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yetar: (aorist of yet-); That's enough.  yetarli

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yetar: (aorist of yet-); That's enough. 
yetarli: sufficient, enough. 
yetil-: v.i.  to ripen, to be done; to reach 
fruition, maturity, etc. [yetiltir-] 
yetilganlik: maturity, ripeness. 
yetim: (Persian) orphan; a child who 
has lost his father or mother. ~ haqi 
inheritance. tirik ~ virtual orphan, 
abandoned child. chin ~ (complete) 
orphan. ~ qovurg'a floating ribs. yerga 
tushgan ~niki finders- keepers, losers- 
weepers. ~ tobulg'i (bot.) spiraea. 
yetim-yesir: orphans and widows; the 
yetimcha: orphan child, abandoned 
yetimlik: (abstr. of yetim); 
yetimona: (Persian) orphan-like, 
abandoned, destitute. 
yetimparvar: (Persian) orphan-loving, 
(s.o., s.t.) that cares for orphans. 
yetimvachcha: arch.    (Persian) orphan 
yetimxona: (Persian) orphanage. 
yetish-: v.i.  (coop. of yet-); to attain; to 
be sufficient. 
yetishmaslik: shortage, deficiency. 
yetishmovchilik: shortage; 
shortcoming, defect.yetishsizlik 
yetishtir-: (caus. of yetish-); to 
provide; to train, to prepare, to raise. 
yetkaz-: v.t.  caus. of yet-; to deliver, to 
bring, to convey. 
yetmak 1: (arch.) s. yet-.yetmak 2 
bot.carlina thistle. 
yetmish: seventy. 
yetmishinchi: seventieth. 
yetmishta: seventy (countable, 
non-unit nouns). 
yetmishtadan: in seventies, by 
yetov: lead (by a rope, etc.). ~ ot a 
horse that is being lead. 
yetti: seven. ~ bukil- to bend over 
backwards (in serving s.o.). ~ og'ayni 
the Big Dipper. kichik ~ og'ayni the 
Little Dipper. 
yettilik: septet, a group of seven; a 
seven of... (cards). 
yettinchi: seventh. 
yettita: s. yetti. 
yettov: (as a group of) seven (people). 
yettovlon: as a group of seven, all 
seven (of them). 
yetuk: full-grown, mature, perfect; 
seasoned, competent. 
yetuklik: ripeness, maturity. 
yevrey: (Russian) s. yahudiy. 
yevropacha: European (style, etc.). 
yevropalik: European. 
yevropiy: (Russian) europium. 
yeyarmon-icharmon: lover of food 
and drink. 
yeyarmon: food-lover, big eater, 
yeyil-: v.i.  (pass. of ye-); to wear away 
(by rubbing). 
yeyimli: tasty (for animals). 
yeyimlik: food(s), dish. 
yeyimsak: insatiable. 
yeyishli: tasty; edible.yezna (older brother of 
one's husband or the husband of one's 
older sister). 
yig'-: v.t.  to gather, to assemble; to 
collect, to amass; to put in order; to 
fold, to collapse (collapsible objects); 
to wind up, to put an end to. oyoqni ~- 
to tuck up one's feet. [yig'dir-, yig'il-, 
yig'in-, yig'ish-] 
yig'i-sig'i: crying and weeping.yig'i 
ono.crying, sobbing; cries, sobs; 
mourning. ~ chiqar- to utter cries of 
yig'ichi: female ritual mourner. 
yig'ilish: v.n. of yig'il-; gathering, 
yig'im-terim: harvest, gathering and 
yig'im: collection, levy. 
yig'in-: v.i.  refl. of ~ib o'tir- to sit up 
yig'in: gathering, meeting, 
get-together; crowd, throng. 
yig'inchoq: neat and tidy; orderly. 
yig'inchoqlik: tidiness. 
yig'indi: collection; sum. 
yig'iq: gathered; neat, orderly. ~ gap 
(gram.) simple sentence. 
yig'ish: v.n. of yig'-; assembly, 
yig'ishtir-: v.t.  to put in order; to tidy 
up; to pack up one's things, to clear 
out. lab-lunjini ~- to wipe the smile off 
of one's face. Es-hushini ~b ol- to 
gather one's wits. [yig'ishtir-, 
yig'la-: v.i.  to cry, to weep. aytib ~- to 
lament. qon ~- to wail or sob intensely. 
