Tests for 11th form Term 1

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Tests for 11th form

Term 1

  1. Fill in blank

I am calling … place an order for delivery

  1. In b) to c) by

  1. He found the web site so as to … with foreigners

  1. learn b) collaborate c) chat

  1. Feedback from the teacher was helpful for Temur … more confident

  1. To be b) to have c) to do

  1. What is the verb form of the word “sharpness”?

  1. Sharp b) sharpen c) sharpened

  1. His family was … of his attempts to be a writer

  1. Absence b) supportive c) consult

  1. Whose words are these?

“Accident is the name of the greatest of all inventors”?

  1. Theodor Roosevelt b) Mark Twain c) William Shakespeare

  1. Fill in blank

I’m learning sewing … fun

  1. For b) to c) on

  1. Find the word

The mixture of gases around the Earth

  1. Climate b) solar energy c) atmosphere

  1. Not now existing

  1. Extinct b) solar energy c) atmosphere

  1. Fill in blank

If I … you, I would study more

  1. Was b) were c) am

  1. … sound is something that is important in our daily lives, noise is not

  1. Although b) though c) Despite

  1. … a wall to stop water flowing

  1. Rig b) dam c) desert

  1. … men whose job is to catch fish

  1. Fish men b) selfish c) fishermen

  1. destroys trees and buildings

  1. Air pollution b) acid rain c) deforestation

  1. If I had studied harder, I … the university

  1. Will enter b) would enter c) would have entered


1.B 9. a

2.c 10. b

3.a 11. a

4.b 12.b

5.b 13.




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