Syria enclave rebels say ready to expel jihadists

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UN calls for ceasefire to be observed

A general view taken from Damascus shows smoke rising from the rebel-held enclave of eastern Ghouta following fresh air strikes and rocket fire on Feb 27. A fledgling ‘humanitarian pause’ announced by Russia in Syria’s rebel-held 

enclave was rattled by fresh air strikes and rocket fire, several sources said. (AFP)



Morocco’s  King 

Mohammed VI “successful-

ly” underwent a heart opera-

tion in a Paris clinic on 

Monday for an irregular heart 

beat, his medical team 


The doctors, in a state-

ment, said the 54-year-old 

monarch had felt the symp-

toms on Jan 20.

“Radiofrequency ablation 

of the arrhythmia,” or irregu-

lar rhythm, had successfully 

normalised his heart beat.

King Mohammed, who 

would resume his normal 

activities after a period of rest 

prescribed by his doctors, has 

ruled Morocco since the 

death of his father Hassan in 

July 1999.

He underwent an eye oper-

ation in the French capital last 

September. (AFP)

❑     ❑     ❑


  Saudi Arabia has 

replaced top military com-

manders, including its chief 

of staff, in the latest move to 

bring fresh blood into the 

kingdom’s upper ranks.

The changes, announced in 

a string of royal decrees late 

Monday, come a month 

before the third anniversary 

of a Saudi-led military inter-

vention in the Yemen war 

which has killed thousands 

and triggered a humanitarian 


Saudi Arabia for decades 

has been home to some of the 

world’s most restrictive poli-

cies, banning women from 

driving or mixing with men 

and outlawing cinemas and 

other forms of entertainment.

But since King Salman 

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Fresh violence mars truce

BEIRUT/GENEVA, Feb 27, (Agencies): A Rus-

sian call for a five-hour truce on Tuesday failed 

to halt one of the most devastating campaigns of 

the Syrian war, where residents said government 

warplanes resumed striking the eastern Ghouta 

region on Tuesday after a brief lull.

Moscow and Damascus blamed rebels for the collapse of the 

truce, saying fighters had shelled a safe route intended for civil-

ians to leave the enclave. The insurgents denied such shelling.

Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov said Moscow would 

press on with a plan to stage similar daily pauses in the fighting, 

allowing aid to be delivered to eastern Ghouta through what Russia 

describes as a humanitarian corridor.

The United Nations said it was proving impossible to aid civil-

ians or evacuate the wounded, and said all sides must instead abide 

by a full 30-day ceasefire demanded by the UN Security Council.

“We have reports this morning there is continuous fighting in 

eastern Ghouta,” UN humanitarian spokesman Jens Laerke said. 

“Clearly the situation on the ground is not such that convoys can go 

in or medical evacuations can go out.”

Hundreds of people have died during 10 days of government bom-

bardment of the eastern Ghouta, an area of towns and farms on the 

outskirts of Damascus. The assault has been among the most devas-

tating air campaigns of a war now entering its eighth year.

With its Ghouta offensive, the Syrian government of President 

Bashar al-Assad is drawing on the military methods it has used to 

crush its opponents in other parts of Syria, including eastern Aleppo 

in late 2016.

Probing ground assaults

Intensifying bombardment of the besieged area has been coupled 

with probing ground assaults to test rebel defences.

With no sign of decisive international pressure to stop the attack, 

eastern Ghouta seems likely to meet the same fate as other areas 

won back by the government, where humanitarian corridors even-

tually became escape routes for defeated rebels.

“A concrete humanitarian corridor has been set up that will be 

used to deliver humanitarian aid, and, in the other direction, a medi-

cal evacuation can take place and all civilians who want to leave 

can,” Lavrov told a joint news conference in Moscow after meeting 

French Foreign Minister Jean-Yves Le Drian.

Residents in several towns in the eastern Ghouta described a 

brief pause in fighting, but said bombardment swiftly resumed. In 

the town of Hammouriyeh a man who identified himself by his first 

name Mahmoud told Reuters helicopters and warplanes were in the 

sky and conducting strikes.

Siraj Mahmoud, a spokesman for the Civil Defence rescue ser-

vice, which is funded by Western governments and operates in 

rebel areas, said artillery and air strikes had hit the region.

The Britain-based Syrian Observatory for Human Rights moni-

toring group said helicopters and warplanes had struck four towns 

and artillery shelling killed one person.

