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isyonchi: s. isyonkor.  isyonchilik

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isyonchi: s. isyonkor. 
isyonchilik: rebelliousness, 
insurrection; rebellious or mutinous 
isyonkor: (Persian) rebel, insurgent; 
isyonkorlik: abstr. of isyonkor. 
isyonkorona: (Persian) rebelliously, (usu. fig.). ~ 
boquvchi dog keeper. ~ Emgan son of 
a bitch. ~ yili 11th year of the animal 
calendar. ~ azobida, ~ hasratda with 
great suffering or difficulty. boshiga ~ 
kunini sol- to make s.o. live a dog's 
life. bo'ynidan bog'langan ~ ovga 
yaramas You can't force people to do 
what they don't want to [lit., 'A 
tethered dog is no good for hunting'] ~ 
tegdi defiled. kambag'alni tuyaning 
ustida ~ qopadi Things have not gone 
well for (so and so). ~ga qoptirmay, 
tuyaga teptirmay w/ great hospitality 
(lit., 'w/o letting the dog bite or the 
camel kick'). ~dan bir suyak qarz said 
of s.o. who owes many debts. ~ining 
tuvagi oltindan so rich that even the 
dog's dish is made of gold. ~ fe'l 
cantankerous, peevish. 

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ital"yancha: Italian (lang.). ~ ish 
tashlash sit-down strike.italgu zool.s. 
italyalik: Italian. 
itar-: v.t.  to push (away). [itaril-, 
itarish-, itartir-]itbaliq 
zool.tadpole.itbodom bot.a type of 
almond.itburun bot.dogrose. 
itfe'l: ill-tempered, cantankerous. 
itfe'llik: difficult temper, 
cantankerousness.itgunafsha bot.wild 
speedwell, veronica.itirqin(i) 
coll.extremely messy, sloppy, 
slovenly.itjumrut bot.buckthorn.itjuva 
bot.a kind of onion.itkuchala 
itmom: obs. (Arabic) finish, 
completion.itmurun dial.s. itburun. 
itoat: (Arabic) obedience; submission. 
~ bilan obediently. ~ qil-/~ qildir- to 
make obey, to subjugate. 
itoatchan: obedient. 
itoatgo'y: (Persian) s. itoatkor. 
itoatgo'ylik: s. itoatkorlik. 
itoatkor: (Persian) submissive, 
obedient; satellite. 
itoatkorona: (Persian) submissively, 
itoatli: obedient, submissive; dutiful. 
itoatsiz: disobedient, unruly. 
itoatsizlik: abstr. of ~ qil- to rebel, to 
itob 1: (Arabic) rebuke, reprimand. ~ 
qil- to rebuke. 
itob 2 coll.: (Russian) halting place (of 
deported convicts); exile, relocation. ~ 
qil- to transport, to deport.itog'iz 
zool.saker.itpashsha zool.horsefly. 
itqit-: v.t.  to toss, to chuck.itqo'noq 
bot.bristle grass.itqovun bot.caper; 
wild melon.itsigek 
ittifoq: (Arabic) union, association, 
block, alliance; unity, unanimity, 
solidarity, accord; in harmony; united. 
~ tuz- to form an alliance. ~ bo'l- to 
become friends or allies; to be on 
friendly terms. 
ittifoqchi: ally. 
ittifoqchilararo: all-union. 
ittifoqdosh: (Persian) s. ittifoqchi. 
ittifoqlash-: to unite; to be unanimous, 
to be in concordance. 
ittifoqlik: unanimity, solidarity, 
concord, fraternity. ~ bilan 
unanimously, with solidarity. 
ittifoqo: (Arabic) suddenly, 
ittifoqsizlik: disunity; discord. 
ittihod: obs. (Arabic) union; 
unity.ittikanak bot.bur-marigold. 
ittofoqan: (Arabic) s. ittifoqo. 
ittovon bot.: [parnovistnik 
obyknovennyy i bobovidnyy]?? 
itvachcha: son of a bitch. 
itxona: dog house. 
ityaloq: dog dish; (inv.) dirty, foul 
thing; wretch. ~i oltindan s. it.ivasi 
zool.a sardine-like fish. 