~b ko'rish- to suit to a tee. ~b-siqtab 
crying and sobbing. [yig'lat-, yig'lash-] 
yig'lamsira-: v.i.  to come to the point 
of tears, to nearly cry. 
yig'loq: cry-baby. 
yig'loqi: cry-baby; sad, tearful, 
tear-jerking; whining, wailing. 
yig'ma: collapsible, folding; 
prefabricated, ready-for-assembly. 
yig'na-: v.t.  to gather, to collect. 

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yig'noq: neat, square, tidy. (s. yig'iq). 
yig'uv: s. yig'ish. 
yig'uvchi: v.n. of yig'-; assembler, 
assembly-line worker. 
yig: spindle (s. duk). 
yigday: straight, like a spindle. 
yigir-: to spin (thread). charx ~- to spin 
thread on a spinning wheel. [yigiril-] 
yigirma: twenty; feast held on the 17th 
or 19th day after a funeral. 
yigirmalab: in twenties, twenty at a 
yigirmanchi: twentieth. 
yigirmata: twenty (count and non-unit 
yigirmatadan: in twenties. 
yigirmatalab: in twenties, twenty at a 
yigiruv: spinning. 
yigiruvchi: spinning (worker). 
yigit-yalang: young men and boys; 
young folks. 
yigit: young man, lad, guy; manly 
youth; man, soldier. ~ o'lgur! May you 
die young!yigitboshi arch.officer, 
yigitcha 1: youth, boy. 
yigitcha 2: like a young man; bravely. 
yigitchasiga: like a young man, like a 
yigitchilik: actions and behavior 
typical of young men; bold or naughty 
yigitlarcha: in a manly way, bravely, 
yigitlarchasiga: in the manly way, like 
a man. 
yigitlik: abstr. of ~ chog'imda when I 
was a young man. ~ g'ururi youthful 
pride.yigna coll.needle (s. igna).yik 
coll.s. yig, duk.yikchi coll.spinner (s. 
yil: year. ~ o'n ikki oy all year round. 
o'quv ~i school year. ~ ag'darish to 
state someone's age according to the 
12-year animal calendar. ~ oshi feast 
held on the anniversary of someone's 
death. ~ hisobi chronology. ~ bo'yi 
throughout the year. ~ing nima? Which 
year (of the muchal cycle) were you 
yilbay: yearly. 
yildan-yil(ga): from year to 
year.yildirim obs.lightning. ~ soqchisi 
lightning rod.yilg'a coll.rivulet, brook, 
stream (s. jilg'a). 
yilgi: year('s)... o'tgan ~ xatolar last 
year's mistakes. 
yiliga: per year. 
yillab: by year, one year at a time; for 
(X) years. o'n ~ for dozens of years. 
yillarcha: for years. 
yillik: yearly, annual, -year; 
anniversary. besh ~ maktab five year 
yilma-yil: from year to year, year by 
yilnoma: annual, yearbook. 
yilnomachi: compiler of a yearbook, 
yilqi: horses (as livestock); horse (in a 
yilqibon: horse herder. 
yilqiboqar: s. yilqibon. 
yilqichi 1: horseman, horse-breeder; 
(arch.) rich man who raises horses. ~ 
kolxoz horse-breeding kolkhoz.yilqichi 
2 zool.stone curlew, thickfoot. 
yilqichilik: horse breeding. 
yilt-yilt: ~ qil-/Et- to sparkle, to glitter, 
to wink (stars). 
yilt: ~ Et- to sparkle, to glint. 
yiltilla-: v.i.  to sparkle, to glint, to 
gleam. [yiltillat-] 
yiltira-: v.i.  to sparkle, to glint, to 
shine. [yiltirat-] 
yiltiroq: shiny, bright, gleaming. ~ qurt 
(zool.) glowworm. 
yipran- rare: to become torn, to fall 
yiq-: v.t.  s. yiqit-. [yiqil-, yiqish-] 
yiqil-: v.i.  pass. of yiq-; to fall (down), 
to collapse; to trip and fall; to fail. 
yiqiq: fallen, toppled; collapsed. 
yiqit-: v.t.  to knock down, to topple, to 
fell. [yiqitil-] 
yir-: v.t.  to pry apart; to pry out of. 
