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yugurik: swift, fleet, quick; fluent. aqli  ~ smart. til ~i fluency in language.  yugurish

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yugurik: swift, fleet, quick; fluent. aqli 
~ smart. til ~i fluency in language. 
yugurish: running, rushing; run, 
yugurtir-: v.t.  caus. of aql ~- to think 
deeply, to work one's brain. 
yuguruk: s. yugurik. 
yuguruvchi: runner. 
yuho: mythical creature that devours 
any living being; glutton, hog. 
yuk: baggage, load, burden; fetus, 
unborn baby; disease resulting from 
angering revered spirits. ~i yerda 
qolmaydi not to have problems. ~ ort- 
to load. 
yukchi: carrier, porter, loader, 
stevedore; cargo-carrier, freighter. 
yukkash: porter; freighter, cargo 
carrier. ~ avtomobil' cargo truck. 
yukla-: v.t.  to load; to burden, to 
encumber. [yuklan-, yuklat-, yuklatil-] 
yuklama: (grammatical) particle. 
yukli: loaded; pregnant.yuksak 
lit.lofty, high; advanced. 
yuksaklik: loftiness; the heavens. 
yuksal-: v.i.  to rise, to ascend; to 
progress. [yuksaltir-] 
yukun- rare: v.i.  to plead with; to 
yul-: v.t.  to pluck, to pull out, to yank 
out; to scratch; to filch, to lift; to save, 
to put away. [yuldir-, yulin-, yulish-] 
yulduz: star. "Qizil ~" ordeni Order of 
the Red Star (a mid-level military 
honor. "Oltin ~" Golden Star (high 
civilian honor for heroes of the state). 
~i issiq warm, friendly, genial-looking. 
~ ko'rmay jon berdi to die out quickly, 
not to last long. ~ sanab yot- to lie 
awake all night. ~i(ga) to'g'ri keldi to 
be fitone another, to get along. 
yulduzcha: dim. of yulduz; asterisk. 
yulduzli: starry; having a star. 
yulduzshunos: astronomer. 
yulduzsimon: star-shaped. 
yulg'ich: grabber. 
yulg'ichlik: grabbing, 
self-seeking.yulg'un bot.tamarisk. 
yulg'unzor: tamarisk thicket. 
yulish-: v.i.  coop. of yul-; to scratch or 
tear at one another. 
yulqi-: v.t.  to pluck or tear out; to pull 
at, to yank, to snatch. [yulqin-] 
yulqila-: v.t.  to yank, to snatch, to tear 
yuluq: plucked. dumi ~ having a 
plucked or clipped tail. 
yum-: v.t.  to close, to shut (eye or 
mouth). ko'z ochib ~guncha in the 
blink of an eye. og'zingni ~ shut your 
mouth. ko'z ~- to close one's eyes. 
[yumdir-, yumil-] 
yum-yum: ~ yig'la- to sob. 
yum-yumaloq: quite round, round as a 
yumala-: v.i.  to roll, to cartwheel; to 
fall down or off; to loll; to pour down 
(tears); to set (sun). bir ~b in a 
twinkling, 'abracadbra!' ~b-~b kul- to 
laugh one's head off. ~b-~b o'sadi to 
get big one way or another (despite 
setbacks and obstacles). [yumalan-, 
yumalat-, yumalash-] 
yumalat-: v.t.  caus. of yumala-; to roll 
yumaloq-yassi: s. yumaloq-yostiq. 
yumaloq-yostiq: half-baked, 
incomplete, half done. ~ qil- to do 
incompletely, to do in a slapdash 
yumaloq: round, ball-shaped; circular; 
ball; piece; a type of grape. ~ xat 
anonymous letter. bir ~ pechen'e a 
piece of cookie. 
yumaloqla-: v.t.  to ball up. 
yumaloqlik: sphericalness. 
yumda-: s. yumdala-. 
yumdala-: v.t.  to attack, to dig one's 
nails into. [yumdalan-, yumdalash-] 
yuminqira-: v.t.  to close somewhat, to 
let droop (eyelids). 
yumma-yumma: s. yum-yum. 
yumma: ~ tala- to attack viciously. 
yumor: (Russian) humor, comedy. 
yumorist: (Russian) comedian. 
yumoristik: (Russian) comical, 
yumron: s. yumronqoziq.yumronqoziq 
yumsha-: v.i.  to soften; to calm down; 
to lessen; to change for the better. 
