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Vol 7 No 2 

Europe/Rest of the World



he use of cameras and offence 

management technology is 

synonymous with police and 

public sector deployment, 

however in certain markets 

these solutions are being extended to 

private applications, for example where 

there are a high number of private housing 

estates. One such market is South Africa, 

a country that has over 1,000 large private 

housing estates.

In South Africa, many people live in 

these housing estates for security and 

lifestyle reasons. These large exclusive 

estates, some with populations of up to 

35,000 people, can include a whole host of 

amenities from shops to schools and even 

hospitals; they are effectively mini-cities. 

The estates vary in size and are designed 

with specific lifestyle requirements in mind; 

some are predominately golf estates, while 

others are aimed at the retirement market 

or are exclusively aimed at over 50s. 

As a result with each estate there are 

lifestyle parameters and a lot of rules that 

need to be adhered to; traffic management 

Jasmine Talbot reports from South Africa where the enforcement of 

traffic regulations is being aided by some very innovative 

technological wizardry




Europe/Rest of the World

  Vol 7 No 2


and access control are a key part of that. 

When dealing with populations on this 

scale, enforcing these rules can be a 

large administration job and manpower-

intensive. Additionally organisations such 

as Home Owners Associations manually 

processing a high volume of offences per 

day often experience a “justice gap”, when 

a backlog of offences builds up due to 

administrative delay and human error, 

resulting in many offences being lost or 

not processed in time so offenders simply 

get away with it.


An automated solution can ensure that 

an estate or security manager can deal 

with trends in traffic flow; for instance on 

golf estates on certain days of the week 

security staff will be dealing with a peak 

in speeding or stop sign offences, which 

could endanger a pedestrian’s safety. Other 

offences range from unauthorised delivery 

or visitor vehicles through to children 

driving golf buggies on the streets. 

As a result estate managers are turning 

to technology-based solutions to counter 

these problems. Typically on an estate, 

residents vote on the rules via organisations 

such as their Home Owners Association, 

and because the rules are voted for by the 

residents there is a collaborative feeling 

of support in terms of enforcing them. 

The estate manager’s role will be to 


“An automated solution can ensure that an 

estate or security manager can deal with 

trends in traffic flow”


StarTraq Dome can be installed on the 

cloud or on a private secure network. For 

new users it can be deployed remotely 

by StarTraq or its resellers. Support can 

be provided by StarTraq through the 

cloud from the UK or locally by one of 

StarTraq’s partners. The software is 

available in any language (there are 11 

official languages in South Africa), can 

be customised to reflect the local 

legislation and policies, and can even be 

branded with the customer’s own logo 

and identity. StarTraq Dome is available 

internationally through a network of 

accredited partners.

the details

Technology-based solutions for traffic management and access control are increasingly used for 

enforcement on private housing estates

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5/11/12   11:41 AM


Vol 7 No 2 

Europe/Rest of the World


“A major issue can be the 

unreliable nature of the power 

supply where there are often 

rolling black-outs, plus there 

is also an issue regarding 

increasing copper theft”

ensure the enforcement of the rules, and will usually outsource 

this in order to find a solution that meets their needs. 

Enforcement of traffic rules in private estates in South 

Africa is now being outsourced to technology companies such 

as I-Cube, whose solar powered cameras monitor a range of 

driving behaviour including excess speed, red light and stop sign 

running, seatbelt and mobile phone usage. I-Cube has a system 

of integrated hardware and software that can be used to monitor 

traffic, identify vehicles and drivers committing violations, and 

enable the enforcement of a variety of traffic safety rules. 

I-Cube has identified this opportunity in the private 

sector and is utilising StarTraq’s Dome (Dynamic Offence 

Management and Enforcement) to provide a browser-based 

back-office solution to enforce the offences. StarTraq Dome 

is a cloud-based service for processing any type of repetitive 

workflow involved in processing criminal and civil traffic 

offences. This has now been extended to Home Owners 

Association and estate penalties in South Africa.

I-Cube is working with StarTraq across multiple estates 

including one which has 750 housing units and over 100,000 

cars a month (other estates have many times the number of 

units and vehicles a month). I-Cube is now in the first phase, 

having installed three cameras across the estate to monitor 

and enforce the traffic flow. Images are uploaded to the 

StarTraq Dome system directly from the cameras via wireless, 

fibre or 3G connections, or stored on a SD card where no 

communication is available, for review and verification of 

offences. Driver details are then checked against the available 

databases (Property Owner’s Register, Visitors Log or eNatis, 

the South African Vehicle Owners national database etc.). The 

StarTraq Dome then prints and administers the offence, and 

offenders can view and pay their offences online. 


In South Africa, StarTraq automates the processing of offences 

making it a full end-to-end solution and ensuring efficiencies 

and that driving behaviours are changed. Fines are automatically 

added to the Home Owner’s levy if they are not paid. Also, 

all visitors to houses must register their car to a resident’s 

address so if a visitor is caught speeding they will also be fined. 

The penalty a resident pays cannot take the place of a “traffic 

fine” or be enforced by the estate management in terms of the 

National Road Traffic Act (NRTA) and later Administrative 

Adjudication of Road Traffic Offences (AARTO). It is a breach 

of a contractual conduct rule and stands separate from the 

contravention of the NRTA (as per Don Smart (Adv), Car Legal 

Logbook, Author Guide to Motor Law SA).

Estate managers find an automated system more beneficial 


Europe/Rest of the World

  Vol 7 No 2


when it comes to rule enforcement. With a manual system 

it can be one person’s word against another’s, however this 

system proves without doubt when an offence has been 

committed. StarTraq Dome is essential because it is proving 

that a person has committed an offence; thus making the estate 

manager’s life easier. 

Barry Fryer Dudley, Managing Director of I-Cube, says 

“Estate managers really appreciate the way in which an end-to-

end solution can be adapted and customised to ensure that it has 

an application to suit their specific requirements. It enables them 

to provide a solution for controlling traffic and helps create a safe 

and secure society. Outsourcing the entire penalty process, from 

hardware install to Dome software, means that all elements of 

the offence are dealt with; from remote violation identification, 

driver details, violation delivery, payment and debt collection.”

Fryer Dudley continues “The estate manager ensures that 

the estate rules and regulations are enforced, making for a safe 

environment while generating additional income that is used 

for the benefit of the residents.”

A major issue in South Africa can be the unreliable nature 

of the power supply where there are often rolling black-outs

plus there is also an issue regarding increasing copper theft. 

Therefore the ability to roll-out cameras that don’t use mains 

power is critical. Across these estates, solar and wind powered 

violation detection cameras have been installed, which have 

proven extremely effective solutions to these problems. 

Allan Freinkel, CEO of StarTraq, says “StarTraq Dome’s 

great strength lies in its versatility and ease of installation for 

multiple offence types, so we can support our partners and 

customers worldwide in traffic enforcement. Our partnership 

with I-Cube in South Africa is a great example of how StarTraq 

Dome is helping to manage traffic offences efficiently and 

effectively across a diverse range of enforcement types as well 

as challenging environmental factors while maximising the 

opportunities available with cloud based computing.”

Freinkel continues: “The business model for this application 

is one of low-cost and low-risk that can be easily replicated and 

is highly scalable.”

  For an overview of the global enforcement market visit the online 

version of the Thinking Highways – North America June/July issue


“Across these estates, solar 

and wind powered violation 

detection cameras have been 

installed, which have proven 

extremely effective solutions”

Americas: +1 800 445-5444 

Europe & Middle East: +45 4457 8888 

Asia Pacific: +81 45-440-0154

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