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Art of English language 1
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Task 1. Match the words with correct definitions.

  1. the official language

a) opposite to forget

  1. an idiom

b) a language which a child learns naturally, in his/ her family, not as a foreign language

  1. to memorize

c) a person whose job is to change sb’s words into another language in writing

  1. intonation

d) to translate sb’s words into another language orally

  1. a translator

e) a list of words in a lesson or a book

  1. the mother tongue

f) rise and fall of the voice

  1. to interprete

g) a language which is spoken on radio, TV, and by official people, and usually by most of the people in the country

  1. vocabulary

h) a group of words with a special meaning

  1. to practise

j) a special book that contains all the words in a language with their meaning

10. a drill

k) to train sb by doing an exercise many times

11. a dictionary

l) the same as exercise

Task 2. Match the word with its explanation.

  1. café

  1. the goods that are being carried in a ship or plane;

  1. cargo

  1. a group of small ships;

  1. elite

  1. an object that you use to protect yourself against rain or the hot sun;

  1. flotilla

  1. a sort of jam made from fruit such as oranges or lemons;

  1. hamburger

  1. a hard mineral substance that is used in making electronic watches and clocks;

  1. liaison

  1. the regular exchange of information between groups of people, especially at work;

  1. macho

  1. a group of people who have a lot of power and influence because they have money, knowledge, or special skills;

  1. marmalade

  1. a small restaurant where you can buy drinks and simple meals;

  1. quartz

  1. a fairlys low dance with a regular pattern of three beats;

  1. umbrella

  1. a traditionally typical behaviour of a man that emphasises how brave, strong, and sexually attractive a man is;

  1. waltz

  1. a flat round piece of finely cut beef which is cooked and eaten in a bread bun, one of the fast food stuffs.

Task 3. Fill in the gaps with a derivative of the words given.

1. The Times is perhaps the most famous________(day) newspaper in Britain. 2. Thesaurus is a very_________(use) thing to have with you when you go abroad. 3. Freedom from_________(poor) all over the world should be a human right. 4. _______(Interact) is the civilized way of communication. 5. In China the several spoken dialects are mutually_______(intelligible). 6. There was an amusing_________(print) in today’s newspaper. Instead of saying “The choir often sings for charity” it said, “The choir often sins for charity”.

Task 4. Listen the audio and put the sentences in correct order.

  1. Watching English films and cartoons without subtitles at all

  2. Listening to English songs

  3. Studying grammar

  4. Watching videos from youtube.com

  5. Listening to podcasts from the Internet

  6. Watching English films and cartoons with subtitles

  7. Using social networks like sharedtalk.com

  8. Watching BBC news

  9. Watching English films with dubbing

  10. Playing computer games

  11. Talking to people through Skype

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