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Question 1

Question text

We are now living in what some people call ___________, meaning that computers have become an essential part of our lives.

Toʻgʻri javob: the digital age

Question 2

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Teachers use ________________ to give presentations and teach sciences, history or language courses.


Toʻgʻri javob: projectors and interactive whiteboards


Question 3

Question text

In banks, computers ­­­­­­­_________about the money held by each customer and enable staff to access large databases and to carry out financial 30 transactions at high speed.

Toʻgʻri javob: store information


Question 4

Question text

They also control the cash points, or ___________, which dispense money to customers by the use of a PIN-protected card.

Ваш ответ верный.

Toʻgʻri javob: ATMs (automatic teller machines)


Question 5

Question text

People use a Chip and PIN card to pay for goods and services. Instead of using a  signature to verify payments, customers are asked to enter a four digit_______, the same number used at cash points; this  system makes transactions more secure.

Toʻgʻri javob: personal identification number (PIN)


Question 6

Question text

Airline pilots use computers to help them control the plane. For example, monitors _______about fuel consumption and weather conditions

 Toʻgʻri javob:

Display data


Question 7

Question text

_______let you make voice calls, send texts, people and download logos, ringtones or games.

Toʻgʻri javob:



Question 8

Question text

Banks  also control the cash points, or ATMs (automatic teller machines), which dispense money to customers by the _____ a PIN-protected card

Toʻgʻri javob: use of

Question 9

Question text


Toʻgʻri javob: the largest known public network in the world, connecting millions of computers

Question 10

Question text

Airline pilots use computers to help them control the plane. For example, monitors display data about fuel consumption and weather conditions. In airport control towers, computers are used to manage radar systems and regulate air traffic. On the ground, airlines are connected to travel agencies by computer. Travel agents use computers to find out about the availability of flights, prices, times, stopovers and many other details

Toʻgʻri javob: Details of flight can be known by computers nowadays

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