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kelajak: future; the future.  kelasi

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kelajak: future; the future. 
kelasi: following, next. ~ zamon the 
future tense. 
kelbat: (Persian) figure, physique, 
keldi-ketdi: people coming and going
visitors, guests. 
kelgindi: stranger, newcomer. 
kelgusi: next, following; the future. 
keli: mortar (s. o'g'ir). 
kelib-kelib: finally, in the end, after all 
(was said and done). 
kelim: income, profit. ~-kirim income, 
kelin: bride; daughter-in-law, wife of a 
younger member of the family (she 
assumes many of the responsibilities of 
housekeeping as she is brought into the 
husband's household). ~ ko'r- to have a 
new daughter-in-law; to go to see a 
new daughter-in-law during a holiday. 
~ qil- to find a wife for one's son. ~ni 
kelganda ko'r, sepini yoyganda ko'r 
Don't judge s.t. until you have seen it. 
~ barmog?i (bot.) a type of grape. ~ 
supurgi (bot.) Diarthron vesiculosum 
(??). ~ tili (bot.) peppery waterwort (s. 
kelinbaron: s. kelintushdi. 
kelinchak: young kelin; young married 
kelinchaklik: abstr. of kelinchak; s. 
kelinli: having a daughter-in-law in the 
house, having gotten one's son married. 
kelinlik: abstr. of ~ka so?ra- to ask for 
(a woman) to become the bride (for 
one?s son). 
kelinoyi: wife of an older brother; form 
of address to an older woman married 
to a close relative or friend. 
kelinsalom: ceremony in which the 
new bride greets the husband's relatives 
the morning of the day after the 
kelintushdi: stage of the wedding 
festivities celebrating the bringing and 
arrival of the bride at the husband's 
family's home. 
kelish-: v.i.  coop. of tili ~maydi to not 
be able to speak well. tobi ~may turibdi 
to be under the weather. qo'li ~adi to be 
up to the job, to be able to pull s.t. off. 
[kelishil-, kelishtir-] 
kelishgan: p.p. of kelish-; comely, 
attractive.kelishik ~lar bilan 
turlanish (noun) inflection. ~ affikslari 
case endings. 
kelishimli: comely, attractive. 
kelishimsiz: s. kelishmagan. 
kelishmagan: neg. p.p. of kelish-; 
ugly, unattractive; clashing, unseemly, 
out of place. 

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kelishmaganlik: disagreement, 
kelishmovchilik: disagreement, 
kelishtir-: v.t.  caus. of kelish-; to pull 
off, to do a good job of. 
kelishuv: v.n. of kelish-; 
understanding, agreement. 
kelishuvchilik: conciliatoriness, 
kelisop: pestle. 
keltir-: v.t.  caus. of misol ~- to give an 
example. joyiga ~- to do a good job of, 
to pull s.t. off well. [keltiril-, keltirish-] 
kema: (Persian) ship, vessel; boat. ~ga 
tushganning joni bir all in the same 
boat together. ~ halokati shipwreck. 
kemachi: sailor; bargeman, ferryman. 
kemachilik: navigation, shipping. 
kemasoz: shipwright. 
kemasozlik: shipbuilding.kemik dial.s. 
kemir-: v.t.  to gnaw. [kemiril-] 
kemirchak: cartilage, gristle. 
kemirchakli: cartilaginous, gristly. 
kemiruvchi: rodent. 
kemshik: missing one or both front 
kemti-: v.t.  to dent, to notch. 
kemtik: gap, hole, broken off or 
missing part; flaw, defect; flawed, 
defective. ~ oy waning moon. 
kenas coll.: arch.    (Russian) prince; 
stuck-up, imperious person.kendir 
bot.Indian hemp. 
keng: wide, broad; spacious, vast, 
roomy; extensive; widespread, general. 
~ iste?mol mollari widely-used 
products. ~ suratda/ravishda widely, 
broadly. ~ xalq ommasi the general 
public. ~ ko'ngli ~ generous. yuragi ~ 
laidback, easygoing. 
kengash-: v.i.  to confer, to discuss; to 
consult. keng ~ib yirtiladi Wide 
clothing takes a long time to wear out. 
kengash: advice, consultation; 
conference, discussion; council, 
advisory board, soviet. 
kengashchi: advisor, 
consultant.kengashli coll.involving 
discussion, advice-gathering, 
deliberation, etc.kengashma 
arch.advice; advisory body. 
kengay-: v.i.  to widen, to broaden. 