[yumshat-, yumshatil-] 
yumshal-: s. yumsha-. 
yumshar-: s. yumsha-. 
yumshat-: v.t.  caus. of yumsha-; to 
harrow, to loosen (soil). [yumshatil-] 
yumshoq: soft; tender, gentle, mild; 
lenient. ko'ngli ~ or ~ ko'ngil 
tender-hearted. ~ jazo light 
yumshoqlan-: s. yumsha-. 
yumshoqlik: softness, tenderness; 
mildness; leniency. 
yumuq: closed, shut.yumurtqa dial.egg 
(s. tuxum). 
yumush: work, task, duty. 
yumushchi: worker, laborer. 
yumushkor: worker. 
yumushli: occupied, engaged. 
yumushsiz: idle, not working, out of 
work.yundi coll.s. yuvundi. 

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yundixo'r: s. yuvundixo'r.yung 
coll.wool (s. jun). 
yunker: (Russian) Junker; cadet. 
yunon: Greek. 
yupan-: v.i.  to quiet down, to stop 
crying; to compose o.s., to find solace. 
[yupanish-, yupantir-] 
yupanch: comfort, consolation, solace. 
yupanchiq: comforter; comfort, solace. 
yupanchli: comforting, consoling. 
yupat-: v.t.  to quiet down, to stop from 
crying; to comfort, to console. 
yupatgulik: comforting, consoling. 
yupatqich: s. yupanch. 
yupiter: (Russian) floodlight. 
Yupiter: (Russian) Jupiter (s. 
yupqa: thin, light; fried dish made 
from pastry dough, meat and onions (s. 
~ tomoq thin-necked woman. 
yupqalan-: s. yupqalash-. 
yupqalash-: v.i.  to become thin, to 
thin out. [yupqalashtir-] 
yupqar- rare: s. yupqalash-. 
yupun: thin, light (clothing); in rags, 
tatters; wretched, destitute; ruined, in 
yupunlik: thinness; raggedness; 
yuq-: v.i.  to cling, to stick, to get onto; 
to be passed on, to infect; (usu. neg.) to 
stick to the ribs, to be digested well, to 
be good for you. suv ~mas insolent. 
[yuqtir-, yuqtiril-] 
yuq-yurun: s. yuq. 
yuq: residue, remanant(s). ~ (ham) 
bo'lmaydi piddling amount. 
yuqa: s. yupqa 1. 
yuqimli: s. yuqumli. 
yuqimsiz: s. yuqumsiz. 
yuqma: s. yuqumli. 
yuqori: high; upper; upper floor; 
above, upwards, higher; superior, 
greater; part of room opposite the door 
(constituting the place(s) of honor 
while sitting). o'zini ~ qo'y- to hold o.s. 
above others. ~ hosil high yield. ~ 
malaka high qualifications. ~ xona high 
rank. ~ had upper limit. ~ sifatli high 
quality. ~ tabaqa upper class. ~sida 
above. ~ga up, upwards, higher; 
upstairs. ~da up, above; upstairs. 
yuqorigi: upper(most). 
yuqorila-: v.i.  to ascend. [yuqorilash-] 
yuqorilan-: v.i.  s. yuqorila-. 
yuqorilash-: v.i.  coop. of yuqorila-; to 
ascend; to rise, to increase; to rise in 
yuqorilik: highness; height, elevation. 
yuqumchil: s. yuqumli. 
yuqumli: infectious. 
yuqumsiz: not infectious. 
yuqumsizlantir-: v.t.  to disinfect. 
yuquvchan: s. yuqumli. 
yur-: v.i.  to walk; to go, to move; to 
live, to be, to go about; to make a move 
(in a game); to work, to run 
(mechanism); to go out (w/ one's loved 
one); to go along with; (after V+ 
(ishlab ~- to be working; nima qilib 
~ibsiz? What are you doing?, What are 
you up to? birovning yo'liga ~- to 
follow s.o.'s example. ovi ~di to be 
successful. ~ib ket- to start working. 