A UN Security Council resolution passed on Saturday called for 

a 30-day ceasefire across the entire country, but did not specify 

when it should start. It excludes some militant groups which are 

among the rebels in eastern Ghouta.

Ceasefire not observed

That has meant the ceasefire has not been observed in practice. 

UN spokesman Laerke declined to comment on the Russian pro-

posal for a five-hour truce, but called instead on all sides to obey 

the full 30-day ceasefire.

“It is a question life and death — if ever there was a question of 

life and death - we need a 30-day cessation of hostilities in Syria 

as the Security Council demands,” Laerke, spokesman of the UN 

Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Assistance (OCHA), 

told a Geneva briefing.

A rebel spokesman said people in eastern Ghouta did not want to 

leave the area despite the bombardment, because they feared arrest, 

torture or conscription by the government. Russia said it would 

guarantee the safety of any civilians who left.

Eastern Ghouta, where the UN says around 400,000 people live, 

is a major target for Assad, whose forces have clawed back numer-

ous areas with military backing from Russia and Iran.

Rebels based in eastern Ghouta have intensified shelling of gov-

ernment-held Damascus. A medical official in the capital said on 

Monday 36 people had been killed in four days. Syrian state media 

Philippine legislators back ban

MANILA, Feb 27, (Agencies): 

In spite of Kuwait exerting tre-

mendous efforts which led to 

the arrest of the two alleged 

killers of the Overseas Filipino 

Worker (OFW) Joanna De-

mafelis, one of the Philippines 

Congressmen said the ban on 

the deployment of workers to 

Kuwait must not be lifted until 

the leaders agree to sign a bi-

lateral agreement, according to website.

During a press conference 

which was called for by the 

House majority bloc, Reps. 

Ana Siquian-Go (NPC, Isa-

bela), Randolph Ting (PDP-

Laban, Cagayan), and Jesulito 

Manalo (Angkla party-list) said 

a congressional investigation 

will determine the liability of 

Philippine Labor and Foreign 

Affairs officials who allowed 

the Filipino workers to go to 

Kuwait without signing the bi-

lateral agreement.

Siquian-Go, chairperson of 

the House Committee on For-

eign Affairs, said the House 

investigation must also cover 

other countries which hire 

OFWs without guaranteeing to 

protect and ensure the welfare 

of OFWs.

Last week, John Bertiz rep-

resenting the ACTS OFW 

party-list said the Philippine 

government officials have been 

violating the Migrant Work-

ers Act that makes a bilateral 

agreement a requisite in the de-

ployment of OFWs.

Bertiz said Kuwait was al-

lowed to receive OFWs despite 

its refusal to sign any agree-

ment guaranteeing that OFWs 

will be treated fairly and pro-

tected against abuses.

Manalo said the revelation 

made by Bertiz indicates there “is 

already a prima facie instance” 

that certain officials in the Depart-

ment of Labor and other agencies 

tasked to look after OFW welfare 

had failed in their jobs.

“Without good faith espe-

cially in the light of many inci-

dents of abuse, it is now a must 

that they must sign a bilateral 

agreement,” said Manalo, 

Chairman of the House Com-

mittee on OFW Affairs.

The murder of the Filipina 

maid whose body was found 

in a freezer in Kuwait has trig-

gered outrage and prompted 

Manila to impose a departure 

ban for its citizens planning to 

work in the Gulf state.

But the estimated 252,000 

Filipinos and Filipinas already 

working in Kuwait must weigh 

their fear of sharing the fate of 

Joanna Demafelis against the 

potential loss of vital income 

for their families.

MP weighs in on domestics

By Abubakar A. Ibrahim

Arab Times Staff


Waleed Al-Tabtabaei has sub-

mitted a proposal related to Al-

Durra Company for Recruit-

ing and Employing Domestic 


He pointed out that the cost 

for recruiting domestic work-

ers remain high although the 

company has been operating 

for quite some time now and 

there are even indications that 

the situation will get worse.

He stressed the need to stabi-

lize the domestic labor market 

and encourage fair competi-

tion between service offices 

and companies through the es-

tablishment of more domestic 

labor offices as this will result 

in lower recruitment cost as per 

the law on supply and demand.