ko'zni yirib-yirtib w/o shutting one's 
eyes; opening one's eyes (suddenly). 
yirgamchik: revolting, disgusting, 
yirgan-: to loath, to be repelled by. 
yirik: large; great. ~ pul large bill. ishi 
~ His work is going well. ~ tangali 
karp (zool.) mirror carp. 
yirikla-: v.t.  to exchange for large bills 
yiriklash-: v.i.  to become larger or 
greater. ishi ~di His work is moving 
along nicely. [yiriklashtir-] 
yiring: pus. ~ boyla- to become 
infected; to fester. 
yiringla-: v.i.  to become infected. 
yiringli: infected. 
yiriq: crack, chink, fissure. 
yiroq-yaqin: far and near (s. 
yiroq-yovuq: near and far (s. 
yiroq: far, distant (s. ~da in the 
yiroqlash-: v.i.  to move away or apart; 
to move off into the distance. 
yiroqlik: distance (s. uzoqlik). 
yirt-: v.t.  to tear; to shred. ko'ksini ~- 
to tear at one's breast, to put through 
great pain. [yiril-, yirtish-] 
yirtiq-yamoq: torn and patched, 
ragged; torn clothing; mending torn 
yirtiq: torn, ragged. 
yirtish: v.n. of yirt-; a length of 
material given to those who attend a 
funeral (s. oqlik). 
yirtqich: predator; rapacious, savage. 
yirtqichlarcha: like a predator
ferocious, savage. 
yirtqichlik: predatoriness; savageness. 
yit-: v.i.  to disappear, to become lost, 
to go away. [yitir-] 
yo 1: O!, Hey! ~ pirim Oh, my Lord! 
yo 2: (Persian) or, either... or... 

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yo 3: (Arabic) the Arabic letter "y". ~ 
qil- to bend.yo 4 arch.s. yoy. 
yo'g'ir- v.t. dial.: to mix together; to 
stir. [yo'g'ril-] 
yo'g'on: stout, large; great; deep 
yo'g'onlash-: to grow stout, to thicken; 
to deepen (voice). 
yo'g'ril-: v.i.  pass of yo'g'ir-; to mix 
with, become one with. 
yo'l-yo'lakay: on the way, 
yo'l-yo'riq: way of doing things, rules, 
customs. ~ ko'rsat-/ber- to show the 
yo'l: road, path, way, route; tract; 
journey; time; means; method, manner; 
stripe, line. ~ida for (the sake of); 
along. ~ anjomlari traveling gear, 
luggage. ~ bos- to travel, to cover 
(distance); (fig.) to walk or go down 
(road, e.g. to happiness). ~ boshla- to 
lead the way. ~ bo'lsin? Where are you 
going?; May God help you (said to one 
whom one doubts will succeed). ~ga 
kir- to begin walking (baby). ~ 
kira/~ga sol- to bring around, to 
convince. ~ tut- to make or head (for); 
to hold to, to stick to, to follow, to go 
the way of. ~ga tush-/Samarqandga 
~ingiz tushganmi? Have you ever had 
occasion to visit Samarqand? ~dan 
chiqar-/~dan qaytar- to turn back; (fig.) 
to turn around. ~iga tush- to search for, 
to follow after. ~im tushdi It was on 
my way. ~ingdan qolma! Keep on your 
way! ~(ing) ochiq You are free to go. 
~(ini) qil- to find a way to do s.t. ~i 
ochildi to be fortunate, to have things 
go well. ~-~ striped, lined. ~ kira 
transportation fee. ~ ol- to head off 
(towards). ~ qo'y-/~ sol- to take or turn 
off (towards). ora ~da qol- to be stuck, 
to be nowhere. ~da qo'y- to do a 
superior, outstanding job of. 
yo'la-: v.i.  to come near, to approach; 
to arrive; (dial.) to support, to hold up. 
yo'la: bir ~ at one time, all at once. 
yo'lak: corridor, passage. 
yo'lakay: (while) on the way, while 
going along. 
yo'lat-: v.t.  caus. of u yoniga hech 
kimni ~maydi He doesn't let anyone 
near him.yo'lbars zool.tiger. 
yo'lbosar: s. yo'lto'sar. 
yo'lboshchi: leader. 
yo'lboshchilik: leadership, guidance. 
yo'lchi: traveler; road construction 
worker. ~ yulduz guiding star. 
yo'ldosh: companion; satellite; 
placenta. umr ~i lifetime companion, 
yo'liq-: v.i.  to come across, to meet. 
