Test Choose the best answer, A, B, c or D. What next weekend? Answer: A

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Iqtis naz. test top. Jorayev 9e98c, 1-laboratoriya ishi RTMT (2), belgiya tajribasi, Dars ishlanma.O`qqa nisbatan simmetrik figuralar., 3-MAVZU. MUSTAQILLIK YILLARIDA HUJJATCHILIK TIZIMI ISLOHOTLARI 8895213e2156d2c918f3c91529d504c6, 02.00.01-Ноорганик кимё, 02.00.01-Ноорганик кимё, 02.00.01-Ноорганик кимё, elementlar davriy sistemasi va davriy qonun , elementlar davriy sistemasi va davriy qonun , elementlar davriy sistemasi va davriy qonun , elementlar davriy sistemasi va davriy qonun , QUTB, SILINDRIK VA SFЕRIK KООRDINATALAR SISTЕMASI, umumiy va noorganik kimyo fanidan tajriba ishlari uchun uslubiy qollanma

Test 1. Choose the best answer, A, B, C or D.

1. What .................... next weekend? Answer: A

A) are you doing

B) B have

C) C will you do

D) D did you do

2. I ______ at the moment because I’m on holiday. Answer: A

A) ’m not studying

B) don’t study

C) not study

D) not studying

3. That’s a nice jacket. How much......................... ? Answer: C

A) it cost

B) it costs

C) does it cost

D) Ddoes it costs

4. My little brother really ......................... flying. He gets very frightened and cries. Answer: B

A) likes

B) hates

C) doesn’t mind

D) Loves

5. Excuse me. ......................... have the bill, please? Answer: A

A) Could we

B) Would we

C) Are we

D) Do we

6. Do they like French food? Answer: C

A) No, they do.

B) Yes, they don’t.

C) Yes, they do.

D) No, they

7. Please don’t talk ____ . I can’t understand. Answer: D

A) quicker

B) quick

C) quicklier

D) Quickly

8. Is it hot today?

A) Yes, it was.

B) No, it is.

C) Yes, it is.

D) No, it wasn’t

9. ____ is she right now? Answer: A.

A) Where

B) Who

C) What

D) When

10. Summer holidays _____ in June. Answer: D

A) begining

B) begin

C) beginning

D) begins

Global Problems


1. My brother …...................... a flat in London.

A have B has C haves

2. …...................... you live with your boyfriend?

A Do B Does C Is

3. Elizabeth is …...................... .

A Philip's wife B wife's Philip C Philip's husband

4. He …...................... very hungry now.

A is B has C are

5. My birthday is …...................... May.

A on B in C at

6. He doesn't love …...................... .

A she B her C hers

7. I didn't …...................... anything, it was too dark.

A saw B see C seen

8. There aren't …...................... glasses on the kitchen table.

A some B any C much

9. Look! Tower bridge …...................... !

A is opening B opens C opening

10. “ …...................... coffee do you drink?”

A How much B How many C How

Модальный глагол NEED. LESSON 3

1. _____ you help me with my homework?

A) Are

B) May

C) Can

D) Need

2. Take a sweater with you.

It_____ get cold later.

A) won’t

B) might

C) would

D) need

3. I _____ to study for tomorrow’s exam.

A) don’t need

B) may not

C) couldn’t

D) will not

4. We have got plenty of time.

We _____ hurry.

A) needn’t

B) didn’t use to

C) mustn’t

D) didn’t need to

5. A: I’m putting on weight.

B: You _____ go on a diet

A) ought

B) had to

C) needed to

D) should

6. You _____ to write and thank him.

A) has

B) must

C) ought

D) needed

7. You _____ do it now. You can do it this afternoon.

A) mustn’t

B) had better

C) needn’t

D) should

8. Joe ran all the way. It wasn’t necessary. Joe _____ run all the way.

A) needn’t have

B) need have

C) didn’t need to

D) doesn’t need to

9. You _____ any more aspirins; you’ve had four already.

A) mustn’t take

B) needn’t have taken

C) shouldn’t have taken

D) had better not take

10. A: How much do you weigh?

B: _____.

A) I needn’t have told you

B) I’d rather not tell you

C) I couldn’t have told you

D) I’d better not be told


1. My car was dirty so_______ it washed.

А) I had B) has C) had to

2. We didn't want to cook, _______ pizza delivered.

A) so we had a B)so we have a C) A)so we had

3. My computer is working again. I’m managed __________fixed.

A) to had it B)to have it C)have it

4. My carpet was dirty ________it washed.

A) so I’ll got B) so I get C) so I got

5. We didn’t want to cook, so we got a pizza delivered.

A) so we’ll get B) so we get C)so we got

6. James __________broken in a fight.

A) have his nose B)had his nose C) had him nose

7. ____________tell her everything.

