Тест по английскому языку Which of these are not the names of English verb forms?

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Тест по английскому языку
1.Which of these are not the names of English verb forms?

A. Simple past

B. Present progressive

C. Future perfect

D. Perfect present

E. Simple progressive

F. Past perfect

G. Future past
2.Are these spellings right R or wrong W
A. I`m sitting at the back of the train W (double "t" needed)

B. He`s travelling this week R

C. Is this train stopping in Birmingham? W (double "p" needed)

D. She`s showing the new design to her manager. R

E. I`m hoping she`ll arrive in time. W (one "p" needed)

F. My sister is always beating me at tennis. W (one "t" needed)

G. It is beginning to rain. R

H. We`re developing a new product. W (one "p" needed)

3.Which of these present tense forms are correctly used?

A. What are frogs usually eating? (correct - What do frogs usually eat?)

B. The kettle boils. – Please take it off the stove. (correct - The kettle is boiling.)

C. Water boils at 100 Celsius.

D. I`m playing tennis every Wednesday. (correct - I play tennis every Wednesday)

E. Alice works for an insurance company.

F. Look – it snows. (correct - Look - it is snowing.)

4.Which of these sentences are right?

A. His train will arrive at 11.30.

B. His train arrives at 11.30

C. The summer term starts on April 10`th.

D. The summer term will start on April 10`th
5.Are these verb forms right R or wrong W?
A. I played him in cash. (I think the verb is misspelt and it should read "paid", because otherwise the sentence does not make sense. Depending on the context it can be used in both ways: "I have paid..." and "I paid..."

B. I`m afraid I`ve hit your car. R

C. She learnt it. W

D. The hot water pipes R (this sentence is completely wrong - you can say The hot water is piped or The hot water was/has been/will be piped, but you absolutely cannot say The water pipes - as it cannot pipe itself, if you know what I mean)
6.Which is the best reply: A, B, C
Which of these are your suitcases?

A. They`re the blue suitcases with the red straps.

B. They`re the blue ones with the red straps.

C. They`re the blue with the red straps.

7. Right or wrong?
A. If you haven`t got a fresh chicken, I`ll take a frozen. W

B. If you haven`t got a fresh chicken, I`ll taken a frozen one. R

C. If you haven`t got fresh cream, I`ll take tinned. R

D. If you haven`t got fresh cream, I`ll take tinned one. W

8. Right or wrong?
A. Which would you like? W

B. Which one do you like? R

C. Which ones would you like? R

D. This looks the best? W

E. Either one will suit me? W

F. This small looks nicest? W

G. This small one looks the nicest? R
9. Which of these sentences are right?
A. Europe`s economic problems are serious.

B. The Europe`s economic problems are serious. (cannot say the Europe)

C. The economic problems are serious.

D. I met boss`s wife yesterday.

E. I met the boss`s wife yesterday.
10.Right or wrong?
A. It`s snowing before long. W

B. It`s going to snow before long. R

C. It`ll be snowing before long. R
11.Which of these structures are normally correct?
A. I`ve met her before she started working here.

B. I`m sure we`ve met before.

C. I haven`t been abroad yesterday.

D. I`ve bought a new car recently.

E. She`s never said sorry in her life.

F. I never said sorry when I had the chance
12.Right or wrong
A. You always ought to have your mobile phone with you. R

B. You ought always to have your mobile phone with you. W

C. You ought not to forget your phone when you go out. R

D. You ought to not forget your phone when you go out. W

13.Which of these sentence are right? (sentenceS)
A. Our house is getting new windows this summer.

B. Our house is going to get new windows this winter.

C. Their new house is looking over the river.

D. Their new house is going to look over the river.
14.Which of these are right?
A. I played a lot of tennis when I lived in Bath.

B. I was playing a lot of tennis when I got to know Pete, so I was pretty fit.

C. I was having lunch with the president the other day, and he said…..

D. John was saying that he still can`t find a job.

15.You'll be leaving for Tokyo soon, ___________?

aren't you

won't you

don't you

shall you

16. ___________ the last market session, the Down Jones dropped 67 points.


While having



17. If she ___________ about his financial situation, she would have helped him out.


had been knowing

had known

have known

18. I'll ______________ their cat while they are away on holiday.

be looking into

be looking at

be looking after

be looking over

19.He made his children ______ their homework every afternoon.


to do


to study

20.The test was ____ difficult she had problems finishing it on time.