He proposed replacement of 

the required financial guarantee 

from a local bank with issuance 

of a license to recruit domestic 

workers such that the financial 

guarantees will be as follows:

■ Offices: from KD 5,000 to 

KD 40,000

■ Companies: from KD 10,000 

to KD 100,000

■ Branches of companies: 

from KD 5,000 to KD 40,000 

for each branch

In another development, MP 

Saleh Ashour revealed that 

the government’s representa-

tives have informed the par-

liamentary Kuwaitization and 

Employment Committee about 

the completion of a vision to 

unify salaries and prepare job 

descriptions for 4,000 posts 

which will be submitted under 

the strategic alternative salary 

scale draft law.

He clarified this will be ap-

plicable to those who work in 

the public sector once the draft 

law is approved and published 

in the Official Gazette.

He added the draft law on 

regulating leadership positions 

will be endorsed along with 

the strategic alternative salary 

scale to standardize the salary 

ladder in the public sector.

He said the salary for under-

secretaries, assistant undersec-

retaries and general managers 

should not exceed KD 6,000 

while other financial privileges 

like allowances, incentives and 

bonuses will be cancelled.

On another issue, MPs Adel 

Al-Damkhi, Omar Al-Tabta-

baei, Ali Al-Daqbasi, Al-Hu-

maidi Al-Subaie and Osama 

US threatens action

Iran touts DC ‘defeat’

after Russia UN veto

TEHRAN, Feb 27, (Agencies): Iran said on Tuesday that the 

vetoing of a UN resolution that would have criticised its role in 

Yemen represented another setback for the United States.

Russia vetoed a resolution at the UN Security Council on 

Monday that would have expressed concern over Iran’s fail-

ure to block supplies of missiles to Yemen’s Houthi rebels and 

called for “additional measures”.

“Based on a one-sided report, they intended to pass a resolu-

tion that referred to Iran, but they failed,” said Iran’s deputy 

foreign minister Abbas Araghchi, according to the official 

IRNA news agency.

“This is yet another failure by the US government to drag 

Iran to the Security Council,” he added.

The resolution was drafted by Britain, but strongly supported 

by the United States.

“Over the past year the US government has tried many times 

to drag Iran to the Security Council and it has failed every sin-

gle time,” said Aragchi, on the sidelines of an water conference 

in Tehran.

In January, Washington called an emergency session of the 

Security Council to discuss protests in Iran, only to face strong 

criticism from other members who said the move was hypo-

critical and inappropriate.

Later that month, a Security Council panel of experts re-

leased a report into missiles fired by the Houthis into Saudi 

Arabia, saying they were made in Iran.

The report did not say Iran had supplied the missiles, but said 

the country was still in breach of an arms embargo on Yemen 

by failing to stop them reaching the rebel group.

“The biased allegation was absolutely clear in the way the 

report was formulated,” said Aragchi.

Photo by Bassam Abu Shanab

Fireworks held near the Kuwait Towers as part of the Na-

tional Days celebrations.

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Kuwaiti national fervor continues

sweeping over missions overseas

Triumvirate of photographic exhibitions held in Mumbai


27, (KUNA): The gai-

eties of Kuwait’s na-

tional celebrations 

continue to pervade its 

overseas missions, as 

the Gulf country marks 

its 57th National Day 

and 27th Liberation 

Day, in addition to the 

12th anniversary of His 

Highness the Amir’s 


Kuwait’s embassy in the 

Indonesian capital Jakarta 

held a gala Tuesday, where 

a number of senior govern-

ment offi cials joined a bevy 

of Kuwaiti diplomats to get 

the festivities underway, read 

a statement by the mission.

Abdulwahab Al-Saqer, 

Kuwait’s ambassador to the 

world’s largest island nation, 

said bilateral ties are outstand-

ing and date back fi ve decades, 

expressing hope for more pro-

gress in relations between the 

two countries.

In Vietnam, Kuwait’s Consu-

late General celebrated the joy-

ous occasion with much fanfare, 

as consul Khaled Al-Mutairi 

took the opportunity to deliver a 

speech on his country’s ties with 

the Southeast Asian nation, con-

veying his heartiest congratula-

tions to the His Highness the 

Amir Sheikh Sabah Al-Ahmad 

Al-Jaber Al-Sabah, His Highness 

the Crown Prince Sheikh Nawaf 

Al-Ahmad Al-Jaber Al-Sabah, 

and the Kuwaiti people.

Kuwait’s embassy in the Sul-

tanate of Brunei joined in the 

celebrations as well, as ambas-

sador Fahad Al-Th

 efeeri wished 

his country continued prosperity, 

security and peace.



 e Kuwaiti envoy described 

bilateral ties as “exceptional”, say-

ing His Highness the Amir’s his-

toric visit to the sultanate back in 

2016 was the catalyst that helped 

transform relations.

