The Borough of East McKeesport Allegheny County, Pennsylvania june 2019 vol. 12 Issue 2 newsletter east mckeesport’S 125th anniversary

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The Borough of East McKeesport

Allegheny County, Pennsylvania

JUNE 2019



Next year East McKeesport will be celebrating 125 years! We 

would like to have a really big celebration. We were thinking 

“open streets day” but bigger. In order for us to do that we will 

need help! This is going to be too big for just a few people to 

handle. Because of us needing help we are asking anyone 

who can help, no matter how small or big, to please join us in 

August for a “Getting started” meeting. If you can make it we 

will be meeting on Tuesday, August 13th @ 6pm at the Borough 

Building. If you can’t make the meeting and still want to 

volunteer, call the Borough Office at 412-824-2531 and leave 

your name and phone number and someone will be in touch 

with you.


Hope everyone has been enjoying the Garden Club so 

far this year. If you haven’t had time to check it out it’s 

not  too  late.  There  are  still  meeting  days  left.  June  12th-

Decorating for Flag Day & patriotic tie die shirt project 

June  19th-  Worm  composting  with  the  Pennsylvania 

Resources council and dirt Dessert July 17th- Make someone 

smile  project  with  Lea’s  Floral  Shop  July  24th-  Summer 

Cookout and Splash about at the Spray Park August 14th- 

Design your own pencil box August 21st- End of season Party

To register or if you want more info call Linda at 412-508-



Just a reminder that our Summer Splash Party is coming up 

on Saturday, July 13th from 12-3. Like last year, there will 

be FREE food, games and prizes for the little ones to win. 

Hopefully it will be as nice as the weather was last year 

and the kids can head on over to the spray park to cool off. 

Also, this year we will have Senator Brewster coming at 1:00 

for a visit to see how we do things over in our neck of the 

woods. So come on out with the kiddos and have a fun time 

winning prizes and cooling off from that hot July weather.

To  register  please  contact  Connie  at  the  Borough  office  at 



Just a reminder that when you are out walking your dog 

they are required to be on a leash and under your control 

at all times. They must also have all of their current shots 

and license as people will be coming around from Allegheny 

County doing checks to make sure you and your pets are in 

compliance. Failure to have your pets properly licensed in 

Allegheny County can result in a fine of $300.00.  Also, while 

you are out taking your pet for a walk around town, make sure 

you carry bags to clean up after them. Failure to clean up after 

your pet is a violation of Borough. Ordinance 892 and can 

result in a fine of up to $500.00, plus it is the right thing to do. 

Remember that your dog is also not allowed in the Borough 

parks located at Josephine Street and Chicora Street or on 

East Field. The Public Works Department work hard to keep 

these areas nice for the children and keeping your pet out 

helps them.


Do you have an old TV that you need to get rid of and don’t know 

what to do since it cannot be put out with your regular trash 

pickup? Call County Hauling at 724-929-7694 and tell them 

you are a resident of East McKeesport. They will take your 

information and call you back when they do a pickup in our 



You can place ONE “large item” per week at the curb along 

with your regular trash for collection by County Hauling. 

This includes furniture, kitchen appliances, toys, clothing 

and personal items too large to be containerized. All items 

containing Freon must have the Freon removed first. If you 

have more than one large item, please call County Hauling 

at 724-929-7694 Ext. 2 to discuss. Depending on the quantity 

and size of the items, there may be an additional charge 

that YOU must pay. Carpet and shrubs must be cut into 

small bundles and tied together. Last but not least remember 

Borough ordinance requires all trash to be in containers 

with lids.


There is a new game coming to the East McKeesport Chicora 

Street Park. It is called Pickleball. Don’t know what Pickleball 

is? Well I didn’t either until I looked it up. 

Pickleball  is  a  paddle  sport  (similar  to  a  racquet  sport)  that 

combines elements of badminton, tennis, and table tennis. 

