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zirala-: v.t.  to season with cumin. 
zirapcha: splinter (s. tikanak).zirava 
dial.s. zirapcha. 
ziravor: (Persian) spice. 
zirbak: meat, onions, and carrots 
browned for use in pilaw. 
zirh: (Arabic) armor (s. bron'). 
zirhla-: to armor, to plate with armor. 
zirhli: armored. 
zirilla-: v.i.  to shiver; to be frightened; 
to freeze at the mere mention of s.t., to 
have an aversion to. [zirillat-, 
ziriqtir-: v.t.  to cause to take off in a 
zirk bot.: (Persian) barberry. 
zirnix: (Persian) orpiment (used as a 
hair remover and salve); a yellow dye 
used in decorating do'ppis. 
ziroat: arch.    (Arabic) agriculture, 
farming; crops.ziroatchi arch.farmer; 
agronomist.ziroatchilik arch.farming, 
agriculture.zirofa arch.giraffe (s. 
zirq-zirq: ~ qil- to throb with pain. 
yuragi ~ qiladi to have one's heart lose 
a beat (in shock, dismay).zirqilla- 
coll.s. zirqira-. 
zirqira-: v.i.  to throb with pain; (dial.) 
to scramble off, to run away pell-mell. 
yuragi ~b ketdi to have one's heart lose 
a beat; to have one's heart race. 
zirqiroq: throbbing, aching.zirvak 
coll.s. zirbak. 
ziynat: (Arabic) adornment, ornament, 
dress, apparel. ~ asboblari/buyumlari 
articles of adornment, jewelry. 
ziynatla-: v.t.  to decorate, to adorn. 
[ziynatlan-, ziynatlantir-] 
ziynatli: adorned, decorated; beautiful, 
ziyo: (Arabic) light; glimmer, shine; 
ziyod: (Arabic) in excess (of), more 
ziyoda: (Arabic) more (than), in excess 
(of), superior (to). 
ziyodalik: superiority. 
ziyodon: (Persian) candle holder, 
ziyofat: (Arabic) feast, banquet. ~ qil- 
to have a banquet. ~ ber- to hold a 
banquet (for s.o.). 
ziyoli: educated, enlightened; member 
of the intelligentsia. ~lar educated 
members of society, the intelligentsia. 
ziyon: (Persian) harm, injury. 
ziyon-zahmat: injury, hurt. 
ziyonchi: one that inflicts harm, curse; 
ziyonchilik: inflicting harm, causing 
injury; wrecking, sabotage. 
ziyonkunanda: (Persian) pest, bane. 
ziyonkunandachilik: s. 
ziyonli: harmful; at a loss. ~ savdo 
trading at a loss. 
ziyonsiz: harmless; not entailing a loss. 
ziyorat: (Arabic) (rel.) visitation or 
pilgrimage to a holy site; visit to a 
notable's gravesite; visitation, meeting. 
ham tijorat, ham ~ said of one who 
uses official business as an excuse to 
conduct private business. ~ qil- to 
perform a pilgrimage; to visit. 
ziyoratchi: pilgrim. 
ziyoratgoh: (Persian) pilgrimage site; a 
place frequented often. 
ziyoratxona: (Persian) building that is 
the focus of a pilgrimage. 
ziyrak: (Persian) perceptive, sharp. 
ziyraklik: sharpness, astuteness, 
perceptiveness. ~ bilan astutely. 
zlotiy: (Russian) zloty. 
zmeevik: (Russian) coil, coiled tube. 
znachok: (Russian) badge, pin. 
znak coll.: (Russian) s. znachok. 
zo'g'im: anger, spite. ~ qil- to show 
great dissatisfaction. 
zo'g'ota: hole in a shovel, etc. for 
inserting the handle; corncob (s. so'ta). 