[kengaytir-, kengaytiril-]kengchilik 
coll.abundance, plenty; openness. 
kenglik: width, breadth; latitude. ~ qil- 
to be too wide. janubiy ~ southern 
latitude. shimoliy ~ northern latitude. 
kenguru zool.: (Russian) kangaroo. 
kenja: youngest, smallest (sibling); 
newest, junior. ~ avlod the new 
generation. ~ guruhlar sub-groups. 
kenjatoy: young one, youngster; 
younger sibling, junior.kennoyi coll.s. 
kelinoyi.kent arch.settlement, small 
kepak: bran; dandruff. (s. 
qazg'oq).kepata dial.pitiable, 
unfortunate situation. 
kepchik: a round, hand-held device for 
fanning or winnowing grain. 
kepka: (Russian) cap. 
ker-: v.t.  to spread apart. ~- to puff out 
one's chest. qoshini ~- to raise one's 
eyebrows. [keril-, kerish-] 
keraga: the lattice-like lower frame of 
a yurt. 
keragicha: as much as necessary. 
kerak: needed, necessary; (after V+ 
-(xat yozishim ~ I need to write a 
letter; (after V+ -bo?lsa ~ must be?; 
probably, in all likelihood, I guess so. 
maktabga kitob ~ The school needs 
books. nima ~? What do you need?, 
What is needed? nima ~i bor? Why is 
(it) necessary?; Why (must)?? ~ Emas 
isn?t needed/necessary; shouldn?t, 
there?s no need to? 
kerakli: necessary; urgently or badly 
keraklik: necessity, need. 
keraksiz: unnecessary; useless. 
keraksizlik: uselessness. 
keramika: (Russian) ceramics. 
kergi: embroidery frame; brace for 
holding things apart. 
kerik: spread wide, open wide; full of 
airs, conceited, arrogant. 
keril-: v.i.  pass. of ker-; to show off, to 
strut around; to act haughty or 
kerilmachoq: arrogant, self-important, 
kerilmajon: s. kerilmachoq. 
kerish- v.t.,: v.i.  coop. of ker-; to strut 
around, to act pompously. 
kerk-: v.i.  to swell or puff up (face, 
kerk: edema. 
kerkkanlik: swollenness. 
kerogaz: (Russian) kerosene stove. 
kerosin: (Russian) kerosene. 
kerosinka: (Russian) oil-stove. 
kert-: v.t.  to notch; to chop, to mince. 
kertik: notch; missing place or part
space, cleft, gap; groove. ~ yeyilib 
ketibdi. ~ qil- to break off a piece of 
kes-: to cut (through, down, off); to 
level (hill); to break off, to interrupt; to 
fix (price); to sentence, to convict; to 
reduce, to counteract; to circumcise. 
achchiqni achchiq ~ar Like cures like. 
badanimni sovuq ~ib ketdi I?m frozen 
to the core. tok ~- to prune grapevines. 
yo'lni ~- to waylay. bir ~ar a man of his 
word, unyielding. tutgan yerini ~adigan 
extremely ornery or difficult person. 
[kesil-, kesish-, kestir-] 
kesak: clod, lump of earth; 
hand-shaped dried brick (s. tekkanga 
tegib, tegmaganga ~ otadi s.o. who 
picks fights with everyone. ~ bo'lib 
qol- to freeze, to go numb. ~dan olov 
chiqqandek said when an indifferent 
person does s.t. unexpected. qorong'i 
uyga ~ otgandek useless, pointless. 
kesaki: (Russian) door or window 
kesat-: v.t.  to gibe with roundabout or 
sarcastic language. [kesatish-] 
kesatiq: gibe. ~ qil- to speak 
sarcastically (about). 
kesik: cut (off or through); a cut, slit, 
incision, etc.; cutting, clipping; erratic, 
broken (noise).kesim gram.slice, piece; 
section, sector; predicate. ko'ndalang ~ 
cross-section. uzunasiga ~ longitudonal 

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section.kesimlik gram.?? 
[skazuemost?] ~ affikslari ?? 
kesish-: v.i.  coop. of yo?llar ~gan joy 
crossroads; intersection. 
keskich: cutter; cutting (tool). 
keskin: definite, certain, clear; serious; 
sharp, keen, biting, intense; sharply. 
keskinlash-: v.i.  to become serious, 
more acute, to intensify. 
keskinlik: abstr. of keskin; sharpness, 
keenness, acuteness. 
keskir: sharp. 
kesma: strip, cutting, (cut) piece; 
cutting (tool). ~ harf cutout letters?? 
truncated letters?? [razreznoy azbuka]. 
