Test how often do you eat chocolate?

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1. How often do you eat _____ chocolate?

A) the B) an C) * D) a

2. This table is made of _____ glass.

A) * B) the C) an D) a

3. I never drink _____ coffee.

A) an B) * C) a D) the

4. Does he like _____ cake?

A) the B) a C) an D) *

5. Do you want those shoes? I don’t want ______ .

A) them B) they C) him D) its

6. We called Allan. He came to ______ .

A) our B) us C) we D) ours

7. Look at these books. Are ______ yours?

A) they B) them C) this D) that

8. We went to ______ seaside and played on the beach.

A) a B) the C) an D) _

9. Many tourists visit ______ Turkey.

A) a B) the C) an D) _

10. There is only ______ water in the glass. Please give me some more.

A) many B) much C) a few D) few

11. There were not ______ people at the market yesterday.

A) many B) much C) a few D) a little

12. I put ______ sugar on the fruit. I do not like sugar very much.

A) many B) much C) a few D) a lot

13. We can all get on the bus. There are only ______ passengers on it now.

A) many B) much C) a few D) a little

14. The policeman is holding the ______ right arm.

A) robber B) robber’s C) robbers D) robbers’

15. It was my ______ watch.

A) grandfathers B) of grandfather

C) grandfather’s D) grandfather
16. I can see the ______ bicycles.

A) boys’ B) boys C) boy D) of the boys

17. I checked the answers. Two of ______ were wrong.

A) it B) its C) them D) they

18. The postman gave me two letters, so I gave ______ to my mother.

A) them B) its C) they D) it

19. The army lost the battle because ______ was not strong.

A) they B) them C) it D) its

20. My parents are coming. I’ll open the door for ______ .

A) they B) them C) him D) her

21. He always drinks ______ tea with ______ milk.

A) the / _ B) _ / _ C) a / _ D) a / a

22. ___ house is almost the same as ___ neighbors’ house. The only difference in appearance is that ___is grey and ___ is white.

A) our/ours/ours/theirs B) ours/ours/our/their

C) my/hers/my/her D) our/our/ours/theirs

E) my/ours/ours/theirs

23. 572 is ________ .

A) five hundred and seventy two

B) five hundred seventy two

C) five hundreds seventy two

D) five hundreds and seventy two
24. Laura’s ________ her sister.

A) very taller than B) much taller than

C) very taller that D) much taller that
25. Brian is ________ Pamela.

A) as old as B) not old as

C) as old that D) not old that
26. Bill and I ________ good as you.

A) are as B) am as C) as D) we’re as

27. Carrie is ________ Hilary.

A) pretty than B) prettier than

C) so pretty as D) more pretty than
26. I used Galaxy phones_____

A) a lot B) lots of

C) a lot of D)a lots of
29. He thinks John ________ .

A) the same as I B) is the same as me

C) is same as me D) is the same I am
30. He’s a good guitarist, but he plays the piano ________ .

A) quite well B) too hardly C) very good D) much better

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