zo'r: (Persian) strength, force, might; 
effort; blow, impact; strong, mighty; 
great; super. ~ ber- to put all one's 
effort into; to focus on; to do 
adamantly or determinedly. ~ kel- to be 
difficult. ~ kelsa if there is no other 
choice, if all else fails. zorim bor, ~im 
yo'q I can ask, but I can't force (them). 
zo'r-bazo'r: (Persian) just barely. 
zo'raki: (Persian) forced, strained. 
zo'ravon: (Persian) aggressor, tyrant, 
zo'ravonlik: abstr. of ~ siyosati policy 
of might makes right. ~ qil- to use 
force, to bully.zo'ravor dial.s. zo'ravon. 
zo'ray-: v.i.  to become stronger, to 
intensify. [zo'raytir-] 
zo'rg'a: barely.zo'rg'atdan coll.barely; 
by hook or by crook. 
zo'riq-: v.i.  to strain o.s., to be 
strained. [zo'riqtir-] 
zo'rla-: v.t.  to force; to gain in force, 
to become stronger; to rape. [zo'rlan-, 
zo'rlik: abstr. of ~ ko'rsat- to use force. 
~ qil- to prove too 
strong.zo'rma-zo'raki coll.forced, 
coerced, involuntary. 
zobit: obs. (Arabic) officer; conqueror, 
zobitlik: abstr. of zobit; rank of officer. 

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zodagon: arch.    (Persian) aristocrat. 
zodiak: (Russian) constellation or sign 
of the zodiac. 
zodiakal adj.: (Russian) zodiacal. 
zoe: (Arabic) pointless, useless, vain. ~ 
~ qil-/Et- to waste. 
zoelik: ~ tort-/ko'r- to be harmed, to 
sustain harm (usu. neg.).zog'-zog'an 
zool.crows, vultures. 
zog' zool.: (Persian) crow (s. (hech) ~ 
yo'q, ~ uchmaydi not a soul in sight; 
god-forsaken, empty.zog'cha 
zog'ora: corn or sorghum bread. ~ 
baliq carp. 
zohid: (Arabic) ascetic, Sufi. 
zohidlik: asceticism. 
zohidona: like an ascetic, monk-like. 
zohir lit.: (Arabic) outside, exterior
apparent, plain, clear. ~da outwardly. 
zohiran lit.: (Arabic) externally, 
zohiriy: obs. (Arabic) external, 
zok: iron vitriol, iron sulfate. 
zol 1: (Persian) adept, skillful. 
zol 2: (Arabic) the letter /dh/ in the 
Arabic alphabet. 
zoldir: marble (s. voldir). 
zolim: (Arabic) tyrant, oppressor, 
despot; tyrannical, cruel. 
zolimlarcha: s. zolimona. 
zolimlik: tyrrany, oppression; cruelty. 
zolimona: cruelly, tyrannically, 
zomin: (Arabic) responsible, to blame. 
zona: (Russian) zone. 
zonal: (Russian) zonal. 
zond: (Russian) probe. ~ sol-/yubor- to 
send a probe. 
zont(ik): (Russian) umbrella. 
zoolog: (Russian) zoologist. 
zoologik: (Russian) zooligical. 
zoologiya: (Russian) zoology. 
zoopark: (Russian) zoo. 
zootexnik: (Russian) livestock 
zootexnika: (Russian) (science of) 
livestock breeding. 
zor: (Persian) weeping, wailing; 
entreaty, plea; strong need, desire. ~ 
qolgur Drop dead! xudoning ~ini qil- 
to beseech, to entreat. ~ yig'la- to sob, 
to wail. ~-~ yig'la- to weep bitterly. ~ 
qaqsha- to moan, to groan. ~ bo'l- to be 
in need of, to be desperate for. 
zora(iki): (Persian) if only..., had 
only..., would that...zora-mora coll.if 
zori: ~ qil- to entreat, to 
implore.zorilla- speak piteously, 
zoriq-: v.i.  to be desperate for. 