ivi- 1: v.i.  to get soaked, to soak up 
water. [ivit-, ivitil] 
ivi- 2: v.i.  to thicken, to set; to turn 
sour (yoghurt). [ivit-, ivitil-] 
ivindi: curdling; clot. ~ hosil qil- to 
clot, to form clots. 
ivir-chivir: s. ivir-shivir. 
ivir-shivir: whispering, murmuring. ~ 
gaplar whisperings, rumors. 
ivirsi-: v.i.  to dawdle, to tinker around; 
to become a mess, to be unkempt. 
ivirsila-: s. ivirsi-. 
ivirsiq: dirty, unswept, messy.ivirsira- 
dial.s. ivirsi-. 
ivishiq: stagnant; numb, asleep. 
ivitma: s.t. which is prepared by 
soaking. ~ palov pilaw made using rice 
which has been soaked.ivitqi 
coll.starter, culture (for yoghurt).ix 
ono.chuckling sound. 
ixcham: neat, trim; concise; compact, 
ixchamla-: v.t.  to make compact, to 
condense, to streamline. [ixchamlash-] 
ixchamlash-: v.i.  to become compact, 
trim, streamlined, etc. [ixchamlashtir-] 
ixchamlovchi: rationalizer. 
ixla-: v.i.  to sigh. 
ixlos: (Arabic) devotion, dedication, 
sincerity. ~i qaytdi to lose faith in. ~ 
qo'y-/~ bilan/qo'yib earnestly. 
ixlosli: dedicated, devoted. 
ixlosmand: sincerely devoted.ixroj 
bot.spurge, euphorbia; laxative, 
purgative; preparation and 
consumption of chuchvara, somsa, etc. 
with leafy greens in order to clean out 
one's insides, esp. in springtime. 
ixtilof: (Arabic) disagreement, discord; 
opposition, contradiction, difference. 
ixtilofchi: opponent, antagonist; one 
who sows discord. 
ixtilofli: controversial; conflicting. 
ixtiloflilik: contradictoriness, 
ixtilol lit.: (Arabic) rebellion, riot. 
ixtilolchi: rebel, insurgent. 
ixtiol: (Russian) ichthyol. 
ixtiolog: (Russian) ichthyologist. 
ixtiologiya: (Russian) ichthyology. 
ixtiro 3pp. ixtiroi: (Arabic) invention, 
ixtirochi: inventor. 
ixtirochilik: invention, innovation. 
ixtisos: (Arabic) speciality, field of 
ixtisoslash-: v.i.  to specialize. 
ixtisosli: qualified, trained, specialist. 
ixtiyor: (Arabic) choice, option, free 
will. ~ Et-/~ingiz It's up to you, It's 
your choice. ~(i) o'zida He can do what 
he likes. ~ qilgani shu that was his 
choice, that's what he chose to do. 
ketishga ~ qildim I chose/opted to 
leave. o'z ~iga qo'y- to give free rein 
to, to let one do as one pleases. o'z ~iga 
ol- to take charge of. ~ida bo'l- to be at 
the disposal of. ~dan chiq- to no longer 
be in one's control. 
ixtiyoriy: (Arabic) optional, voluntary. 
ixtiyoriylik: voluntariness; freedom to 
ixtiyorli-ixtiyorsiz: involuntarily, 
without thinking. 
ixtiyorli: voluntary. 

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ixtiyorsiz: involuntary. ~ ravishda 
ixtiyorsizlik: involuntariness. 
ixvat: obs. (Arabic) brotherhood. 
iy-: v.i.  to soften and be ready for 
milking (udder); to soften, to lighten 
up. [iydir-, iyin-] 
iy: whoa!, hey!iya coll.yeah. 
iyak: chin. ~ tashla-/qoq- to be in the 
throes of death. 
iyar- v.i. dial.: to follow. [iyart(ir)-] 
iyd: (Arabic) religious holiday (s. ~i ~i 
qurbon s. qurbon hayit. 
iydir-: v.t.  caus. of iy-; to win over; to 
placate. [iydirt(ir)-] 
iydlik: present given to one's 
schoolteacher during a religious 
iye: s. ie. 
iyi: s. ie. 
iyindi: milk left in the udder for a 
second milking. 
iyiq: supurating sore which appears on 
the withers of horses, etc.; animal 
affected by such a sore. ~i chiqqan 
worn out, worn down to skin and 
bones. ~ini chiqar- to wear out, to wear 
down to skin and bones.iyir dial.s. igir. 
iyla-: v.t.  to knead. [iylan-, iylat-, 
iyman-: v.i.  to feel self-conscious, 
bashful; to demur. 
