Task Write on the topic: (50 points) (60 – 80 words) My distric tand my flat

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Task 1. Write on the topic: (50 points) (60 – 80 words)

  1. My distric tand my flat

I live in a 9-storeyed brick block of flats in a peaceful district, not so far from the centre of the city. I moved here 6 years ago with my family. Our house is surrounded by a children’s park and some shops. There are all necessary modern conveniences in the flat: hot and cold water, gas, heating, television and internet connection, electricity. We have a living-room, a kitchen, a bathroom, two bedrooms and a pantry. The biggest room is our kitchen. My mother is fond of growing plants, so the living-room is full of palm-trees and blooming plants. It looks fantastic.

  1. My family

My family is one the most bizarre family in the world. We are four people, my mother, my father, my younger brother and me. While my father is the one who does work for a living, it is my mother who is the boss of the house. My father is a humble person. He is an officer in a government department. My mother is a housewife. It is our mother who takes care of our studies as our father is often busy with his official assignments and even travels for days together. We just miss him when he is not at home.

He never scolds us. But, our mother is just the opposite. She wants us to remain disciplined and we often get scolded by her. However, our father comes to our rescue most of the times. My brother, still in school is the one with whom I love to spend my time the most. Not because I love to play with him, but because, being the elder sister, I enjoy instructing him and showing him who is more powerful at home. He, at a time, seems so helpless when our mother says to obey his sister. I just love that moment. But not all days are the same. I hate having to study all along while he gets to play more than me.

  1. My favorite book

My favourite book is «Robinson Crusoe» by Daniel Defoe. The novel is praise to human labour and the triumph of man over nature. Defoe shows the development of his hero. At the beginning of the story we see an unexperienced youth, a rather frivolous boy, who then becomes a strong-willed man. Robinson Crusoe’s most characteristic trait is his optimism. His guiding principle in life become «never say die» and «in trouble to be troubled is to have your troubles doubled» He had confidence in himself and in man. He believed it was within the power of man to overcome all difficulties. Crusoe was an enthusiastic worker and always hoped for the best.

Defoe is a writer of the Enlightenment. He teaches people how to live, he tries to teach what’s good and what’s bad.His novel «Robinson Crusoe» is not only a work of fiction, an account of adventures, a biography and an educational pamphlet. It is a study of man, a great work showing man in relation to nature and civilization as well as in relation to labour and private property.

  1. My favorite newspapers

There are a lot of different newspapers, both daily and weekly, Russia today. Besides such well known old newspapers as the “Pravda”, the “Isvestiya”, the “Komsomolskaya Pravda”, the “Literaturnaya Gazeta” and others, there is a great variety of new papers that appeared recently. Among them are the “Economica I Zhizn”, the “Kommersant”, the “Delovoy Mir” and others.

My favourite newspaper is the “Argumenty I Fakty”, one of the most popular papers in Russia. It is a national weekly newspaper, its circulation is more than 3 million copies. The paper contains 16 pages and covers the most important national and international news. There are articles of political nature, economic and business news, interviews with prominent people, literary and artistic reviews, and of course sports news.

I like to read this newspaper because there are no long and boring articles. They are short, laconic, informative, some of them are entertaining and easy to read. I find it useful and convenient because the advertisements in this paper help me find out what’s on in the theatres and concert halls and where I can buy different things.

This newspaper has no editorial. The front page usually contains some pictures and articles that catch the reader’s eye. This paper appeals to readers of all age groups and interests.

  1. My favorite video film

My favourite movie is 3 Idiots.This is a story of the three engineering students in Imperial College of Engineering who finds their friendship as making themselves like idiots but learning from it. The main casts were Farhan Qureshi acted by R. Madhavan, Raju Rastogi acted by Sharman Joshi and Ranchoddas Shamaldas “Rancho” Chanchad acted by Aamir Khan.The main reason why I like love film, inspite of being a comedy carries a message and it’s about humanity. Other than that, I like this movie because it conveys about our schooling system. Nowadays, rote memorization isn't the only thing,it is the understanding of the subject that is needed more than that. It also conveys about expectations of parents and teachers from students. That it is about what one truly enjoys doing than to do what earns more. That grades are not everything.Moreover,In this movie it shows me that we must care and love our family. I really love my family. I always keep my promises for them, to raise them from poverty and to travel with them around the world. What I wanted for my family is to make them happy. Like Raju,we just want to free our family from poor quality that we had. Still I am happy though my family is striving crisis, because I believe that what important is, you are together with your family and you are having fun. This film influences me so much especially the quote “All is well” that always comes out from the mouth of Rancho. I belives that whatever circumstances may lead, if there is any obstacle I may encounter, I will just say this and I will be calm because I believes that there must be a solution in every problem.

