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Teacher Name:

Barotova Maftuna




 Vocational Ed.


 The cooling system of a motor vehicle.


 Shop safety,Engine bay area cleaness, Use of hand and power tools, First responders,Health and safety at work,subject vocabulary.


 Explain why the cooling system of a vehicle is very important to keep the engine running at optimum temperature. List several dangers associated with the cooling system hazards. Explain the importance of maintaining and using tools properly. Describe methods minimizing risk when working on vehicle cooling systems.-Know Health and safety at work.


 Student will: -Know how to organise his vehicle for work.-Know how to identify the dangers about working on cooling systems.-Know how use and maintain power and hand tools.-Know how to minimize risk when working on cooling systems.-Know about health and safety at work.




 The lecturer will show the importance of keeping the cooling system in the best condition,and the dangers associated with the cooling system failure.


 When the student's attention is focussed, the lecturer will introduce the proper use of workshop equipment,hand and power tools.


 As the lecturer works on the cooling system, the students will use the introduction and development procedures to guide the through this activity.The lecturer must keep a checklist noting the number of competances mastered.


 Task will be demonstrated visual.Instructions are given verbally.

Checking For Understanding:

 The lecturer will: Assess performance daily. Give pop quizzies about topic.Test will be given weekly.


 The student will have a basic knowledge of the importance of the vehicle cooling system-How to well maintain it.-And the dangers associated with the cooling system.


 Lecturer will evaluate the student ability to minimizt the dangers working on the vehicle cooling system,-Proper use of the hand and power tools,-and organising his work.

Teacher Reflections:

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