Iyul": (Russian) July. 
Iyun": (Russian) June. 
iyya: s. ie. 
iz: print, mark, trace, track, trail, path; 
rail(s). ~ quv- to track down, to trace. 
~ga sol-/~ga tush- to follow, to fall into 
a track; to fall into place. ~iga tush- s. 
~ga tush-; to pursue. ~iga qayt- to 
backtrack; to revert to old ways. ~idan 
bor- to follow (along). ~(i)dan chiq- to 
become derailed, to veer off course. 
~dan chiqar to derail, to upset. ~i bit- 
to disappear, to leave no trace.iza 
coll.s.~ suv standing water. 
izchi: tracker, sleuth. 
izchil: consistent, logical; stanch, 
izchillik: consistency; steadfastness. ~ 
bilan constantly; steadfastly. 
izdahom lit.: (Arabic) crowd; chat 
session, social group gathered to talk. 
izdosh: follower, disciple.izen 
bot.prostrate summer cypress. 
izg'i-: v.i.  to run about, to swarm; to 
rage, to howl (storm). [izg'it-, izg'ish-] 
izg'in: clamoring, wailing. ~ tort- to 
scream, to wail. 
izg'ir-: v.i.  to rage (blizzard). 
izg'irin: icy wind; blizzard. 
izg'irinli: stormy, cold and windy. 
izg'iriq: s. izg'irin. 
izhor: (Arabic) demonstration, 
manifestation, display. ~ qil-/Et-/ayla- 
to display, to manifest. 
izilla-: v.i.  to roar, howl (wind). 
[izillat-, izillash-] 
izla-: v.t.  to search for, to seek; to 
track. [izlan-, izlat-, izlash-] 
izlagich: finder, seeker, detector. 
izlan-: v.i.  (pass. of izla-); to search 
o.s. or one's pockets for s.t.; to search 
for ideas, to contemplate, to ponder. 
izlanish: inquiry, search for novel 
ideas or inspiration. 
izlanuvchi: seeker of new ideas, 
inquirer, researcher. 
izli: running on a track or on a rail. ~ 
transport rail transport. 
izlovchi: (v.n. of izla-); researcher, 
izm: (Arabic) influence, control; will. 
~iga kir- to be subject to s.o. o'z ~iga 
sol- to subjugate, to control. 
izma-iz: in the tracks of, on the tail of; 
one right after another. 
izma: buttonhole. 
izmala-: v.t.  to sew a buttonhole. 
izn: (Arabic) permission, leave. ~ ber- 
to grant permission. ~ ol- to receive 
izo lit.: (Arabic) s. izza. 
izochiziq: isogram. 
izofa(t): (Arabic) (arch.) addition, 
attachment; (gram.) (element for 
making a) genitive construction. 
izofa(t)li: ~ birikma genitive 
izoh: (Arabic) explanation, 
clarification, commentary. ~ ber- to 
illustrate, to explain. 
izohla-: v.t.  to explain, to elucidate, to 
clarify. [izohlan-] 
izohli: containing explanations or 
clarifications; explanatory. 
izohlovchi: (v.n. of izohla-); 
commentator; explanatory; (gram.) 
izohot: arch.    (Arabic) explanations, 
commentary, notes. 
izohtalab: (Persian) in need of 
explanation or clarification, unclear, 
izolyator: insulator; isolation ward; cell 
or jail (for solitary confinement). 
izolyatorchi: insulator or insulation 
izolyatsion adj.: (Russian) isolation, 
isolating, insulating. 
izolyatsionist: (Russian) isolationist. 
izolyatsionizm: (Russian) isolationism. 
izolyatsiya: (Russian) isolation; 
quarantine; insulation. ~ tasmasi 
insulation tape. ~ qil- to isolate. 
izolyatsiyala-: v.t.  to insulate; to 
isolate, to quarantine. 
izomer: (Russian) isomer. 
izomeriya: (Russian) isomerism. 
izometrik: (Russian) isometric. 
izomorf adj.: (Russian) isomorphic. 
izomorfizm: (Russian) isomorphism. 
izoterma: (Russian) isotherm. 
izotermik: (Russian) isothermal. 
izotop: (Russian) isotope. 
izoxromatik: (Russian) isochrmatic, 
izoxron: (Russian) isochronal. 
izoxronizm: (Russian) isochronism. 
izoxronlik: isochron. 
izquvar: s. izchi. 
izsiz: w/o a trace. 
iztirob: (Arabic) agony, torture. ~ga ~ 
chek- to suffer agony. 