  1. My favorite writer

My favorite writer is Arthur Conan Doyle. Actually, This Scottish writer was doctor. Inspite of this condition, he was author of several stories and novels. Surely, his most popular story among people is about chronicling activities of Sherlock Holmes and his friend Doctor Watson. The writer was impressed from his professor in medical university with his deductive thinking. In particular, Holmes’s uncanny ability to gather evidence based upon his honed skills of observation deductive reasoning paralleled Bell’s method of diagnosing a patient’s disease. Therefore, this professor became the chief model of Holmes. Holmes remained a popular figure into the 21st century. Holmes’s character has been translated to other media as well, and he is widely known on both stage and screen. Doyle wrote on a wide range of topics, both fictional and non-fiction.

  1. My first journey

My first train journey is a great experience. I have travelled my first journey in the train during my 9 th class along with my schoolmates. We have gone for excursion. That was my first journey on train and I had felt very happy. During the journey we had played many games also. This facility will not be there in other of modes of transport like bus or flight. I have opted for a window seat and enjoyed the air and scenaries enroute. I have got good food in between the journey. My first train journey was so nice and happy. Among all the journeys train journey is the safest journey

  1. My friend

I have a very good friend. His (her) name is ... Friends are very important in our life. I think one cannot live without friends. The most important thing for being good friends, to my mind, is to be ready to help one another in any situation, nevertheless how difficult it is, to support one another and to solve all the problems together. And never mind, that the friends may have different interests and hobbies, different likes and dislikes. They say that the friend in need is a friend indeed. I think it is really so.

My friend and I always do our best to help one another. We discuss all our troubles and try to find the best decision in any situation. My friend is a very good, kind and clever boy (girl). We often spend our free time together. It is not very easy now, because both of us are very busy — we are going to enter institutes and have a lot of work to do.

My friend is going to become a doctor (a teacher, an engineer, a lawyer). Our future professions are different (the same) and the subjects we have to study are different (the same) too, but (and) we like to work together and to help one another in our study.

When we have some free time, we go for walks, read and discuss books, watch films, go to discos or play computer games. Playing computer games is our hobby. Both of us are fond of sport. We go in for swimming (tennis) and often go to the swimming pool (tennis court) together. We are football fans and we like to watch and discuss football matches on TV or to go to the stadium. I love my friend very much. I think he (she) is a true friend. Our friendship is very dear to me and I try to do my best to be a good friend too.

  1. My Future Career

It’s rather difficult sometimes to choose a career and to speak about the future profession. I’d say it’s because a lot may change in our life in a moment. There are lucky people who chose their profession in childhood and since that time have been doing everything possible to acquire proficiency. But they are few.

If we are not indifferent to our future, while thinking about the future career we are to pay attention to a number of important things. We should determine our abilities and inclinations. Then we should analyse job prospects. We must know whether the profession we have chosen will guarantee good living conditions and give promotion. We must be sure we’ll avoid unemployment or at least will be able to apply our knowledge and skills in other fields of human activity. In short, we are to decide what we are going to do in our life and-feel satisfied, but not bored or disappointed.

When I was a fifth-former I dreamt of becoming a doctor. I wanted to be a surgeon and treat people and save their lives. I admired the courage and generosity of surgeons. But then I noticed I can’t bare the sight of blood, I’m not able to deal with surgical instruments. And I gave up this idea.

At that time I realized that I was fond of English. I was always good at English at school. And when we got acquainted with the English and American literature, the lessons of British and American Studies I understood that I want to have a perfect command of the English language and become a good specialist in English.

So I do my best to master the language because I have made up my mind to apply to the Linguistic University and become either a teacher or an interpreter. I haven’t chosen it yet. Both professions are interesting and necessary in our society. Perhaps, I’ll keep our family tradition and become a teacher of English. But I’ll think about it tomorrow if I enter the University

  1. My grandmother’s countryhouse

You are lucky if you have grandmother in the country to go to. Visiting our old relatives gives us an excellent chance to become children again. Every time you are at your grannies', they start to take care of you. That's why everybody loves his grannies very much. Countryside is always the nicest place for everybody as its fresh air cheers you up and the low level of noise helps you to have real rest.

