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String Orchestra



Mr. Diaz 

Materials Needed 

Essential elements 2000 String book 1 (Violin, Viola, Cello or Bass) 


Music Folder/Binder (can share with another subject) 

Staff paper (Optional) 


Grading Scale 

Daily participation  

Weekly Playing Tests (See rubric) 

Classwork/ Homework 



There is a general music fee for all students who are taking a music class.  This general 

music fee is $6.00 per student. 

Playing Tests 

Once students learn how to play,  there will be weekly playing test to ensure proper 

practicing is taking place and to demonstrate improvement on your instrument.


Practicing/Home learning 

Every Monday there will be a practice card to be turned in at the beginning of class. You are 

expected to practice at home for at least one hour a week (About 12 minutes per day). Practicing at 

home is vital to the success of the student when learning a new instrument. 


After/Before School practicing  

Students will be given the opportunity to practice before and after school if they cannot practice 

at home.  Hours are in the morning from 8:15am-8:55am and after school from 3:45pm-4:45pm. 

This will be announced by the teacher as to when they can start practice. 





Playing test scoring and grading rubric. 


= Student has taken time to prepare and practice.  

(Every day)

 The student can play 

excerpt or music from beginning to end with 95-100% rhythmic accuracy, correct pitches, 

dynamics and articulations without stopping at all. 


B = Student has taken some time to practice.  

(Every other day)

 Student may miss up to 

three notes, rhythms or pitch for at least 80% accuracy.  Dynamics and articulations are 

somewhat present. Student may have stopped once and continued on to finish the excerpt 

or piece of music. 


= Student has put very little time to practice.  

(Maybe once or twice in a week) 


misses more than three notes, rhythms or pitch but less than five for at least 70% 

accuracy.   No dynamics or articulations.  Student may have stopped one to three times 

and continued on to finish the excerpt or piece of music. 

D= Student can barely get through the piece, get any of the correct rhythms.  There is 

little to no attempt to try any dynamics and/or articulations.  Student has frequent stops 

and starts during the piece or excerpt and may or may not finish the piece.   

F= Student has not taken any time to practice at all during the week.  

(No practicing at all 

has taken place)   

Student cannot play through piece, cannot get any of the correct rhythms and/or pitches 

and notes.  There is no attempt to try any dynamics and/or articulations.  Student has 

frequent stops and starts during the piece or excerpt and may or may not finish the piece.   


Z= Student has not made any attempt to play or perform the piece or excerpt of music. 


*All playing tests can be made up by the student to get a higher grade.  This is the 

student’s responsibility.  




Concert Attendance 

Attendance at every concert is required and a part of your grade in band. When 

playing music, the concert is your big test and your practicing is your studying. If there is 

an issue that comes up, please notify me as soon as possible.  The string orchestra will 

participate in one end of year concert.  The Spring concert is in May.  Dates and times are 

to be announced. 


Concert Attire 

Men: White button down, dress shirt, black dress pants 

(No Jeans), 

black socks, black 

dress shoes. 

(No sneakers).


Women: Dress Blouse, pants or skirt (skirt must be full length past the knees), Dress 


(No sneakers). 


If there are any questions or concerns, feel free to e-mail me or call my office phone. 

Students will not be allowed to perform for any violation of the concert dress code. 


Instrument Rental/Purchase locations/Supplies 

Kendal Conservatory of Music  




Allegro Music  Center  




















Manuel Perez 







4837 SW 75









Miami Fl 33155  






















I, along with my child, have read, understand, and agree to 

cooperate with the rules and regulations stated above as a member of the 

West Miami Middle School Music Program.











Student’s Name-Printed 

Student’s ID Number 















            Parent’s Signature 










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