[yo'liqish-, yo'liqtir-] 
yo'lka: walk; sidewalk, pavement. 
yo'lla-: v.t.  to direct, to show the way; 
to send (off). [yo'llan-] 
yo'llanma: pass, authorization; 
schedule of duties (public 
transportation worker) (s. hayotga ~ a 
pass to the future (said of diplomas, 
yo'lli(k): striped, lined. 
yo'lma-yo'l: line by line; on the way, 
while going down the road. 
yo'lovchi: traveler, wayfarer, 
passer-by; passenger.yo'loyoq 
arch.going-away feast; sending-off. 
yo'lpashsha: a large gray fly believed 
to herald the coming of guests. 
yo'lsizlik: roadlessness; aimlessness. 
yo'lto'sar: highwayman, bandit. 
yo'lto'sarlik: highway robbery, 
yo'n-: v.t.  to carve, to shape. [yo'ndir-, 
yo'nal-: v.i.  to head, to go, to set off. 
[yo'naltir-, yo'naltiril-] 
yo'nalish: v.n. of yo'nal-; direction; 
trend, tendency. 
yo'ndir-: v.t.  caus. of yo'qni ~- to 
make s.t. from nothing, to come up 
with.yo'ng'ichqa bot.clover; lucerne. 
yo'ng'ichqazor: field of 
clover.yo'ng'iqapoya dial.s. 
yo'niq: carved, shaped. 
yo'nuvchi: v.n. of tosh ~ stonecutter 
yo'q: there is not; no; (following poss.) 
not to have. bu yerda suv ~ There isn't 
any water here. pulim ~ I don't have 
any money. ~ deganda if nothing else, 
at least. o'zida ~ shod/~ Emas not 
unheard of. ~ida in the absence of
when not around. ~imda when I am or 
was not here.yo'qcha dial.very little, a 
tad, a smidge. 
yo'qchilik: neediness, need, poverty. 
yo'qla-: v.t.  to go to see; to go with 
gifts for; to ask after/about, to inquire 
after; to remember (fondly or with 
respect). [yo'qlan-, yo'qlat-, yo'qlash-] 
yo'qlama: roll-call; (arch.) class grade 
book.yo'qlamachi coll.roll-caller. 
yo'qlan-: v.i.  pass of uning o'rni ~di 
He was missed (during his absence). 
yo'qlik: absence, lack of; need, 
poverty; nonexsitence. mablag' ~idan 
due to lack of funds. 
yo'qlov: v.n. of yo'qla-; visiting and 
present-taking during celebrations, etc. 
yo'qlovchi: v.n. of yo'qla-; caller, 
yo'qol-: v.i.  to disappear; to get lost. 
yo'qot-: v.t.  to lose; to get rid of. 
yo'qotish: loss, disappearance. 
yo'qsa: else, otherwise.yo'qsil 
arch.needy, indigent. 
yo'qsillik: indigence, poverty. 
yo'rg'a 1: amble; ambler; fallen, 
immoral. ~ chiqar- to begin to go down 
the wrong path, to begin to have loose 
behavior. ~ ot ambler. 
yo'rg'a 2: rockers attached to the head 
and foot of a cradle.yo'rg'a tuvaloq 
zool.bustard; Houbara bustard. 
yo'rg'ala-: v.i.  to pace, to amble; to 
go, to run; to dance. usta ko'rmagan 
shogird har maqomga ~r A man 
without training will keep trying his 
hand at everything. [yo'rg'alat-] 
yo'rgak: swaddling clothes. ~da tekkan 
kasal lifetime habit. 
yo'rgakbog': tie used for securing 
swaddling clothes. 
yo'rgakla-: v.t.  to swaddle. 
yo'riq: way, method, rule. 
yo'rma-: v.t.  to baste (s. ko'kla- 2). 
yo'rma: a type of design in 

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yo'rmado'z: embroiderer of yo'rma 
yo'rmado'zi: embroidered with yo'rma 
or other designs. 
yo'rt-: v.i.  to trot. [yo'rttir-] 
yo'rtmachoq: lively, active, energetic. 
