Task 1 Working on grammar exercises

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Working on grammar exercises

1.Complete the sentences with suitable verb- to be – am, is or are.

1. What is your name? – My name is Tom Johnson. 2. What is your address? – My address is 175 Gran Bay. 3. What is your phone number? – My phone number is 754 832. 4. Where are you from? – I am from New York. 5. How old are you? – I am eighteen. 6. Are you a student? – Yes, I am. 7. Is your family big? - Yes, it is . 8. Is your father a teacher? – No, my father is a scientist. 9. What is your mother? – She is a doctor. 10. Is your brother young? – Yes, he is fifteen. He is at school now. 11. Is your sister a student? – No, she is not. She is a typist. 12. Are they at home? – No, they are not at home, they are at work now. 13. Are you happy? – No, I am not happy today. 14. Where are my cigarettes? – Your cigarettes are in your bag.

2.Write the questions for these sentences

Example: My mother is at home. – Is your mother at home?

1. Madonna is a pop star. - Is Madonna a pop star?

2. I am interested in art. – Are you interested in art?

3. The shops are open today. – Are the shops open today?

4. My friends are angry with me. – Are your friends angry with me?

5. This hotel is expensive. – Is the hotel expensive?

6. They are British. – Are they British?

7. Books are expensive in my country. – Are books expensive in my country?

8. This seat is free. – Is this seat free?

9. My shoes are comfortable. – Are your shoes comfortable?

10. I am eighteen years old. – Are you eighteen years old?

Self - study


Uzbekistan. Make a presentation in alternative choice of yours. Presentation/video text/portfolio/essay
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