Meanwhile, Kuwait’s Consul 

General in India’s fi nancial capi-

tal Mumbai, Mansour Al-Alaimi, 

presided over a cultural festival in 

the sprawling city, which includ-

ed a triumvirate of photographic 

exhibitions that brought together 

notable personalities and a num-

ber of international diplomats.

In neighboring Bangladesh, 

Kuwaiti ambassador Adel Hayat 

used the occasion to hold a re-

ception for a number of top gov-

ernment offi

  cials as well as chief 

lawmakers in the country.

Meanwhile, in Kuala Lumpur, 

the Ambassador Saad Al-Asousi 

led a reception marking the occa-

sions, grouping diplomats, digni-

taries and Kuwaiti students.

He extended congratulations 

to the top leaders, namely His 

Highness the Amir Sheikh Sabah 

Al-Ahmad Al-Jaber Al-Sabah, 

His Highness the Crown Prince 

Sheikh Nawaf Al-Ahmad Al-

Jaber Al-Sabah and His Highness 

the Prime Minister Sheikh Jaber 

Al-Mubarak Al-Hamad Al-Sa-

bah, as well as the Kuwaiti people 

on the national days.

During the celebration, Malay-

KUNA photos

Kuwait Embassy in Slovakia celebrate the 57th National Day and 27th Liberation Day.

Kuwait Embassy in the Sultanate of Brunei celebrate 

the National Days.

Children dressed in Kuwaiti national colours form part 

of Qatar’s participation in celebration of the Kuwait’s 

National Days.

sian Minister in the Prime Minister’s 

Department Shahidan Kassim praised 

the distinguished bilateral relations be-

tween the countries.

In Slovakia, the Kuwaiti mission in 

the capital Bratislava held a similar re-

ception, comprising senior Slovakian 



Kuwaiti Ambassador to Slovakia Essa 

Al-Shimali conveyed sincere congratu-

lations to the people of Kuwait on the 

joyous occasion.

He pointed out that ties between Ku-

wait and Slovakia have made palpable 

headway in recent times, citing agree-

ments for economic and health coop-

eration signed by both nations.

Furthermore, the Kuwaiti embas-

sies in Khartoum and Amman marked 

Kuwait’s 57th National Day, 27th Lib-

eration Day and the 12th anniversary 

of His Highness the Amir Sheikh Sabah 

Al-Ahmad Al-Jaber Al-Sabah’s ascen-

sion to power.

Kuwaiti Ambassador to Sudan Bas-

sam Al-Qabandi held a reception, 

which was attended by ministers, dip-

lomats, businesspersons and offi

  cials of 

civil society organizations.

In a speech, the ambassador extend-

ed congratulations to His Highness the 

Amir Sheikh Sabah Al-Ahmad Al-Jaber 

Al-Sabah, His Highness the Crown 

Prince Sheikh Nawaf Al-Ahmad Al-

Jaber Al-Sabah and the Kuwaiti people.

Al-Qabandi prayed to Allah to main-

tain security, progress and prosperity of 

Kuwait, greeting martyrs who off ered 

their souls for the liberation of Kuwait.

He noted that Kuwait has represent-

ed a platform for development across 

the world through carrying out many 

projects, which are highly appreciated 

by the international community.

Such projects prompted the United 

Nations to honor His Highness the Amir 

as a “Humanitarian Leader”, he stated.


  e Kuwaiti envoy pointed out that 

the Arab region is facing many chal-

lenges that necessitate cooperation, 




rming Kuwait’s supportive role 

aiming to counter threats surrounding 

the region and work to settle disputes 

peacefully as well as discard violence 

and terrorism.


He touched upon the bilateral re-

lations between Sudan and Kuwait, 

referring that they have witnessed 

continued development, thanks to the 

support and attention by His High-

ness the Amir and Sudanese President 

Omar al-Bashir.

For his part, Sudanese Finance Min-

ister Mohammad Al-Rekabi congratu-

lated His Highness the Amir, the State 

of Kuwait, the Kuwaiti government 

and all Kuwaitis on this great occasion, 

praying to Allah to maintain stability 

and prosperity of Kuwait.