~ bola toddler. 
yo'rtoq(i): trotter. 
yo'rtoqila-: v.i.  to break into a trot; to 
yo'sin 1: manner, way. shu ~(da) in 
that way, thus.yo'sin 2 bot.moss. 
yo'tal-: v.i.  to cough. [yo'taltir-] 
yo'tal: cough. 
yo'y- 1: v.t.  to interpret, to construe, to 
understand, to assign meaning to; to 
reinterpret, to take at a different 
meaning. [yo'ydir-, yo'yil-] 
yo'y- 2 v.t. rare: to destroy.yobi 
zool.nag, jade. 
yobon: (Persian) s. yovon. 
yod: (Persian) memory, remembrance. 
~ qil/~ yozuv dictation. ~imga tushdi I 
recalled; It occurred to me. ~imda I 
recall. ~imda ~ga ol- to memorize. ~ 
o'qi- to recite from memory. ~ga 
tush-/~dan chiq- to be forgotten. ~dan 
chiqar- to forget. ~i bilan in 
remembrance of. 
yodakasiga: s. yodaki. 
yodakay: s. yodaki. 
yodaki: from memory. 
yodgor: (Persian) monument, relic; 
momento, remembrance, souvenir. 
yodgorlik: remembrance; monument, 
yodla-: v.t.  to memorize; to recall. 
[yodlan-, yodlat-, yodlash-] 
yodnoma: (Persian) address, homage. 
yog'-: v.i.  to rain (snow, etc.), to pour 
down in abundance. [yog'dir-, yog'il-] 
yog': fat, lard, grease, oil. oq ~ mutton 
fat; (dial.) cottonseed oil. nonni ~ bilan 
ye- to live a life of luxury. ~ tushsa/~i 
chiqadimi What's the point? (of s.t. 
done over and over again to no effect). 
~i chiqdi to be shiny with filth and 
wear. o'z ~iga (ilonning ~ini yalagan 
sly, sneaky. ko'zining ~ini ye- to take 
advantage of s.o.'s friendliness. 
yog'aloq: yomg'ir ~ rain keeps on 
yog'chi: one who runs an oil press; 
yog'day: like fat, oil, etc. ~ yoqadi to 
please very much. 
yog'du: radiance, shine. 
yog'il-: v.i.  (pass. of yog'-); to rain 
down, to pour down; to reflect, to shed 
(light).yog'in-chochin coll.rainy 
yog'in-sochin: rainy weather, wet 
yog'in: precipitation. 
yog'ingarchilik: rainy or snowy 
weather, inclement weather. 
yog'la-: v.t.  to oil, to grease. ~- to 
grease the skids, to pay a bribe, to treat 
s.o. as a means of gaining a favor. 
qozonning qulog'ini ~- to make hot 
yog'lama: s. tilyog'lama. 
yog'li: fatty, greasy, oily; lucrative. 
yog'log'i: ladle. 
yog'och: tree; timber, log; wood. ~dan 
qilingan made of wood. ~ oyoq 
wooden leg. sim ~ (coll.) telephone 
yog'ochli: to'qqiz ~ a roof made of 
nine timbers. 
yog'ochlik: wood. 
yog'ochsoz: carpenter. 
yog'ochsozlik: carpentry. 
yog'simon: oily. 
yog'sira-: to need oil(ing). 
yog'upa: makeup, cosmetic cream. 
yohu: (Arabic) O God!, Oh my!yoinki 
arch.s. yoki. 
yoki: (Persian) or. 
yol 1: (Persian) mane. ko'kragida ~i bor 
a real man, a he-man.yol 2 
dial.excursion, outing, promenade, 
yol-par: s. bolupar. 
yolchi-: v.i.  (+kiyimga hech ~madim 
I've never had nice clothes. [yolchit-] 
yolchit-: v.t.  caus. of burchini ~ib 
bajar- to fulfill one's duty to the fullest. 
yoldor: (Persian) having a thick and 
long mane; hirsute, hairy. ~ bo'ri snow 
leopard (s. sirtlon). 
yolg'iz: alone, lone, single; only, just. ~ 
oyoq yo'l footpath. ~ qo'l(li) by 
oneself, w/o help. 

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