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1a Listen and choose the title.

a) Chinese people drink tea every day.

b) Uzbek people like tea.

c) The history of Chinese tea.

d) The China Tea Museum.

Tea is the national drink in China. People say that the first tea in ancient China appeared 3000 years ago as Chinese herbal medicine and agriculture. Chinese tea has a long history, and it’s a part of its culture.

Tea is used in Chinese literature and art. In China, tea drinkers were always people with a good education and respected by other people.

China has tea art or Chayi, similar to the Japanese tea ceremony or Sado. It’s a ceremonial show of the Chinese tea culture and the way of making and drinking tea.

Tea in everyday life is widely used for both keeping fit and to think clearly. Tea drinkers usually like making friends by drinking tea. There are different kinds of tea in China: green, black, blue, white, yellow, oil, dark tea and others.

In China, there’s a museum named the China Tea Museum, which is located in Hangzhou. Visitors can see a lot of collections of Chinese tea history and tea culture. Today, Chinese tea is used in all parts of the world.

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