He hoped for further development 

in the bilateral ties, voicing his appre-

ciation of Kuwait’s continued support to 

Sudan to set up several strategic projects 

and successful investments in the fi elds 

of communication, oil and real estate.

On the sidelines of the festival, the 

embassy held an exhibition on human-

itarian activities of charities in Sudan.

In Amman, Ambassador to Jordan 

Dr Hamad Al-Du’aij hosted a func-

tion to celebrate Kuwait’s national days 

in the presence of a large number of 

Jordanian offi

  cials,  Jordan-based  dip-

lomats from the GCC states and other 

friendly countries, and representatives 

of the civil society institutions.

Ambassador Al-Du’aij congratulat-

ed His Highness the Amir, His High-

ness the Crown Prince Sheikh Nawaf 

Al-Ahmad Al-Jaber Al-Sabah and His 

Highness the Prime Minister Sheikh 

Jaber Al-Mubarak Al-Hamad Al-Sa-

bah on the national days.



is occasion materializes the 

achievements made by the Kuwaiti 

people under the wise leadership of 

the country, he said in statements to 


He lauded the exemplary relations 

between Kuwait and the Kingdom of 

Jordan on all levels.

On his part, Jordanian Deputy 

Prime Minister and Minister of State 

for Cabinet Aff airs Jamal Al-Sarayra 

congratulated the Kuwaiti leaders and 

people on the national occasion.

He said that both countries enjoy 

deep-rooted historical relations that 

kept growing in the course of time.

Sultan honored: 

Yousif Sultan, the 

Kuwaiti contestant in the talent search 

program ‘The Voice’, captured the 

attention of the audience and panel 

of judges for the fourth season of the 

program through his rendition of a 

song in Turkish and Arabic, reports 

Al-Rai daily.

The program is aired every Saturday 

evening on MBC1 and MBC2 Egyp-

tian channels.

❑     ❑     ❑

Kuwaiti-funded schools opened:


Secretary General of the Iraqi Cabinet 

Mahdi al-Alaq has inaugurated ten 

Kuwaiti-funded schools in the northern 

Iraqi city of Mosul.

Speaking to KUNA on Sunday, 

Ahmad Al-Heity, chairman of the 

United Iraqi Medical Society (UIMS) 

which supervised the establishment 

of the schools, pointed out that six of 

the schools were built in the right side 

of the city, while the other four in the 

left side.

Each school has a capacity of 640 


The schools are fully furnished and 

equipped with air conditioning systems 

and power generators as well as all 

necessary requirements, he added.

The Iraqi government announced 

earlier that the fund provided by the 

State of Kuwait exceeded all funds of 

other Arab countries.

It lauded Kuwait’s finance to the 

construction of a number of schools 

and medical centers across Iraq. 


❑     ❑     ❑

MoF accepts conditions:


of Finance has accepted recommen-

dations approved by the lawmakers 

regarding the six conditions stipulated 

for government loans, reports Al-

Qabas daily.

The first condition stipulates drastic 

economic and financial approaches in 

dealing with budget deficits through 

diversification of revenues and the 

second stipulation entails frugal man-

agement of fund by directing the loans 

toward capital expenditure (develop-

ment projects) rather than the recurrent 


The third condition is about quick 

issuance of Islamic bond law and the 

fourth one insists Kuwait’s high credit 

rating should be maintained taking into 

consideration the dangers of compro-


The fifth condition says that govern-

ment should set a clear schedule for 

refunding the loan, while the last 

provision states the need for collect-

ing all government revenues to boost 

non-oil revenues that fell within the 

past two years.

News in Brief

KUNA photos

Left: His Highness the Crown Prince Sheikh Nawaf Al-Ahmad Al-Jaber Al-Sabah with Interior Minister. Center: With Cabinet Affairs Minister and right: With National Assembly Affairs Minister.

Left: His Highness the Crown Prince Sheikh Nawaf Al-Ahmad Al-Jaber Al-Sabah with National Assembly Speaker. Center: With Prime Minister and right: With Foreign Minister.

His Highness the Crown Prince audience

HH the Crown Prince Sheikh Nawaf Al-Ahmad Al-Jaber Al-Sabah received 

on Tuesday, Feb 27, in Bayan Palace Speaker of National Assembly Mar-

zouq Al-Ghanim.

HH Crown Prince received HH Prime Minister Sheikh Jaber Al-Mubarak.

HH Crown Prince also received Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of 

Foreign Affairs Sheikh Sabah Al-Khalid Al-Hamad Al-Sabah.