My grandmother lives at Parkentskaya station. Every summer I got used to spent my summer vocations at her place. It is the nicest place for me. There is sand beach and deep forest – it is all I need for the rest. Every day is full of adventures – you may investigate woods, get sunburn or swim in the sea. And if you also find good friends to spend time with – you may call this place real paradise. And all this pleasures one can get only in 25 kilometers of the city!

My grandmother is a kind old woman. Her name is Aziza Davlatova. All her life she worked hard and now she is still very industrious and tender-hearted. I love her very much. All best moments in my life I spent at her place at Parkentskaya station. I will never forgot my grandmother's house and I am sure the impressions I got there will be among the brightest in my life.

  1. My hobby

My hobby is reading. It has been a great pleasure for me since my childhood. The world of literature is fascinating and infinite. It certainly doesn’t mean that I love all the books. To tell the truth, finding a good book is not so easy. I prefer historical novels, classical and informative literature and some professional books concerning business and management as I am going to run a business of my own in future. I never choose a book only by its colourful cover. As a rule, I look through its pages, read about the writer and his awards. My favourite writers are Victor Hugo, Alexandre Dumas and Dan Brown.Unfortunately today most of people and teenagers are not fond of reading.

  1. My last day off

Yesterday it was Sunday, that’s why my last day off was not long ago and I remember it quite well. I always try to do my best to make my holidays really exciting, because we have only few days in a week for relaxation and rest.

Yesterday my friends and I agreed to meet at my place. First we watched a very interesting TV show «What? Where? When?». Then we went took a videocassette and watched an outstanding movie «The Independence Day». This is a story about strangers from the other planets that were trying to conquer the whole Earth and about the struggle against them. The movie is full of visual effects and computer graphics that takes your breath and makes you admire the modern technologies in the cinema. I wish our studios and directors made such movies. «The Independence Day» can be added to the genius pieces of modern art – that is my opinion.

Having watched the film, we decided that it was a time to go outside. The first place we went to was the sports ground. Though it was rather cold, we put on warm clothes and had fun. Almost all day long we played soccer and basketball.

As for me, I like weekends and holidays, as the majority of other people. And I like telling about my holidays. It’s dull to listen about the ordinary working day, how do you think? Every working day looks like another, but every weekend is different from the other. During the weekend we have an opportunity of enjoying the life and having rest.

  1. My school

My name is Imomali, I am twenty two yeras old. I study at school number seven. My school is a three-storeyed building with a lot of classrooms, where we learn different subjects. The classrooms for the primary school are on the first floor and the classrooms for the high school are on the second and third floors.

Our school has two gymnasiums with all the necessary equipment. We often stay there after classes and play volleyball. Different sports competitions are held there.

There is also a swimming pool in our school, where we swim in hot weather. We have manual training lessons where boys do woodwork and girls learn how to sew and cook. All the classrooms of our school are spacious and light. 

Everything is new in our school – desks, tables, chairs. We have laboratories for Physics and Chemistry where we conduct experiments. There are a lot of interesting books in our library and we often take them for reading. The food is always delicious in our canteen and it is always clean there. We also have a big assembly hall. Different competitions and events are held there.

Our classroom is on the third floor. Our form-mistress is a teacher of Biology. She knows her subject perfectly. We all love her not only as a teacher but also as a person. She gives us pieces of advice. Our class is the friendliest at school. On weekends we often go to museums, theatres, exhibitions, and at the beginning of vacations we go to the mountains. 

I miss school during the holidays. I love my school very much.

  1. My work at the foreign trade company

My name is Imomali Khaydarov. I work as a manager at the "Star tour" company. It is a Russian company which works in the business travel market. Two weeks ago I was sent by the administration of our company to London where I studied the English travel companies, their traditions, their marketing and management. Now my business trip is coming to an end and I want to share my impressions of English business world with you.

First of all English businessmen are well known all over the world for their honesty and decency. If an Englishman gives you his word he will keep it in any case. Besides that, nothing can prevent him from refusing the once taken decision. Of course, there are some exclusions, but they are so rare that nobody should put attention on them.

During the last two weeks my working day was approximately the same. Early in the morning I took a taxi to my hosts' headquarters, which is situated in the City - the business heart of London. First of all I usually asked Mrs. Lapital - my secretary if there were any letters or cables for me. Then she gave me my correspondence and fresh newspapers and I followed to my office-room. There I studied all documents that had come for my name and wrote a short report about previous business day and then faxed it to my native company in Tashkent.