21.By the time she arrives, we ________________ our homework.


will have finished

will finish

were finished
22.She _________________ lunch by the time we arrived.

had finished


have finished


23.The sun ______ at 9 last night.




was setting
24.When I stopped __________ to Mary, she was picking some flowers in her garden.



to speak


25.Despite ______________ hard, he failed the exam.

he studied

he has studied


26.That room _______________ for a meeting today.

is used

is being used


is using

27.We ____________ tennis every day when we were young. (or you can say We used to play...)

use to play

would play

were playing

were used to play

28.If I __________ you, I would wait a while to begin investing.




would be
29.He'll give you a call as soon as he __________.

will arrive


is arriving

is going to arrive
30.Do you think ___________ ?

does he know what he wants

he knows what he wants

he knows what does he want

what he wants he knows
31.I think San Francisco is ____ exciting ____ New York.
as ... as

so ... than

as ... than

so ... as

32.If she ___________ about his financial situation, she would have helped him out.


had been knowing

had known

have known

33.I'll ______________ their cat while they are away on holiday.

be looking into

be looking at

be looking after

be looking over

34.When I stopped __________ to Mary, she was picking some flowers in her garden.



to speak

35.Why are your hands so dirty? - I _______________ in the garden.

was working

have worked


have been working
36.Which model __________ 250 k.p.h.?

does go


have gone

37.That is the man __________ grandfather founded Kentucky Root Beer.




38. I could hardly ________ the ship in the distance.

look out

make out

make up

see out
39.Where do you think Anne was yesterday evening? - She ______________ at home.

must have been

had to be

couldn't have been (this one is possible to use, as well, depending on the situation)

hadn't to be

40.He drove the car ____________ the garage and left for work.



out of

41.Jack _____________ a fortune when his great uncle Jack passed on.

made into

went into

came into

42.Unfortunately, Mary has _______ friends in Tacoma.

a few




43.Where was Jack yesterday? - I don't know. He ________________ seeing the doctor

might has been

might have been

couldn't have been

mustn't have been
44."I will finish that project soon." - Ken said he ___________ that project soon.

would finish

will finish

had finished

will be finished

45.In his position ____a_ managing director, he is responsible for more than 300 employees.





46.I really think you ____________ see a doctor.

would better


had better

could better

47.As the class representative I would like to welcome you. - I'd like to welcome you _____

the class.

in behalf of

for behalf on

on behalf of
48._____ his illness, John continued to play rugby.



Even though
49. _______ that the American Indians crossed a land bridge into North America from what is

now Russia.

It is considered

It is thought (Chris said that he would use this phrase rather than the one above)

It was thought

50.None of the students _____ a car.



have got (plural)
51. Never before _____ as rapidly, as during the last three decades.

communications have developed

have communications developed

have developed communications

52. It is not yet clearly understood _________ cause obesity.

why eating too many hamburgers can

why can eating too many hamburgers

eating too many hamburgers can

53.The Eiffel Tower is ________ the Leaning Tower of Pisa.

as popular a tourist attraction than

as popular a tourist attraction as

as more popular a tourist attraction as

54.While most New Yorkers believe in ghosts, ______ do not.

are a few who

there are a few which

there are a few that
55.With his first painting 'Le Temple du Mordu', George Lesereaux _______ to establish

himself as a master of pointilism.


with ability

was able
56. ______ Chinese is more difficult to learn than English.

It is certain that

Certain it is that

Certainly is
57. Thinker and poet, ___________ the Brinker prize for his poem 'Alexander' in 1976.

Claude Pinocchio was awarded

was awarded Claude Pinocchio

was awarded to Claude Pinocchio
58. Research now proves that eating fish and chips is healthier than _______

when eating hamburgers.

eating hamburgers.

to eat hamburgers.

59.It was ______ Johnny finally gave up.

such difficult that

so difficult that

so a difficult test that

60. __________, I would have returned it immediately.
If I knew that you wanted to read it

I had known that you wanted to read it

Had I known that you wanted to read it
61. In the 1990s, _________ its premium position in the world economy.

the USA returned

the USA returned to

the USA returning

62. ______ in a home where two parents work is a difficult task indeed.

Children brought up

To bring up children you can use this one, too

Bringing up children

63. There has not yet been any decision made _______ will represent the country at the

concerned athletes chosen

as to which athletes

those athletes

64. ______, Shakespeare was also a prolific writer of sonnets.

