Task Complete the dialogue with the words in the box

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All is meet name’s Nice this too

You Welcome What’s

Task 1. Complete the dialogue with the words in the box.

  1. Natasha: Hi, my (1) __________ Natasha.

Khalid: Pleased to (2)__________ you. I’m Khalid

Natasha: Pleased to ,(3)____________ .

  1. Philip: Good morning. (4) _______ your name?

Ahmed: I’m Ahmed. And (5)_________ are?

Philip: My name’s Philip. (6) _______ to meet you.

  1. Tim: Hi everybody, (7) _______ Ingrid.

All: Hi!

Tim: Ingrid, this (8) _______ Ahmed, Linda, Mohammed and Mansoor.

Ingrid: Nice to meet you (9)_____ .

Linda: Likewise.

Tim: (10) ____________ to the team and good luck.
Task 2. A) Read and translate the text.

B) Choose five IT jobs and write about their duties.

A database analyst is in charge of the research and development of databases; network analysts study the network requirements and recommend the most suitable type of network; system analysts decide what ICT system will cater for the requirements of a specific institution.


Web designers, also called webmasters, create and maintain web pages and web applications for websites.

Software engineers, either application programmers or systems programmers, plan, design and test computer programs.

Hardware engineers design and develop ICT devices.

Security specialists specialize in the design of software and hardware to protect information from malware: viruses, spyware, etc.


Network or computer systems administrators install and maintain networks.

Database administrators manage the accuracy and efficiency of databases.


Computer operators control computer data processing.

Helpdesk technicians are in charge of troubleshooting, the solution of technical problems.

Computer training instructors or trainers teach people how to use hardware and software.

Technical writers write instructions for ICT systems.

A computer operator is in charge of computer data input and processing.

Task 3. You are preparing a magazine article about an IT company. Write at least 6 questions and make a questionnaire.
Eg: Questions: - What products does your company produce?

  • Our company produces computer chips.

Task 4. Read the job advertisement below and choose one of the jobs to apply for. Think of questions to ask the interviewee. Prepare your own answers. Ask at least 3 questions to each topic. Make sure your questions and answers include these topics:

Task 5. Write 10 sentences about yourself and your daily schedule.
Task 6. Complete the company description and job advertisement with the words in the box.

client diagnosing from time to time installing launched maintaining provide service centre spreadsheet and database supplies


about us







contact us

Our company and what we do
PDS (Pacific Digital Solutions Limited) is an international technology company which (1)___________ software, training and support services. We employ over 6,000 people across 27 (2) ___________, serving clients in 46 countries. Clients tell us that we (3)____________excellent customer service. Our products include office software such as (4)____________applications. We have recently (5)__________a range of cloud computing services. Our consulting services help (6)____________companies to work more efficiently and to make more money. We provide advice on which systems to buy and how to set them up. We can even carry out the installation for clients if they request this.
Technical support
Tired of staying indoors all day? Want to travel as part of your job and meet different people every day? Then we have an excellent job for you! PDS serves clients all around the world. Our Sydney office requires three people to look after our customers across Australia.
To apply for this job, you must have:

- A Diploma of Compouter Servicing.

- experience in (7)_________operating systems, (8)__________computers and (9)_____________problems.

- a full driving licence.

- You should also have:

- a willingness to work evenings and weekends (10) __________.

- a friendly personality and good customer service skills.

Salary and benefits on application.
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