[yurgiz-, yurgizil-yurdir-, yuril-, yurin-, 
yurit-, yuritil-, yurish-] 
yurak: heart; insides, stomach. ~ 
o'ynog'i irregular hearbeat. ~i o'ynaydi 
to have one's heart flutter. ~i taka-puka 
apprehensive. ~i tor selfish, greedy. ~i 
tosh cold-hearted. ~i qora or qora ~ 
wicked, evil, cold. ~i betlamadi/~i 
orqasiga tortib ketdi to be scared out of 
one's wits. ~i tutday to'kildi to grieve 
greatly. ~i chopmadi not to have 
enough courage. ~i qon bo'ldi to have 
one's heart fill with woe. ~ida kiri yo'q 
pure of heart. chin ~dan sincerely. ~ini 
changalla- to clutch one's heart. ~ 
og'irig'i hearburn; indecisive, 
wishy-washy, afraid. ~i yorildi/~i 
qinidan chiqayozdi to have one's heart 
leap into one's throat. ~i yo'q impatient; 
cowardly. ~ yutib to swallow one's 
fears. ~iga qil (ham) sig'maydi upset, 
worried. ~ini yor- to frighten out of 
one's wits.yurakburug' coll.dysentery. 
yurakdosh: soulmate. 
yurakli: brave, courageous. 
yuraksin- rare: v.i.  to pluck up 
yuraksiz: cowardly. 
yuraksizlik: cowardice. 
yurakzada: ~ bo'lib qolgan scared out 
of one's wits.yuramol dial.fleet, swift; 
fond of social events. 
yurg'usiz: outcast, pariah. 
yurgilik: ~i qolmadi to want to be 
yurgiz-: v.t.  caus. of yur-; to run, to 
carry out, to execute; to paint, to cover 
with (color or coating). ko'z ~- to run 
one's eyes over. o'z so'ziga ~- to have 
one's way. [yurgizil-] 
yuridik: (Russian) legal, 
juridicial.yurimsak coll.fond of social 
yurish-: v.i.  coop. of yur-; to go well, 
to be successful. o't ~di the flames 
reached a peak. kun ~ib ketdi the 
weather became nice and sunny. 
yurish-turish: behavior, conduct. 
yurish: v.n. of kun ~ tomon south. 
yurishli: swift; worthy of seeing or 
strolling in. 
yuriskonsul"t: (Russian) legal counsel. 
yurisprudentsiya (Russian): 
yurist: (Russian) lawyer. 
yuristlik: abstr. of yurist. 
yurit-: v.t.  s. yurgiz-. 
yuritil-: v.i.  pass. of yurit-; (after deb) 
to be called; to be carried out. 
yurt: homeland; (the) people. bilim ~i 
technical college. o'quv ~i learning 
yurtchilik: s. yurtgarchilik. 
yurtdosh: kinsman, fellow 
yurtfurush: traitor to one's homeland. 
yurtgarchilik: customs, traditions, 
relationships and way of life common 
to a people, the way things are done by 
a certain people. ~-da that's just the 
way things are done (here). 
yurtlik: abstr. of ~ qil- to serve as a 
homeland.yurum dial.course, progress, 
yurumsak: s. yurimsak. 

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yuruqsiz: s. yurg'usiz. 
yustitsiya: (Russian) justice; (s. adliya). 
yut- 1: v.t.  to swallow; to breathe in; to 
devour. ichiga ~ib to endure in silence, 
to stop o.s. from reacting. ~aman deydi 
to be as if ready to swallow up, to be 
scary. ~ib chiq- to gulp down. gap ~- to 
hold one's tongue. [yutil-, yutish-, 
yuttir-, yutqaz-, yutqiz-, yutqizil-] 
yut- 2: v.t.  to lose (a contest); to 
benefit, to gain. [yutil-, yutish-, 
yutqaz-, yutqazil-, yutqiz-, yutqizil-] 
yut: famine; decimation of cattle by 
frozen ground in early spring or by 
yuta-: s. yutoq-. 
yutdir-: v.t.  s. yuttir-. 
yutin-: v.i.  to swallow one's saliva, to 
yutoq-: v.i.  to be parched, to be thirsty; 
to be starved, famished. 
yutoq: thristy, parched; voracious, 
yutoqi: s. yutoq. 
yutqiziq: loss. 
yutqiziqsiz: no risk, involving no loss. 
yutqizish: s. yutqiziq. 
yutum: swallow, gulp; taste, sensation 
of drinking. ~i yaxshi it goes down 
yutuq: success, victory, achievement; 
prize, winnings. 
yutuqli: winning, profitable. ~ zayom 
lottery ticket. 
yutuqsiz: unprofitable, losing. 