Noting for his plays

Famous plays

Noted for his plays
65.The Concord, which was ______________ jet, could reach New York from London in

approximately 2 and 1/2 hours.
fastest in the world

the fastest of the world

the world's fastest
66. Scientists _____________ nano-technology capable of computation at the atomic level.

newly have developed

have recently developed

have still developed

67. Despite ____________, Jack continued to lose weight.

he increased his food intake

increasing food intake

increased food intake
68. Singer and entertainer, ____________ for his beautiful and expressive voice.

was Frank Sinatra famous

famous was Frank Sinatra

Frank Sinatra was famous
69. It is not only important to be on time, __________ courteous when replying to colleagues.

but also is it important being

but is it also important to be

but it is also important to be
70. Children attending private schools ____________ being slightly spoiled.

are often accused of

often accused

are often accused from
71. Diets based on only one basic food element ____________ no diet at all.

can be as ineffective than

can be as ineffective as

can be so ineffective than

72. _________ that James Franklin made his stunning debut.
It was 'Lions'

It was in 'Lions'

'Lions' it was

73.Considering human history, it ______________ using mass communications.

has recently been that man

is only recently that man has begun

only recently is that man has begun

74. That test was _________________ .

such difficult that I almost failed

as difficult that I almost failed

so difficult that I almost failed

75. 'Within Tuscany' ___________ Matthew Spender.

is written from

was written from

was written by
76. A number of resources _____ watching more than four hours a day of television is more

dangerous than listening to the radio four hours a day or more.

are confirming

confirm that


77. -------- the French Revolution, many citizens had become upset with the aristocracy.

By the time


By the time of
78.Civil rights leader, _____ the Cyber Defender prize for her Twitter campaign in 2009.

Jane Atherby was awarded

was awarded Jane Atherby

was Jane Atherby awarded
79. --------------- is certainly much easier with hybrid technology.
Designing a fuel efficient vehicle

To design a fuel efficient vehicle

Fuel efficient vehicle designed

80. _____ his economic disadvantages, Peter was very successful in business.



In spite
81. Eating too many corn products is _____ eating too much meat.

as dangerous to your health as

as dangerous to your health than

as dangerous to your health then
82. _____ the weather was horrible, we continued our walk through the countryside.

Even though


In spite the fact
83. If she _____ of her brother's dire circumstances, she would have taken the first flight to


was informed

had informed

had been informed

84. In the last decade of 1900s, _____ more dependent on telecommunications technology than ever before.
the world became

the world has become

the world is becoming
85. _____ that vegetables are healthier than beef.

Certain it is

Certainly it is

It is certain
86. It is not yet clear why _____ such massive protests.

the incident caused

is the incident caused

did the incident cause
87. _____ that the original inhabitants chewed coca leaves to relieve pain.

It is thought

It is thinking

It is considered
88. _____ the Depression that many of the social reforms were enacted.

It was during

By the time

Due to
89.It was _____ that my parents decided not to adopt another child.

so a frustrating experience

such a frustrating experience

so a frustrated experience

90. Marcia applied to the university _____ she couldn't afford tuition.

in spite of


91. No decision has been reached _____ will receive scholarships to this university.

as from which students

concerned students which (it should read "concerning which students...")

as to which studentS
92.None of the patients _____ access to health care insurance.

have (plural)


have got
93.______ his first novel 'Frank and Friends', Ben Slezak was also an extremely talented web designer.
Because of

Noted for

94.Peter Drexhower _____ achieve his first big success with his second novel 'The Hidden Valley.'


was able to

was able

95. She _____ immediately, if they had told her about the situation.

had telephoned

would telephone

would have telephoned
96. The entrance exam was _____ that Peter had to take it four times.

such difficult

such a difficult

so difficult
97.While most citizens have some sort of religious belief, _____ many who do not.

there are still

are there still

there are yet
98.Cannon Beach, _____ famous for its beautiful beaches, is located just an hour's drive from Portland.
that is

which is

for which is

99. Choose the right synonym to the word in inverted commas

The criminal was asked to aid police in their 'enquiry'.



100. I like Florida because of the 'balmy' winters.



101. He 'pored over' the questions until he couldn't keep his eyes open anymore.




102. He found the smell of the lotus blossom 'repugnant', and asked for a different type of flower.




103. His 'diligence' in everything he did was impressive.



104. His boss 'streamlined' company procedures.


made easier

105. Uncertainty about the economy is 'widespread'.




106. His comments can be rather 'harsh' at times.


107. Our 'outlets' are located throughout Alabama.




108.She didn't 'let on' that she already knew about the party.



109. You'd better get a few 'winks' before tomorrow.



110.Many of the students attitudes are considered too 'cynical' for publication.



111. It is important to weed out the 'chaff' when considering a new position.



112. His position was 'contrary' to that of the teacher's.




113.The show 'culminated' in the presentation of the dairy princess crown.



114.The 'coach' for Miami leaves shortly after 9.




115. Mozart's 'partiality' for chocolate from Salzburg resulted in today's famous Mozart Kugeln.



116. Be careful not to 'rush' your studies, even when in a hurry.


hurry (this is the right one)

117. The artist's 'profile' can be found carved into the cave walls.



118. Horses are often put out to 'pasture' during the early morning hours.


field (this is the right one)

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