HH Crown Prince received Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Interior 

Sheikh Khaled Al-Jarrah Al-Sabah. HH the Crown Prince received Deputy 

Prime Minister and State Minister for Cabinet Affairs Anas Al-Saleh.

Later, His Highness the Crown Prince Sheikh Nawaf Al-Ahmad Al-Jaber 

Al-Sabah received at Bayan Palace on Tuesday Minister of State for Na-

tional Assembly Affairs Adel Musaed Al-Jarallah Al-Kharafi . (KUNA)

KUWAIT CITY, Feb 27, (Agencies): 


  e Public Authority for Applied Ed-

ucation and Training (PAAET) has 

launched the “Light and Hope Cor-

ner” at the library of Basic Education 

College, to help students with special 

needs, the PAAET announced Tuesday.


 e corner aims to assist students 

obtain and enhance their academic, 

research, educational and social capa-

bilities, PAAET Assistant Dean for Stu-

dents Aff airs Dr Latifa Al-Kandari said 

in a press statement.

It includes a multitude of general and 

specialized books, and encyclopedias, 

covering science, religion and educa-

tion and other 

fi elds, she added.

It also off ers 

many audio and 

Braille books, she 



  is is an ambi-

tious program in 

Arabic and Eng-

lish to support the 

students with spe-

cial needs at the 

College, as well as library visitors, giv-

ing them access to various sources of 

knowledge, Al-Kandari said. 

Meanwhile, about fi ft y contracts are 

expected to be signed soon by the Edu-

cational Buildings Sector of Ministry of 

Education, reports Aljarida daily quot-

ing educational sources.


  ey explained that these contracts 

include those for establishment of ten 

gym halls in fi ve educational zones – 

Jahra, Capital City, Mubarak Al-Kabeer, 

Hawally, and Ahmadi.


 e cost of constructing a gym in 

Mubarak Al-Kabeer is KD 2.190 mil-

lion and that contract has already been 



  e contracts for establishing gyms 

in Ahmadi and Capital educational 

zones will be signed soon.


 e sources said the Educational 

Buildings Sector will soon fi nish  pre-

paring eight contracts for establishing 

various educational buildings. 


  ey explained that the fl oated pro-

jects include those for building three 

kindergarten schools in Hawally Edu-

cational Zone, one primary school and 

two elementary schools in Farwaniya 

Educational Zone, two kindergarten 

schools in Ahmadi Educational Zone, 

and a car park in Capital Educational 



  e sector has also signed a contract 

for establishing a car park in Mubarak 

Al-Kabeer Educational Zone at a cost 

of KD 2.994 million, and another for 

constructing a kindergarten school in 

Mubarak Al-Abdullah area at a cost of 

KD 1.585 million.

Concerning the ongoing projects, the 

sources revealed that the establishment 

of Abdulrazzaq Al-Baser Secondary 

School for Boys in Rumaithiya costs 

KD 3.679 million and the rate of com-

pletion is currently 85 percent. 


  e rate of completion of a car park 

project in Hawally Educational District 

reached 15 percent. Th

  e total cost of the 

project is KD 3.37 million.


  e project for establishing Ishbiliya 

Secondary School for Boys reached 50 

percent of completion at a total cost of 

KD 3.2 million, while the establishment 

of Ishbiliya Secondary School for Girls 

reached 78 percent at a total cost of KD 

3.705 million. 

Also, the establishment of Ishbiliya 

kindergarten school has reached 12 

percent at a total cost of KD 1.539 mil-

lion. Th

 e establishment of Al-Salaam 

kindergarten school costs KD 1.219 

million. In addition the establishment 

of Al-Shuhada’a Kindergarten School 

costs a total of KD 1.574 million.

Furthermore, the latest educational 

statistics showed low illiteracy rate in 

the last school year 2016/2017 with 

131,503 citizens and foreigners who 

cannot read nor write and 60,885 of 

them are males, reports Al-Qabas daily.


  e daily obtained a copy of the sta-

tistical report which revealed that the 

number of illiterate citizens reached 

24,390 – 90 percent of them are females 

(21,772) and 10 percent are males 



  e illiteracy rate among citizens and 

foreigners reached 2.98 percent, while 

that of citizens alone reached 1.80 per-

cent and the rate for foreigners is 3.50 


PAAET offers ‘library service’

to students with special needs

Aims to assist students enhance academic capabilities

Dr Latifa


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