Task Sample of the Seminar in High-context and low-context cultures The aim of the lesson

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CL task 5 activity 1
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Tasks in Cultural Linguistics

Task 5


Sample of the Seminar in

High-context and low-context cultures
The aim of the lesson: to enlarge students’ knowledge on high-context and low-context cultures, to identify their peculiar features

The objectives of the lesson: This lesson familiarizes with the peculiarities of low-context and high-context types of cultures and the ways of dimension in this framework, as well as develops students’ professional skills.
Learning outcomes: By the end of this lesson, students will be able to identify low-context and high context types of cultures and make an inquiry using presented parameters as well as understand the communicative style and behavior of the low-context culture.
Activity 1. Fill in the chart with the main characteristics of low and high context cultures.

Low context cultures

High context cultures

1.Extensive background information and explanations are provided verbally to avoid misunderstandings

2.People tend to have short-term relationships

3.Rely on facts and evidence for decisions

4.Schedules are more important than relationships

5.people do one activity after finishing then they do another one


1.Large amount of information is provided in a non-verbal manner, e.g. gestures, pauses, facial expressions

2.Emphasis on long term relationships and loyalty

3.Use intuition and feelings to make decisions

4.Relationships are more important than schedules

5.they try to do more than 2 at the same time

6.usually relational and collectivist

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