[zoriqish-, zoriqtir-] 
zorlan-: v.i.  to beg, to beseech, to 
implore; (rare) to pity. [zorlanish-] 
zorlanish: imploringl, beseeching, 
zorlik: abstr. of zor; desperation, 
zormonda: (Persian) damn, blasted, 
zot: (Arabic) offspring; individual, 
person(ality); type, sort, thing. ~i oliy 
great person. Er(kak) ~i men, males (as 
a species). qiz ~i women, females (as a 
zotan: (Arabic) fundamentally, 
essentially, in essence; actually. 
zotdor: (Persian) purebred, 
zotiljam: (Arabic) pneumonia. 
zotirriya: obs. (Arabic) s. zotiljam. 
zotli: purebred, thoroughbred; 
highborn, of distinguished background. 
zotsiz: mongrel, crossbreed. 
zovur: drainage ditch. ~ ol-/qazi- to dig 
a drainage ditch. 
zoyil: obs. (Arabic) ~ bo'l- to dissipate, 
to go away. 
zubr zool.: (Russian) bison.zubturum 
bot.[podorozhnik bol'shoy] ribwort, 
plantain (s. bargizub). 
zud lit.: (Persian) quickly. 
zudlik: quickness, promptness. ~ bilan 
quickly, hurriedly. 
Zuhal: Saturn. 
Zuhra: (Arabic) Venus. 
zuhur lit.: (Arabic) appearance. ~ Et- 
to appear. 
zukko: (Arabic) intelligent; pedantic, 
zukkolik: intelligence; condescension. 
zulf lit.: (Persian) braids on the 
temples; hair or braids in general. 
zulfak: (Persian) braids, ringlets, etc. 
zulfakdor: having ringlets. 
zulfin: (Persian) ring for attaching a 
lock on a door. 
zulfiqor: (Arabic) Ali's sword. 
zulhijja: (Arabic) the twelfth month of 
the Islamic lunar calendar, in which the 
Hajj takes place. 
zullisonayn: obs. (Arabic) bilingual. 
zulm: (Arabic) oppression, cruelty. ~ 
ko'r-/~ qil-/Et- to oppress. 
zulmat lit.: (Arabic) pitch darkness. 
zulmkor: (Arabic) oppressive, 
tyrannical, cruel. 
zulmoniy: (Persian) dark, obscure. 
yoqut ~ s. yoqut. 
zulqa'da: (Arabic) the eleventh month 
of the Islamic lunar calendar.zuluk 
zool.leech. ~ sol- to apply leeches. 
zulukday: leech-like; jet black. 
zulumot: (Arabic) pitch darkness. 
zum: gulp (for air- disqualifies a player 
of chillak); moment, second, instant. 
zumillatar: chillak game wherein the 
losing side must run as far as possible 
while holding the breath. 
zumla-: v.i.  to run as far as one can 
(chillak game). 
zumrad: emerald.zumrasha coll.child 
that will do anything and everything 
that is bad, rascal. 
zumurrad: s. zumrad. 
zunnor: (Arabic) rope girdle worn by 
Christians and Jews under Muslim 
rule; cross, crucifix; badge of office 
worn around the neck by officials at 

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zurriyot lit.: (Arabic) offspring.zuv-zuv 
ono.buzzing, whirring noise. 
zuvala: a ball of dough (sufficient for 
making one loaf of bread or one batch 
of noodles). ~si bir joydan/~si pishiq 
made of tough stuff. 
zuvalala-: v.t.  to make dough into a 
zuvilla- ono.: v.i.  to buzz or whirr. 
zvant coll.: (Russian) ~ qil- to 
zveno: (Russian) squad, team, group; 
smallest work unit of a state farm; 
(coll.) the leader of such a unit; 
squadron; link. 
zveno(voy)lik: abstr. of zvenovoy. 
zvenovoy: (Russian) head of a zveno. 

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