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Six-Year Plan of Teaching  


was one year after our American brothers and sisters have launched their Seven-Year Plan of Teaching that the N. S. 

A. of India and Burma on a recommendation by the 10th Annual Convention, adopted a Six-Year Plan of Teaching. It 

at first aimed at making each local Assembly responsible to establish another Assembly in a nearby town; but later our 

beloved Guardian suggested that the chief aim of the Plan should be to find volunteer teachers for settlement in places 

where the Divine Faith has not yet been established. These teachers will make these places either their permanent 

places of business or they will stay so long as to form a local Spiritual Assembly or at least a group of confirmed 

believers who will evolve themselves into an Assembly in due course. In the 11th Convention therefore the two chief 

aims of the Plan were clearly defined and a Committee was formed to concentrate their whole energy towards the 

successful prosecution of the Plan. It is a matter for joy and gratification that the Plan is progressing and is drawing 

confirmations and assistance from the Supreme Concourse. Some of the friends have offered themselves for settlement 

in places which the Committee has selected for settlement this year. The Committee is now recommending to the N. S. 

A. to provide funds for the prosecution of the Plan. When the funds are obtained the rest will be easy. The way in 

which Bahá’u’llah helps us in the achievement of our aims is really miraculous. He has shown this to us several times 

and the conviction is now deeply rooted in us that we will succeed in our aims and intentions provided we make but a 

move towards accomplishing them. We are fully convinced that by the end of 


A.D. we shall have 


attained the objectives for which we have started the campaign.  


In addition to the 

Baha”I Magazine 

which is published from Bombay in Urdu and Persian every month we published the 

translations of some books in the vernaculars of the country. Mandalay Assembly rendered the Obligatory Prayer with some other 

prayers into Burmese. Hindi and Sindhi versions of 

Bahd’u’lldh and the New Era 

were published and extensively presented to the 

libraries of the province to which the language belonged. ‘The Urdu version of 

Some Answered Questions 

was published and was 

presented to most of the libraries keeping Urdu books. The pamphlet 

The Dawn of the New Day 

was published in English, Urdu, 

Hindi and Tamil and was freely distributed during the teaching tours of Miss Martha Root, Mrs. Shirin Fozdar and other teachers. The 


World Religion 

was republished in English and was freely distributed. Miss Martha Root published in pamphlet form 

What the Ba/dci’I Faith Can Do for Poverty.  

Annual Bahd’I Convention  

The 10th Annual Convention of the Bahá’is of India and Burma was held in Karachi during the Ridván of 1938, when public lectures 

were arranged and the Message was given to the Theosophists, the Jams and the Indian Parsees. The 11th AllIndia and Burma Bahá’I 

Convention was held in Calcutta during the Ridván of 1939 and great publicity was done on the platform and from the press.  

(Sgd.) ABBA5 Au Burr  

Editor, Indian Section 


New Delhi, October, 1939. 








193 8-1940  


CAUSE in Australia and New Zealand during the two fateful years in the history of mankind, 1938 and 1939, 

has made really heartening progress. New names have been added to the membership rolls in each center, the 

development of Bahã’i institutions has proceeded steadily and naturally, a Bahá’i Summer School has been established 

and two successful sessions held, teaching activity has been extended and become more zealous and the growing 

strength and vitality of the Bahá’i community is becoming increasingly apparent.  

As the world situation deteriorates and the masses of the people are torn by doubt, conflicting ideologies, fear, and 

uncertainty, the believers in their calmness and unshakable faith in the world-redeeming power of the Cause, are 

attracting more and more attention. Hearts grim with foreboding are drawn and eyes dulled with apprehension are 

turning to the light of faith, hope, and certainty which shines so brightly in the Bahá’i community.  

The second convention which was held in Sydney, New South Wales, in April, 1937, marked the beginning of a new 

stage of development in the history of the Cause in Australia and New Zealand; so illuminating and instructive were the 

addresses given by the delegates and so powerful was the spirit of dedication animating those present, from that time a 

deeper realisation of the responsibility and mission of the Australian and New Zealand Bahá’i community as a 

component part of the world wide Bahá’i community destined in the fullness of time to cxpand into a glorious new 

civilization, the Bahâ’i Commonwealth of nations, intensified the zeal and determination of the believers and lent an 

impetus to their efforts which has produced gratifying results.  

The teaching field is steadily widening; in all the centres advertised lectures are given regularly; large fireside meetings 

are held by the believers in their homes; opportunities to give the Bahá’i Message on other 


platforms are courted and a wider circulation for our literature is being obtained.  

In all the centres, increased efforts are being made to gain the attention of the press and in this we were greatly helped 

by Miss Martha Root on the occasion of her teaching tour of Australia and New Zealand during the first half of 1939. 