~-kesar obstinate or spiteful person. 
ket-: v.i.  to leave, to go; to go along, to 
proceed; to go by, to pass by (time); to 
be spent or lost; to go away, to 
disappear; to move, to be sold; to 
spread, to reach; to be okay or 
appropriate, to work; to fit; (after + 
(portlab ~- to blow up; charchab ~- to 
be tired out; (after -tushuntira ~di He 
began quickly to explain. arzonga ~- to 
be sold for nothing. bu idishga qancha 
suv ~adi? How much water will fit in 
this container? dovrug'i butun olamga 
~di His fame spread to the whole 
world. issiq kunda palov uncha ~maydi 
Pilaw isn't so good in hot weather. 
ishdan ~- to quit work. ish sekin 
~ayapti work is going along slowly. 
ko'p vaqt ~di a lot of time has gone by 
or was spent. rangi ~- to lose color, to 
fade; to go pale. suv tekin ~di to be 
sold for pennies. hushidan ~- to pass 
out, to faint. [ketkaz-/ketkiz] 
ket: backside, behind, back; tail, end 
(point), the far end (of), the far side 
(of). ~da qol- to be left behind, to fall 
behind. bolalarim, ~imda qolinglar 
expression meaning "Live long (after I 
am gone)." ish ~ga (~idan kul- to laugh 
at someone beind their back. oldidan 
kelsa tishlaydi, ~idan kelsa tepadi said 
of an extremely bad-tempered or 
belligerent person. ~iga to/on back of; 
behind, after. ~ida on back of; on the 
far side of. ~idan after, following; 
behind.ketir- coll.s. keltir-. 
ketkaz-: v.t.  caus. of ket-; to drive off, 
to get rid of; to (make) lose (usu. 
ketkiz-: v.t.  s. ketkaz-. 
ketma-ket: one after the other. 
ketmon: a broad-bladed mattock or hoe 
of Central Asia. ~ chop- to hoe with a 
~ qo?y-/ur-/tashla- to swing or wield a 
ketmonchi: one who wields a ketmon, 
a hoer. 
ketmondosh: fellow hoer. 
ketmonkash: s. ketmonchi. 
ketsiz: boundless, endless. 
ketvorgan: fine, handsome, 
dandy.keyin + danlater, after; then, 
afterwards; end, finish; rear end. Eng ~ 
the last. ~ ket- to deteriorate, to regress. 
~(ga) sur- /~(da) qol- to fall behind. 
soatim ~ qolibdi My watch is slow. 
ishdan ~ after work. bir yildan ~ a year 
later; in a year. bir necha vaqt 
o?tgandan ~ after some time (had 
passed). undan ~ later, (and) then. ~-~ 
keyincha(lik): later, after some time, in 
the future. 
keyinda: coming right after, following; 
in back. ~ qolgan behind, backward. 
keyindan: later, afterwards. 
keyingi: later, following, next; back, 
rear(most); last; latest. ~ vaqtlarda 
lately. itning ~ oyog'i (lit., the hind leg 
of a dog) one in disrepute or fallen 
from favor. 
kez- v.i./v.t.: to walk about; to stroll, to 
wander; to traverse, to travel through, 
to visit. [kezdir-, kezish-] 
kez: time, season; moment. ~i kelganda 
when its time comes. yoshlik ~lari days 
of youth. ~i bilan in due time.kezak 
dial.s. kez. 
kibernetika: (Russian) cybernetics. 
kibor: obs. (Arabic) aristocrat, nobility; 
proud, conceited. ~lar aristocracy, high 
society. o?zini ~ tut- to behave 
arrogantly.kibr-havo, kibru havoairs, 
pride and conceit. 
kibr: (Arabic) pride, conceit. 
kibrlan-: v.i.  to be proud, conceited. 
kibrli: proud, conceited, vain. 
kibrlik: vanity, pride, conceit. 
kichik lit.: (Persian) small, little; 
young; minor. ~ kelinoyi the wife of 
the younger of one's elder brothers. ~ 
yosh young. ~ to?y engagement. ~ 
xotin younger wife (in polygamy). 
kichiklash-: v.i.  to shrink. 
kichiklik: abstr. of ~ qil- to be or act 
too young; to be too small. u ~idan 
muzikaga qiziqardi He?s been 
interersted in music since he was small. 