A) You'd better B) You'd better C) 'd better

8. ________________back to work.

A) I'll better get B) I'd better got C) I'd better get

9. _____________meet early.

A) We'll better B) We'd better C) We better

10. John's new jeans were too long, so he decided to have them______.

A) repair B) shorten C) steal

11. I thought your watch was broken. When did you get it_____?

A) repair B) shorten C) steal

12. Paul keeps crashing his care. I think he needs to get his eyes______.

A) repair B) shorten C) check


1. Which one is Future Perfect Tense.

a) S + will + V.infinitive

b) S + will + have + V.2

c) S + will + have + V.3

d) S + will + V.3

2. Pick the Future Perfect Tense.

a) Christina Reader will have gone to the store.

b) Myrtle would go to Paris.

c) They have lots of fish.

d) They like fish.

3. We hope that the film ______started when we arrive.

a) have

b) will

c) won't have

d) will have

4. I'm afraid the books you ordered.............. by Friday.

a) won't have arrived

b) won't have been arriving

c) will have arrived

d) will have been arriving

5. I have not traveled much yet; however, I ...................................... the Grand Canyon and San Francisco by the time I leave the United States.

a) will have been visiting

b) will have visited

6. Select the correct sentence on future perfect

a) I will be reading this book

b) I will have read this book by tomorrow

c) I go to read the book tomorrow

d) I won’t Reading the book tomorrow

7. They ________________ the homework.

a) won’t have done

b) won’t have do

c) will haven’t done

d) won’t had do

8. Which one is Negative sentence structure.

a) S + will + not +V.3

b) S + will/shall + not + V.3

c) S + will/shall + have + not + V.3

d) S + will/shall + not +have + V.3

9. Will the film have started when we arrive?

a) Yes, it won't.

b) Yes, it has.

c) No, it won't.

d) No, it hasn't.

10. The film __________ before we get to the theater.

a) started

b) will be started

c) will have started



1. Mary (to be) at school yesterday.

a) be

b) was

c) beed

d) was

e) been

2. Bob’s parents (to be) at work last Saturday.

a) are

b) were

c) be

d) was

e) is

3. Two years ago Tom and Meg (to be) students.

a) are

b) were

c) be

d) was

e) beed

4. Last year I (to be) in Paris.

a) am

b) were

c) is

d) was

e) be

5. Your cake (to be) delicious!

a) were

b) was

c) be

d) are

e) am

6. There (to be) no apples in the fridge, there (to be) apple juice only.

a) was; was

b) were; were

c) were; was

d) was; were

e) is; are

7. Last week he (to be) in London, but his friends (to be) in Cardiff.

a) were; was

b) be; was

c) was; was

d) were; were

e) was; were

8. They (to be) sad, because their mother (to be) ill.

a) were; was

b) was; were

c) be; be

d) was; be

e) be; were

9. You (to be) in the library yesterday. I (to be) there too.

a) were; was

b) was; was

c) was; were

d) were; were

e) are; am

10. When my grandfather (to be) young, he (to be) a pilot.

a) was; were

b) were; was

c) was; was

d) were; were

e) be; waswill start


1. When Jack was a child, he ______ to live on a farm with his family.

A) likes

B) farmed

C) used

D) wishes

2. ______ speak to Felix?

A) Would you like to

B) Had you

C) Have you

D) When were you

3. You would like to see a good movie, ______ you?

A) wouldn’t

B) hadn’t

C) haven’t

D) weren’t

4. The instructor wants us ______ for the test.

A) student

B) study hard

C) to prepare

D) writing

5. ______ being useful, glass is also ornamental.

A) Besides

B) Aside

C) Though

D) Because

6. Parents should always put medicine away after ______ it. Otherwise, children might take it and harm themselves.

A) take

B) you took

C) took

D) taking

7. You should always check your tires before ______ your car.

A) drive

B) driving

C) you drove

D) you’re driving

8. She made him ______ the kitchen.

A) to paint

B) painted

C) painting

D) paint

9. She has a very important report ______ .

A) typing

B) to prepare

C) which it was typed

D) she prepared

10. Would you mind ______ home early?

A) I came

B) coming

C) to come

D) you come
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