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iztirobli: agonizing; tortured. 
izvosh: (Russian) phaeton carriage. 
izvoshchi: s. izvoshikchi. 
izvoshikchi: coachman; owner of a 
izza: (Arabic) embarrassment, 
discomfiture. ~ bo'l-/~ qil-/ber- to 
embarrass, to abash. 
izzat: (Arabic) respect, esteem, honor. 
~i bit- to lose respect, to not live up to 
one's reputation. ~ saqla- to retain 
respect for; to keep one's reputation. ~ 
qil- to honor, to respect. ~ga arziydigan 
worthy of respect. 
izzat(i)-nafs: (Persian) self-esteem, 
pride. ~iga teg- to hurt one's pride. 
izzat-hurmat: honor and respect. 
izzat-ikrom: great respect and esteem. 
izzatla-: v.t.  to hold in high esteem, to 
honor. [izzatlan-] 
izzatli: respected, esteemed, honored. 
izzatmand: (Persian) respected, 
izzattalab: (Persian) arrogant, 
ja coll: s. juda.jabazak dial.s. javpazak. 
jabbor: (Arabic) the Almighty, the 
All-compelling (God). jonni ~ga berib 
with all one's might and main. 
jabduq: harness; gear, equipment. ~ur- 
to saddle, to outfit (horse). 
jabduqla-: v.t.  to saddle, to outfit 
(horse). [jabduqlan-, jabduqlat-] 
jabha: (Arabic) front line; subject, 
jabhasida: concerning, on the subject 
jabr 1: (Arabic) compulsion, 
constraint, force. ~ ko'r-/~ qil- to 
oppress; to cause to suffer losses. 
jabr 2: (Arabic) algebra.jabr-jafo, jabru 
jafopain and suffering, oppression
etc.jabr-sitam, jabru sitampain and 
suffering, oppression, etc.jabr-zulm, 
jabru zulmsuffering and oppression. 
jabran: obs. (Arabic) by force, under 
constraint, compulsarily. 
jabrdiyda: (Persian) full of pain, 
grieved, afflicted. 
jabriy: arch.    (Arabic) algebraic. 
jabrla-: v.t.  to oppress, to make suffer. 
jabrlan-: v.i.  (pass. of jabrla-); to 
undergo losses. 
jabrlanuvchi: v.n. of jabrlan-; victim. 
jad(d): arch.    (Arabic) (fore)father. 
jad: s. jad(d). 
jadal: (Arabic) speedily, swiftly, in a 
rush; urgent. ~iga ol- to speed up. ~ 
usul accelerated, quick method. 
jadalla-: v.i.  to increase in speed, to 
speed up. [jadallat-, jadallash-, 
jadallik: speed; urgency.jaddiga dial.s. 
jadid hist.: (Arabic) a Jadidist. usuli ~ 
curriculum and teaching methods 
introduced by the Jadidists to reform 
Central Asian schools, e.g., phonetic 
alphabet and study of the sciences. 
jadidchilik: s. jadidizm. 
jadidizm: the Jadidist reform 
jadval: (Arabic) chart, schedule. ~ 
usuli learning through multiplication 
tables?? [tablichnii sposob] 
Jadyi: (Arabic) Capricorn. 
jafo: (Arabic) suffering, pain; cruelty, 
oppression. ~ tort-/birovga ~ qil- to 
cause to suffer. 
jafogar: (Persian) s. jafokor. 
jafokash: (Persian) victim, sufferer; 
hard worker. 
jafokashlik: suffering, abuse; 
diligence, devotion to labor. 
jafokor: (Persian) tormenter, abuser. 
jafolan-: v.i.  to undergo suffering, 
jafoli: full of torment, suffering; 
arduous.jag'-jag' bot.shepherd's purse. 