After that I went to Mr. Forsberg's office-room to get tasks for the new day and ask some questions about their company, its history, traditions, clients, and so on. After that I usually did what Mr. Forsberg told. My usual job was meeting with potential clients, discussing their rest plans and offering the services of Mr. Forsberg's company. I usually met 10 or 12 people a day. They were representatives of different social groups and communicating with them increased my knowledge of England, Englishmen and their psychology greatly.

This business trip was a great chance for me and I hope I used this chance fully. Now I know a lot about Western business world, about travel business and this knowledge will help me in my future career.

  1. Sport in my life

We often hear people say how important it is to do sport. We need to be physically active because it helps us to stay fit and healthy, control weight and improve mood. Some research says doing sport can also boost our brainpower.

I can say that I am quite sporty. I like my school PE lessons and I never skip them. My favourite kind of sport is football. I like playing it with my friends at our school football ground. We go there after our classes three or four times a week. I enjoy playing football because it is a fast game with simple rules and it can be played practically anywhere if you have a ball. I always feel great after the game. Besides, it means I can spend more time with my friends and make more friends.

In conclusion I would like to say that I can't imagine my life without sport and without football in particular. Playing football has already made me stronger and improved my endurance

  1. My leisure activities

They say that the way people spend their leisure time reflects their character. I can agree with it. Speaking about my personality, I am an easy-going and open-minded person, and I feel elated when I am with my friends. That is why I adore spending my leisure hours with my nearest and dearest. I cannot imagine my weekends without long heart-to-hearts conversation with my close friend in the nearest coffee house. I spend a huge chunk of time with my friends, because I love a company of interesting people and I feel perfectly well when I am out with my soul mates. We like to spend days on end in the open air – we find bliss in the contemplating nature. We also take pleasure from riding bikes, playing different outdoor games like tennis or volleyball, going for long walks, or just doing things on the spur of a moment.

  1. My dream house

My dream house should be large and spacious with plenty of large windows that would make the rooms bright and airy. The interior design of my house should be carefully planned to every detail but I should confess that I prefer a minimalistic approach to the design of interior so I don’t like my ideal house to be stuffed with a lot of unnecessary furniture – instead, I would like to have enough space to feel free. Besides, I would like to have enough space for green plants and flowers that would create beauty and peace.

I would like to have a spacious hall and a large living room with comfortable sofas and armchairs and a large soft carpet on the floor. My kitchen should be small and neat because I am I am not really fond of cooking – I prefer to have meals in small restaurants, and I cook rarely. But my kitchen should be equipped with the latest cooking appliances and utensils. I would like to have a really huge refrigerator that could be filled with cool drinks and a freezer. My kitchen should be designed with simple white walls and a floor. I would like to have a large wooden dining table.

  1. Mass media in my life

Mass media plays an important role in my life. I can not imagine my life without mass media. Nowadays the most important mass media are newspapers, magazines, radio, television, and the Internet. I often use an internet, where i can get to know the information I need, such as world news, wheather and so on. Mass media influences the way people dress, eat, communicate and many other parts of our lives. My favourite types of media are TV and Internet. I often watch interesting films and programs on TV such as "Milliy TV" and "Zo'r TV". As for Internet, it probably unites all media sources nowadays. So I can easily watch the same films or channels online. Besides, Internet is also used for mass communication, so I use it to talk to my friends. I don’t usually listen to the radio but if my parents turn it on in the car, I enjoy it. We also buy sometimes newspapers and magazines from kiosks.

  1. How did I spend last summer

(Variant 1)

Last summer I spent my holidays at the seaside with my family. We were there in August and were lucky to have sunny weather and warm sea all the time. It was so pleasant to have a rest doing nothing except taking sunbathes and swimming. There were different kinds of entertainment but best of all I liked water scooters and discos. I made some new friends and we had a lot of fun together. We went on several field trips. Unfortunately the time passed very quickly and we had to return back home. When the August was coming to the end I spent my time reading books, listening to music, watching TV, playing computer games and going out with my friends.

(Variant 2)

I think summer is the best season for rest because it is warm, the nature is beautiful and we have great opportunities for rest. Last summer, I spent most of my time at home with family and friends. In the evening I rode my bike with my friends. During the day, friends and I swam in the pool. Most of the evenings I watched a movie with my family. Besides I also read a lot of art books. Last summer was a great one.

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