Two or four players use solid paddles made of wood or 

composite materials to hit a perforated polymer ball, similar 

to a whiffle ball, over a net. It is a paddle sport created for 

all ages and skill levels. The rules are simple and the game 

is easy for beginners to learn, but can develop into a quick 

fast-paced,  competitive  game  for  experienced  players.

How about a little history about the game????? In 1965, after 

playing golf one Saturday during the summer, Joel Pritchard, 

congressman from Washington State and Bill Bell, successful 

businessman,  returned  to  Pritchard’s  home  on  Bainbridge 

Island,  WA  to  find  their  families  sitting  around  with  nothing 

to do. The property had old badminton courts so Bell 

and  Pritchard  looked  around  for  some  equipment  to  play 

badminton.  They  couldn’t  find  a  full  set  of  rackets.  They 

decided  to  improvise  and  started  playing  with  ping-pong 

rackets and a plastic ball. At first, they played with the net the 

height of 60 inches and volleyed the ball over the net. As the 

weekend progressed, they found the ball bounced better on 

the asphalt surface and soon the net was lowered to 36 inches.


Right after this, the men decided to create some rules, relying 

heavily on badminton. They kept in mind the original purpose, 

which was to provide a game that the whole family could play 


1967- The first permanent Pickleball court was constructed 

          in the backyard of Joel Pritchard’s friend and neighbor,      

          Bob O’Brian

1972- A Corporation was formed to protect the creation of 

          this new sport

1975- The National Observer published an article about 

          Pickleball called “America’s newest racquet sport”

1976- The first known Pickleball tournament in the world 

          was held at South Center Athletic Club in Tukwila, 


1984- USAPA “was organized to perpetuate the growth and 

          advancement of pickle ball on a national level. The 

          1st rulebook was published this year.

1990- Pickleball was being played in all 50 states.

1997- Joel Pritchard passed away at age 72.

2001- Pickleball was introduced for the first time in the 

          Arizona Senior Olympics through the efforts of Earl Hill.

2003- Pickleball was included for the first time in the 

          Huntsman World Senior Games 

Where can you buy equipment to play PickleBall? When I 

was researching Pickleball I thought I would save you some 

time by finding out where you can buy the equipment to play. 

When I did research I found that you can find the equipment 

at:   Dick’s Sporting Goods


       GAMMA Sports 

       and of course online at

Happy shopping!


Did you know that your individual records are held private for 

72 years?

Here are just some of the ways the census can be used.

- Decision-making at all levels of government including 

  budget planning

- The distribution of over $100 billion in federal funds & more 

   in state funds

- Planning for public transportation

- Planning for hospitals, nursing homes, clinics, and the 

  location of other health services

- Designing public safety strategies

- Estimating the number of people displaced by natural 


- Developing assistance programs for low-income families

- Creating maps to speed up emergency services

- Developing adult education programs

- Determining areas eligible for housing assistance and 

  rehabilitation loans

The number of seats each State holds in the House of 

Representatives depends entirely on the Census results. 

It is important for all our residents to respond to Census



Our neighbors in North Versailles are celebrating their 150th 

Anniversary this August 1st, 2nd, and 3rd. For more information 

go to or call 412-823-6602.



The Turtle Creek Valley Council of Governments received an 

award from Gov. Tom Wolfs office for work to reduce blight in 

the area.

The Council of governments, which includes 20 communities 

east  of  Pittsburgh  including  Monroeville  and  Penn  Hills, 

received  the  nod  on April  24th  from  Wolfs  Office  for  Local 

Government Excellence for its work on intergovernmental 

cooperation. Other communities include Braddock, Chalfant, 

Churchill, Forest Hills, North Braddock, North Versailles, EAST 

McKEESPORT,  Turtle  Creek,  Wall,  Wilmerding  and  more.

“Blight is more than just an eyesore. It’s a massive problem 

in  this  area  of  Pennsylvania.  Our  strategic  code 

enforcement department was started in order to provide 

municipalities  a  strategic  first  line  of  defense  to  fight 

and prevent blight in their communities.” said Amanda 

Settelmaier, executive director of Turtle Creek Valley 

Council  of  Governments  (TCVCOG),  in  a  statement.