jag': jaw; the seam connecting the 
upper and the sole on a shoe. ~ ochiq 
blabbermouth, chatterbox; crybaby, 
perpetual cryer. ~ tish dogteeth. ~ 
tinmaydigan tongue-wagger; one who 
eats constantly. ~iga suyanib/~ ur- to 
jaw, to prattle. 
jag'albay: s. jig'oltoy. 
jag'aldiriq: s. jazliq. 
jag'almay: s. jig'oltoy.jag'illa- 
boil with a hissing sound. [jag'illat-] 
jahannam: (Arabic) hell; 
abyss.jahazdiriq dial.s. 
jazliq.jahd-jadal, jahdu jadalgreat zeal 
and determination. ~ qil- to go at with 
jahd: (Arabic) labor, toil, exertion. ~ 
bilan energetically. 
jahl: (Arabic) anger; ignorance. ~ bilan 
angrily. ~ ustida while angered, while 
hot-headed. ~i chiq- to get mad, angry. 
~(ini) chiqar- to anger, to make mad. 
~dan tush- to calm down. 
jahldor: (Persian) hot-tempered. 
jahllan-: v.i.  to become angered. 
jahlli: hot-headed; full of anger. 
jaholat: (Arabic) ignorance, 
backwardness; anger. 
jaholatli: ignorant, backward; 
jaholatparast: (Persian) obscurant(ist). 
jahon: (Arabic) the world. ~ ahli the 
people of the world. bir ~ a whole 
world (of s.t.) oy(i)nayi ~ television. 
jahon-jahon: a whole world, a great 
jahonbaxsh: (Persian) munificent. 
jahondiyda: (Persian) worldly. 
jahondor: (Persian) ruler of the world. 
jahongashta: (Persian) widely 
traveled; experienced, seasoned. 
jahongir: (Persian) world-conqueror; 
(arch.) imperialist. 
jahongirlik: (coll.) imperialism. 
jahoniy: (Persian) world-wide, global. 
jahonnamo: (Persian) looking-glass 
that can show anything in the whole 
jahonshumul (Persian): 
world-embracing, world-wide, global. 
jahr: (Arabic) news, announcement; 
audibly intoned (Sufi) religious 
formulas (s. zikr); religious ecstasy. 
jahrchi: (arch.) crier, announcer; Sufi 
which practices aural zikr. 
jahriya rel.: (Arabic) Sufi groups 
which practice aural zikr. 

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jajji: cute, (small and) sweet 
(children).jajman dial.s. jajji. 
jaket(ka): (Russian) women's jacket. 
jala: downpour; (fig.) stream, shower. 
~ quy- to pour down; to have a 
downpour.jalab vul.whore, slut. 
jalala-: v.i.  to get bigger, to increase; 
to spread.jalangla- dial.s. 
alangla-.jalayor coll.s. jaloyir. 
jalb: (Arabic) ~ Et-/qil- to attract; to 
summon, to call to (work). 
jallob: (Arabic) trader in hooved 
livestock; (rare) wheeler-dealer, 
jalloblik: abstr. of jallob. 
jallod: (Arabic) executioner, hangman; 
(fig.) butcher. 
jallodlik: (abstr. of jallod); butchery, 
jaloyir: name of one of the Ozbek 
jalyuza: (Russian) venetian blind. 
jam: (Arabic) assembled, gathered; 
(math) addition. ~i in all, in total. 
xotiringiz ~ bo'lsin Rest assured., Don't 
worry. ~ qil- to gather, to assemble; to 
jamalak: (Persian) braids with cotton 
added to keep them from unraveling; 
(dial.) false braids; (dial.) a tassle 
attached to one's hair. 
jamarg'a: s. jamg'arma; wealth, 
property, possessions. 
jambil: s. janbil. 
jamg'ar-: v.t.  to save, to gather; to 
store. [jamg'aril-] 
jamg'arma: savings. ~ kapital/kapital 
~si capital savings. sotsialistik ~ 
[sotsialisticheskaya nakopleniya?]?? 
jami(y)(ki): all, the entire body of. 
jamila: (Arabic) beauty, belle. 
jamiyat: (Arabic) society. 
jamla-: v.t.  to gather, to assemble; 
(math) to add. [jamlan-]jamlovchi son 
gram.collective pronoun (e.g., ikkov, 
uchalasi, beshovlon). 

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