Miss Root obtained more press publicity for the Cause than we had had previously; indeed, she gave a much needed 

stimulus to our efforts in this direction and we learned much from her methods.  

The receipt of the news that Miss Root was coming was the signal for intensive planning and preparation for a vigorous 

teaching campaign in all the centres. Everything possible was done in the way of advance publicity and arrangements 

were made for her to make broadcasts and to speak on the platforms of numerous societies and in schools and churches.  

The famous Bahá’i teacher arrived in Perth, Western Australia, on January 10th, and was given a warm welcome by the 

believers there. The Perth Spiritual Assembly had arranged a fine programme and from the first the work went with a 

swing; many new contacts were made and a great deal of interest was aroused; the Perth believers themselves being 

greatly stimulated and uplifted by this soul refreshing season of activity and by Miss Root’s inspiring influence.  

From Perth, Miss Root went to Adelaide, Hobart, Melbourne and Sydney. In Adelaide, in addition to the radio 

broadcasts and thc lectures arranged for and widely advertised by the Spiritual Assembly, Miss Root spoke to the 

Spiritual Mission Church, the Women’s Christian Temperance Union, the Radiant Health Club, the Theosophical 

Society, at many informal gatherings and at a reception held at the Hotel Grosvenor.  

Mr. and Mrs. Hawthorne and Miss Hilda Brooks of Adelaide, accompanied Miss Root to Tasmania and Melbourne and 

the little group of four travelling to promote the 






Bahá’i Faith, awakened considerable interest and gained publicity and press notices for the Cause. Miss Gretta Lamprill, sole be-. 

liever in Tasmania at that time, and Miss Eloise Jensen, who became enrolled during the visit, were overjoyed to see them, as never 

before had there been such a number of Bahá’is together in Tasmania. Miss Jensen was enrolled at a little meeting of the Bahá’is held 

at the Hotel where the party was accommodated. The occasion was celebrated with prayers and joyous thanksgiving; this, it was felt, 

would be the turning point of the Cause in Tasmania and the first of many enrolments. That hopes were justified was proved by the 

enrolment some weeks later of Miss Kitty Crowder. Now these three capable workers have commenced teaching activities which are 

gradually gathering momentum.  

Miss Lamprill had arranged for Miss Root to give several broadcasts and to speak at three High Schools, the Spiritualistic Church, the 

Workers’ Education Association, the Lyceum Club, the Theosophical Society, the Esperantist Association, the Rotary Club, the 

Bellerive, Sandford Country Women’s Association, and two public meetings in Hobart and one in Launceston. Great interest was 

evinced by all who heard the addresses and the little group of believers was delighted 


with the result of the teaching campaign in Tasmania.  

In Melbourne, through the efforts of the indefatigable Secretary, Mrs. Wheeler, doors were magically opened and warm 

invitations for Miss Root to address meetings were received. In addition to broadcasts and informal talks, Miss Root 

lectured to the Women’s International League for Peace and Freedom, the Australian Church, the Writer’s Cultural 

Club, Trinuity Grammar School, Chinese Women’s Society, Esperanto Club, Women’s League of Health, Journalists’ 

Luncheon, Kilvington Girls’ School and the Unitarian Church.  

The Sydney friends had been eagerly preparing for Miss Root’s visit and had arranged for broadcasts, receptions, 

interviews and public meetings. In addition, Miss Root delivered addresses at the Millions Club, the United 

Association, the English Speaking Union, the Board of Social Study and Training, the Women’s League of Health, the 

Quota Club, Australian League of Nations, Esperanto Society, the Rotary Club, Journalists’ tea, the Newport W.E.A. 

Summer, School, the Feminist Club, the Y.M.C.A., the Women’s League of Health, and the Fellowship of Australian 


Everywhere this dear and selfless servant of the Cause won all hearts by her gracious- 


Study Class, Baghdad, for training of children. 










ness, her loving kindness and her eagerness to serve humanity. Everywhere she diffused the fragrance of her beautiful 

radiant spirit and will ever be remembered by the believers of Australia and New Zealand with loving grateful 



In Adelaide, South Australia, a Bahá’i youth group has been formed and steady development maintained, the members 

are enthusiastic and bring their friends to the meetings to hear the Bahá’i Message. Australian youth are excellent 

material for Bahi’i teachers to work upon for on the whole they are singularly unprejudiced in their outlook and the 

Bahã’i teachings make instant appeal to them.  

The youth meetings are made interesting and attractive; lectures are given by the convener; papers they have prepared 

are read by the young people; all present are encouraged to take part in the discussions on Bahá’i subjects and a lesson 

in Esperanto is conducted by Miss Dorothy Dugdale. The youth readily appreciate the value of an international 

language as a medium by which understanding and liking among the different races may be promoted and are pleased 

to have this opportunity of learning Esperanto.  