yuv-: v.t.  to wash; to wash away; to 
flood (a field) to desalinate; to drink to, 
to celebrate (an occasion). kir ~- to do 
the laundry. dog'ini ~- to expurgate 
one's guilt. (+qo'lini ~ib qo'ltiqqa 
ur-/tiq- to be upset with. [yuvdir-, 
yuvil-, yuvin-, yuvinish-, yuvintir-, 
yuvg'uchi: washer of corpses (s. 
g'assol, murdasho'y). 
yuvosh: gentle, mild-mannered; tame 
(animal); softly, gently, lightly. 
yuvoshlan-: v.i.  to soften, to become 
gentle, calm, or tame. 
yuvoshlash-: v.i.  s. yuvoshlan-. 
yuvoshlik: gentleness, 
yuvundi: wash water, slops; leftover 
yuvundixo'r: lackey, knave, sponger. 
yuvuqli: washed, clean. 
yuvuqsiz: unwashed. 
yuz 1: face; surface; side; blade; sense 
of shame, compunction. qatiqning ~i 
the creamy layer on the surface of 
yoghurt. yer ~i the Earths' surface; the 
face of the Earth. ~i yorug' beaming 
(countenance). ~i issiq warm, friendly. 
~i yo'q having no shame. ~i qora 
shamefaced. ~ ber- to occur, to take 
place. ~ ko'rar ceremony of meeting 
the bride the day after the wedding. ~ 
ko'rmas bo'lib ket- to cease to be on 
speaking terms. ~(ini) ko'rma- not to 
see (s.t. or s.o.). ~ tut- to head off 
(towards). ~i chidamadi/~ o'gir- to turn 
away. ~(iga) ayt- to say to one's face. 
~iga bor-/~(i)ga sol- to say right to 
one's face. ~ingda ko'zing bormi 
demay, ... unashamedly, w/o 
compunction. ~idan o'tolmaslik to be 
afraid to say no to. qaysi ~ bilan How 
can (s.o.) have the gall/nerve to...?, 
How can one be so shameless as to...? 
~iga qon/~iga oyoq qo'y- to defy, to fly 
in the face of. 
yuz 2: hundred. 
yuz- dial.: v.i.  to swim (s. suz-). 
yuz-xotir: respectful treatment, 
consideration. ~ qil- to be ashamed in 
front of, to be deferential towards. ~ 
qilmay unashamedly, unabashedly, 
yuz-xotirchilik: deference, courtesy. 
yuza: surface; open; shallow. ~ga kel- 
to appear, to come about. ~ga chiq- to 
come out, to appear; to come to 
fruition; to become known. ~ga 
chiqar-/keltir- to carry out or through, 
to implement. 
yuzaki: superficial(ly). 
yuzakichilik: superficiality. 
yuzala-: v.i.  to do along the surface, to 
go along the surface. 
yuzasidan: due to, because of, for the 
sake of.yuzboshi hist.commander of 
100 cavalry; village or neighborhood 
yuzinchi: 100th. 
yuzlab: in hundreds, a hundred at a 
yuzlan-: v.i.  to face; to head towards. 
yuzlarcha: (in) hundreds. 
yuzlash-: v.i.  to face one another, to 
meet face-to-face. [yuzlashtir-, 
yuzlik rare: face covering, veil. 
yuzma-yuz: face-to-face. 
yuzpana: ~ qil- to cover one's face. 
yuzsiz: shameless. ~ kalish rubber 
overshoe with a blunt toe. 
yuzsizlik: shamelessness. 
yuzta: s. yuz. 
yuztacha: about one hundred. 
yuztalik: a unit of 100; 100's, 
100-denimation bills.yuzuk dial.ring (s. 
za'far: (Arabic) saffron; bright yellow. 
za'faron: (Arabic) saffron. ~ bo'l- to 
become saffron yellow. 
zab: (Persian) fine, superb. 
zabar: (Persian) diacritical mark for 
short "a" in Arabic script. 
zabardast: (Persian) strong, powerful; 
zabardastlik: physical strength, tall 
size and strong consitution. 
zabarjad: (Arabic) chrysolite. 
zabastovka: (Russian) strike, walkout. 
