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Read and say True or False

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4 Read and say True or False.

e.g. Cambodia has one of the best railways. ___False__

1) Trains in Cambodia run between diff erent countries. _________

2) Trains in Cambodia were very slow. _________

3) The people of Cambodia made a new kind of train. _________

4) Local people called it “Norris”, a new kind of transport. _________

5) People can sleep on a bamboo train. _________

6) Bamboo trains are only used by local people. _________

7) Cambodia is not a rich country. _________

Some years ago Cambodia had one of the world’s worst railways. Trains ran very slowly between the villages. And there were not many trains. So people in the north-west of the country decided to do something to travel faster. They have made their own transport. They took pieces of bamboo, train wheels and made a machine. The local people call it “Norris”, but visitors from other countries call them “bamboo trains”. To travel by this machine looks dangerous but the drivers say it is not a dangerous transport. “I use the bamboo trains to go to Battambang from my house so I can buy medicine”, said Sao Nao, “on a bamboo train I can sit down and go to sleep. I like it.”

Bamboo trains have become a part of the Cambodian transport system. They take people and their luggage from one village to another. They are also used by rich tourists who pay $2 for a ride. Cambodia is a very poor country and this is a lot of money for its people. A ride on the bamboo trains, perhaps with a chicken, some dogs, and people, is a great way to see the country.

Number of correct answers: _________

Mark: _______ Teacher:_________________

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