Members of the youth group have been very active in spreading the Message among fellow students in schools, the 

university and young members of religious societies and we feel that in these young people we have a potent teaching 


The Cause is gradually spreading into the country districts, the number of isolated believers is increasing, the largest 

country group being that of the family of Mr. David Brooks, “Rockwood,” Booleroo Centre, South Australia.  

Summer School  

The Summer School held at “Bolton Place,” Yerrinbool, New South Wales, the summer residence of Mr. and Mrs. 

Stanley Bolton of Sydney and lent and dedicated by them for the school sessions, is becoming a source of pride and joy 

and high hopes are entertained for its future development and usefulness. 


Arrangements are under the direction of  

a committee and two successful sessions have  

already been held, the first in January, 1938,  

the second in January, 1939.  

The proceedings commence with a public lecture given in the Yerrinbool district hall. During the week, morning and afternoon classes 

for the study of the Teachings are held at the school; enquirers sometimes attend these. Picnics and social evenings have been the 

means of providing relaxation and entertainment for the attendants at thc school and of contacting people of the neighbourhood. Plans 

are now being made for the third session to be held in January, 1940.  

National Spiritual Assembly  

In view of the fact that owing to the great distances which separate them, the members are able to meet only once each year, the 

National Spiritual Assembly functions with surprising efficiency and effectiveness. This body, by its devotion to duty and its 

adherence to the principles of the administration, has attaine,d administrative capacity and efficiency which have won for it the 

spontaneous love and confidence of the believers. It has been greatly heartened by the Guardian’s assurance that the foundation laid is 

“broad, solid and unassailable.”  

Except for the meetings lasting a week, sometimes longer, held annually, consultations have to be conducted by correspondence; this 

is a disability, but one which is not allowed to prevent the proper functioning of the N. S. A.  

Teaching Committee  

In 1939, a National Teaching Committee was appointed; the aim of this committee is to help the smaller groups which are hampered 

by scarcity of numbers and teachers, by providing literature for circulation and by sending them public speakers from time to time to 

give impetus to their teaching efforts. A magnificent gift of thirty-five copies of the BAHA’I 


Vol. VII, presented to the N. S. 

A. by Mr. Siegfried Schopflocher of Montreal, Canada, will greatly assist this Committee.  

erHnald of the South” 


The enterprising and progressive editorial 






staff, having raised the standard of our publication 

Herald of the South, 

this magazine is gaining popularity with both believers and 


Bahd’I Quarterly  

The N. S. A. keeps the believers informed of affairs and happenings through the medium of a news letter published every three 

months and called 

BahcI’I Quarterly. 

The national news letters from other countries are a source of guidance and inspiration and 

are greatly appreciated.  

National Fund  

The flow of contributions to the National Fund has been steady—all the Assemblies and groups contributing spontaneously and in 

proportion to their resources.  


Owing to the great distances which separate the centres


has only been possible to have a Convention every three years; the first was 

held in 1934, the second in 1937 and the third, we trust, will be in 1940. The election of the N. S. A., in the intervening years, has been 

conducted by correspondence.  

The symbol of the “Greatest Name” and the word “Bahá’i,” have been registered as a Trade Mark. This, according to the law, will 

remain in force for a period of fourteen years.  

No record of this period is complete without mention of the love of the believers for Shoghi Effendi, the Guardian of the Bahá’i 

Cause, and their gratitude for his ever present guiding hand to which they cling with 


all their might. He has directed our efforts, led us forward, encouraged our N. S. A., protected us from error and inspired us all with an 

entrancing vision of the New Day. Our love for him, although few of us have seen him, is so great that his name is constantly on our 

lips, our prayers that we may assist him in his work are fervent, and our trust in him complete. For the Precious Relic, the lock of 

Bahá’u’lláh’s hair which he sent us in 1938, we are deeply grateful. To the believers of Australia and New Zealand living in this 

period nearly a half a century after Bahá’u’lláh’s ascension and so far from the scenes amid which his life was spent, this precious gift 

has brought a sense of nearness and contact with his personality. Gazing upon it, the immortal words of Professor Edward G. Browne, 

describing his impression of Bahá’u’llah, whom he was privileged to see once, came to mind, “The face of him on whom I gazed I can 

never forget, though I cannot describe 


Those piercing eyes seemed to read one’s very soul; power and authority sat on that ample 

brow; while the deep lines on the forehead and face implied an age which the jet black hair and beard flowing down in 

indistinguishable luxuriance almost to the waist seemed to belie. No need to ask in whose presence I stood, as I bowed myself before 

one who is the object of a devotion and love which kings might envy and emperors sigh for in vain.”  



