The organization conducted a study with the Steel Valley 

Council  of  Governments  in  2012  that,  in  part,  found  the 

cost of blighted residential houses in those communities 

cost around $254 million each year due to demolition, code 

enforcement violations and court fees, among other expenses.

The study also found that properties that are near or adjacent 

to blight experience a decrease in value from 17% to 25%, 

depending on the area. “Another important things (the study) 

found was that on one degree or another every one of our 

communities were impacted by blight” said Settelmaier of 

the  40  communities  represented  between  both  councils.

Settelmaier said blight happens for a number of reasons, 

such as homeowners who die and do not have successors 

to handle the estate. “Or the children have moved away 

and don’t want anything to do with the property” she said.

In East McKeesport, Manager Connie Rosenbayger said the 

code enforcement pilot program has worked. The borough 

executes about three demolitions per year, but the partnership 

has led to fewer because they are able to keep track of vacant 

homes  more  efficiently.  As  a  result,  property  values 

are increasing, she said. The Borough currently is tracking 

about 20 vacant homes. Of those, Rosenbayger said, only 

a few are considered as blight. Rosenbayger is excited 

to soon be able to use a cloud-based technology developed 

by TCVCOG to keep better track of blight—a problem 

that is common in smaller communities.


On May 22nd, 2019, there was a celebration of “FireVEST 

10th  Anniversary  Day”  in  Allegheny  County.    In  spring  of 

2009, CCAC, Allegheny County, and its Fire Academy began 

working together to offer the Fire Volunteer Education, 

Service & Training Scholarship Program (FireVEST), which 

offers 200 scholarships a year for new recruits and existing 

volunteers in exchange for commitments of service to a 

volunteer fire department in the county. They also recognized 

four departments, which have participated in the program 

every  year  since  its  inception.  While  74  percent  of 

departments countywide have been involved, these four 

support the program on an ongoing basis and have reaped 

the  benefits:  Dormont  Fire  Department,  United  Volunteer 

Fire/Rescue in East McKeesport, Gallatin Sunnyside 

Volunteer Fire Department in Forward, and Mt. Lebanon Fire 

Department. Thank you to all the departments for keeping our 

residents safe.


The week of June 24th through June 29th, Farmers Insurance 

will hold its annual pet adoption at its agency located 

at  1164  Broadway.  Throughout  the  week  they  will  have 

kittens and cats in their offices. Friends and Family Night is 

on Wednesday, June 26th from 5-7pm. On Saturday, June 

29th from 11am - 3pm the parking lot will be shut down to cars 

and there will be some activities for the kids and food and 

drinks. All week they will have a silent auction and a Chinese 

auction, so make sure you stop by and make a bid or buy a 

ticket. Most importantly, adopt one of the adorable little pets.



Join North Versailles Public Library for a Summer Reading 

Blast-Off  on  Tuesday,  June  18,  2019  at  6:00PM!  Signup 

for Summer Reading events and checkout books to begin 

“A Universe of Stories” adventure. Upcoming programs for 

youth include: “Living in Space” presented by Mad Science of 

Pittsburgh, where kids set out on a mission to investigate life 

in space, participate in the construction of a model space 

station,  and  more!;  space-themed  family  movie  nights; 

an  out-of-this  world  ice  cream  social;  yoga-reach  for  the 

stars!; S.T.A.R (Space Travelers are Readers) Magic Show 

presented by Steve Haberman; and many more fun activities. 

Upcoming programs for adults include: Novels at Night Book 

Club; Movie Matinees; Writers Group; Coloring Club; and more! 

Please  check  our  website  at 

or find us on Facebook for a complete schedule and details!


This  year’s  party  was  definitely  EGG-cellent. The  kids  had 

a chance to hang out with the Easter Bunny (even though 

some were a little leery) and take some awesome pics with 

him. They made cute little Easter Bunny hats and took a 

fun basket home with them after eating a nice breakfast of 

French toast sticks, sausage and milk. Hope all the kids had 

a great time and we are happy we got to spend it with them.

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