm up: Read the poem

  • In the woods��️,
  • I can see��.
  • So many animals������,
  • Looking at me��️��️.

Warm up: Answer the questions.

What is the capital of Uzbekistan?

Who is the president of Uzbekistan?

Checking the homework:

New theme.

  • New words:
  • Cartoon- multfilm.��
  • Favourite- sevimli.❤️
  • Hero- qahramon.��
  • Good hero-yaxshi qahramon.��
  • Bad hero- yomon qahramon.��

Complete the sentences.

  • I like …
  • My favourite cartoon is …
  • The good hero of « Tom and Jerry» is …
  • The bad hero of «Tom and Jerry» is …

Tom, Tom and Jerry, Cartoons, Jerry.

Read and match.






1)Golden watermelon

2) Snow-white

3) Tom and Jerry

4) Mickey mouse.

5)Zumrad and Kimmat

Homework:Translate this text.

Zumrad and Qimmat

My favourite cartoon is «Zumrad and Qimmat». This cartoon is Uzbek national cartoon. Zumrad is a good hero. She is very kind. Qimmat is a bad hero. She is lazy. I like this cartoon.

Lesson is over. Thanks for your attention. GOOD BYE.

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