Nom de Dieu, le Seul Unique, Ic Scul Unique. Louanges 

Dieu, car ii n’y a pas d’autrc Dieu que Lui, le Scul Unique, 

le Seul Unique. Toute splendeur vient de Dicu, sur le mhz yo-uzher-Oullah et sur ses apôtrcs jusque dans l’eternite des 


Et ensuite:  

Nous avons examine Ia lettre qui nous a été écrite: si l’on desire une explication detaillee des preuves etablissant la 

vérité de cette Manifestation, celle-ci serait trop longue et les tablettes du monde de l’existence et des possibilités n’y 

pourraient suffire Mais, l’essence de ce discours et la perle de ce but sont qu’il n’y a jamais eu et qu’il n’y a pas de 

doute que Dieu Eternel a touj ours été stable dans la Hauteur de sa Divinité, dans la sublimite de ses Purs Attributs, et 

qu’il restera toujours dans Ia Splendeur et l’immutabilité de Son Infinie Grandeur. Rien ne l’a connu comme Ii doit être 

connu et les louanges que l’on en a faites sont restées audessous de Lui.  

Ii est Pur de tous noms, Libre de tous gemblables. Tout Lui est connu et Sa Grandeur reside en ccci qu’Il reste inconnu 

tout. Sa Creation n’a 

amais eu de commencement et n’aura jamais de fin car il y aurait eu alors ou il y aurait un 

arrét necessaire 

Ses bienfaits. Toutes les fois qu’il s’est trouve utile dans ce monde de Possibilites, Ii a envoye des 

Prophétes et fait descendre du Ciel des Livres de la Loi: Ii le fera encore quand le besoin s’en fera sentir. 


Si tu voyages dans l’Ocean des Noms, sache que tout est connu de Dieu. Lui est trop eleve pour être connu de Sa creation ou pour être 

decrit par Ses creatures. Tout cc que tu vois a 

ete cree 

par Sa volonte. Et quelle preuve te faut-il donc de son Unite? Son existence 

en est la preuve la plus complete, et l’existence méme des choses extérieures est la preuve la plus formelle qu’elles ont 


creees par 

Lui. C’est là la preuve philosophique pour celui qui voyage stir la mer  

de Ia 


Si tu vogues sur l’Ocean de Ia Creation, sache que Ic premier 


qui emane de la Primitive Volonte, est semblable au soleil que 

Dieu trés Haut a 


suivant sa Puissance, des Ic commencement pour lequel ii n’y a pas de commencement, et, dans chaque 

manifestation, c’est cc 


qu’il a montre suivant sa propre decision. Sache donc que cc Zikr eat comparable au Soleil que Dieu trés 

Haut a 


suivant son pouvoir des lc commencement pour lequel il n’y a pas de commencement: dans chaque Manifestation, c’cst 

cc Premier Zikr qu’il a montre suivant sa propre decision. Sache donc, qu’en cc sens, il est commc Ic Soleil. En effet, cet astrc, s’il se 

leve jusqu’à la fin qui n’aura jamais de fin, ne sera ainsi qu’il l’a 


dans le passe, qu’un scul et méme soleil. Or, c’cst egalement 

Lui qui a 


manifeste dans tous les prophetes  

Translated from the original Persian by A. L. M. Nicolas. Published in Paris—1902. J. Maisonneuve, Edireur. 







et c’est Lui qui pane dans tous leurs livres.  

Ii n’a pas eu de commencement parce que le commencement remonte 

Lui qui est Ic Commencement, et ii n’y aura 

pas de fin pour Lui parce que la fin se résout en Lui qui est Ia Fin. C’est Lui qui, dans cette nouvelle revolution du 

monde vieux de 13000 ans, est connu sous le nom de Nouqtè-i-Be’ydn. A la premiere evolution ii était connu sous Ic 

nom d’Adam, puis sous celui de Noë 

l’epoque de ce prophete; ii fiat Abraham en son temps, 


puis Jesus, puis Muhammad Recoul Allah. Enfin il est Celui que Dieu doit manifester après celui que Dieu doit 


son époque. Voilà l’explication du secret contenu dans Ia parole du Prophéte de Dieu: ((Les Prophetes, 

c’est moix. Oui, dans tous ne brillait et ne brille qu’un seul et meme soleil. C’est encore là l’explication du Hadis relatif 

l’Imâm Mèhdi et dans lequel Imâm Dja’afèr ous-Sadeq a dit: O Creature, si In veux voir Adam et 



moi) moi 

je ntis 


Detail of the monument marking the resting place of Bahiyyih Khánum on Mt. Carmel, Haifa. 






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