~ qil- to go on strike. 
zabastovkachi: striker. 
zabon: (Persian) tongue, language; 
speech. otash ~ fiery speaker; gifted 
speaker. shirin ~ sweet-tongued. ~i 
qisqa reticent. 
zaboy: (Russian) (mining) pit face. 
zaboychi: s. zaboyshik. 
zaboyshik: (Russian) face-worker, 
zabt: (Arabic) conquest, occupation, 
capture. ~ Et-/~ bilan by force. ~i tez 
short-tempered. ~i ko'tarmaydi to not 
care for. ~iga ol- to intensify, to 
increase in strength. 
zabtkor: (Persian) conqueror; invader. 

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zabun lit.: (Persian) weak, frail, 
helpless; difficult, straitened. ~ bo'l- to 
be in straitened circumstances; to be 
frail, weak; to be defeated. 
zabur: (Arabic) the Psalms of David. 
zachyot: (Russian) oral examination. ~ 
daftarchasi grade book for oral 
examinations. ~ topshir- to take an oral 
test. ~ ol-/qabul qil- to administer an 
oral test. 
zada: (Persian) ~ bo'l- to become 
disgusted or fed up with. ~ qil- to 
disgust, to cause aversion. 
zadatka coll.: (Russian) deposit, 
advance. ~ ber- to put down a deposit. 
zafar lit.: (Arabic) victory. ~ 
top-/quch-, ~ga Erish- to achieve 
zafarli: victorious. 
zafarnoma: (Persian) accounts of one's 
victories or successes.zag'cha dial.s. 
zog'cha.zag'izg'on zool.magpie.zag'oza 
bot.Mongolian ephedra. 
zagotovka: (Russian) materials, 
half-finished products. 
zagotovkachi: maker of half-finished 
ZAGS: (Russian) registry office (esp. 
the office where civil marriage 
ceremonies are performed). ~dan o't- to 
have a civil marriage ceremony. 
zahar 3pp zahri: (Persian) poison; 
venom; s.t. extremely bitter; ire, 
rancor; sharp pain or blow. ~ bo'ldi to 
turn to poison. ~ qil- to turn foul, to 
make bitter. ~ yut- to swallow poison, 
to go through agony. ~i kel- to become 
enraged. ~ sol- to poison or embitter. 
~/~ini soch- to vent one's spleen. ~ini 
yut- to swallow one's rage. sovuqning 
~i the sharpness of the cold. ~i qotil 
deadly poison; deadly bitter. tutun ~i 
smoke fumes. 
zahar-zaqqum: poison; exceedingly 
bitter. ~ bo'ldi to become bitter or 
inedible, to be spoiled. ~ qil- to make 
bitter; to spoil. 
zaharla-: v.t.  to poison; to torment, to 
make s.o.'s life miserable. [zaharlan-] 
zaharli: poisonous. 
zaharlovchi: poisonous. 
zaharxanda: (Persian) mockery, 
sarcasm, sardonicism. ~ ichida in 
anger. ~ qil- to be spiteful, to do s.t. 
spitefully or mockingly. 
zaharxandalik: sarcasm, mockery. ~ 
bilan sarcastically, mockingly. 
zahil: (Persian) pale, wan. 
zahmat: (Arabic) labors, pains; 
troubles, difficulties. ~ chek-/~ yetkaz- 
to bring harm to, to belabor with 
zahmatkash: (Persian) toiler, hard 
worker.zahoti coll.time, instant. o'sha ~ 
at that very moment, at that instant. 
zahr: s. zahar. 
zahra: arch.    (Persian) gall; bravery, 
nerve. ~si uchdi to flip one's lid, to fly 
off the handle. 
zaif: (Arabic) weak, feeble; lame, poor; 
irresolute, vacillating; (coll.) wife. ~ 
xo'jalik modest farm. 
zaifa: obs. (Arabic) woman; wife. 
zaiflan-: v.i.  to weaken, to lose 
strength. [zaiflantir-] 
zaiflash-: v.i.  to become progressively 
weaker or feeble. [zaiflashtir-] 
zaiflik: feebleness; irresoluteness. 
zaifona: (Persian) delicate, effeminate. 
zajigalka: (Russian) cigarette 
lighter.zak dial.s. zax. 
zakalat coll.: (Russian) payment. 
zakan: drainage ditch. 
zakaz coll.: (Russian) order (s. ~ qil- to 
zakazchi: customer, s.o. who makes an 
zakaznoy coll.: (Russian) special, 
specially ordered, special delivery. 
zakiy: (Arabic) bright, intelligent, 
zakiylik: intelligence.zakki coll.s. 
zakiy; flashy, pretentious, showy. 

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