kichiri: a kind of goulash (s. 
kichkina: small, little, tiny. 
kichkinalik: abstr. of kichkina; s. 
kichkintoy: junior, tot, small fry. 
kichray-: v.i.  to shrink, to diminish. 
kichrayt-: v.t.  ~ish va Erkalatish 
qo?shimchalari diminutive suffixes. 
kifoya: (Arabic) sufficient, adequate. ~ 
qil- to be sufficient. 
kifoyat: arch.    (Arabic) s. kifoya. 
kifoylan-: v.i.  to be satisfied. 
kift: (Arabic) shoulder. yakka ~ bo?lib 
sideways. ~ini keltir- (coll.) to do well, 
to do a good job of. ~li 
kigiz: felt; felt mat. ~ Etik felt boots. 
kilo: (Russian) kilo. 
kilogramm: (Russian) kilogram. besh 
~li tosh a five-kilogram stone. 
kilovatt: (Russian) kilowatt. 
kilovatt-soat: (Russian) kilowatt-hour. 
kim: who? who, who(so)ever; some? 
others. ~ing u, ukangmi? Who (lit., 
who of yours) is that, your brother? 
uning sizdan boshqa ~i bor? Who else 
does he have besides you? uning ishini 
~ ko?rmasin, maqtaydi Whoever sees 
his work praises it. ~ da-~ whoever. ~ 
somonxonaga ketgan, ~lar 
omborxonada some went to the barn, 
others (slept) in the storage shed. ~ 
oshdi savdosi auction. u ~ligini 
aytmadi He didn?t say who he 
was.kimarsa arch.s. kimsa. 
kimdir: someone or other; 
kimsa: person, entity, soul. 

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kimsan: so-and-so, what's-his-face; 
none other than... (with the implication 
of superior status). ~ - oqsoqolning 
xotini the wife of the elder so-and-so. 
kimsasiz: without anyone; without a 
soul, empty. 
kimxob: (Persian) gold brocade. 
kimyo: (Arabic) alchemy; chemistry (s. 
kimyogar: (Persian) chemist (s. 
ximik).kimyogarlik obs.(practice of) 
kimyoviy: (Arabic) chemical (s. 
kin lit.: (Persian) enmity, 
grudge.kindak coll.s. kindik. 
kindik 1: umbilical cord; navel, 
bellybutton; heart, center. ~ qoni 
to'kilgan er/joy/tuproq birthplace. 
kindik 2: place where the supports 
holding up the middle of a tightrope 
kindik 3: arava ~i joist on a cart. 
kindor lit.: (Persian) holding a grudge; 
kinematograf (Russian): 
cinematographer; cinematography. 
kinematografist (Russian): 
kinematografiya (Russian): 
kineskop: (Russian) television tube. 
kinetik adj.: (Russian) kinetic. 
kinetika: (Russian) kinetics. 
kinli: s. kindor.kinna coll.the evil eye. 
~ sol- to drive off the effects of the evil 
eye (through spells, etc.). ~ soldir- to 
have the effects of the evil eye driven 
kinnachi: one who reads spells, etc. to 
undo the effects of the evil eye. 
kinnachilik: (specializing in) reading 
spells and performing other rights to 
undo the effects of the evil eye. 
kinnakash: s. kinnachi. 
kino: (Russian) cinema; movie, motion 
picture, film;/coll.) the movies, movie 
theater. ~ga tush- to go to the theater. 
kinoaktrisa: (Russian) film actress. 
kinoaktyor: (Russian) film actor. 
kinoapparat: (Russian) movie camera. 
kinoapparatura (Russian): 
cinematographic equipment. 
kinoartist: (Russian) film actor. 
kinobudka: (Russian) viewing booth. 
kinodramaturgiya (Russian): 
kinofabrika: (Russian) [kinofabrika]?? 
kinofestival": (Russian) film festival. 
kinofil"m: (Russian) film, movie. 
kinojurnal: (Russian) newsreel. 
kinokartina (Russian): 
(non-documentary) film. 
kinolashtir-: to set up cinemas (in an 
kinolenta: (Russian) film reel. 
kinomexanik: (Russian) cinema 
kinooperator: (Russian) camera-man. 
kinoplyonka: (Russian) movie film. 
kinoprokat: (Russian) film 
distribution; film distributor. 
kinorejissyor: (Russian) film director. 
kinosayohatchi: ?? 
kinostsenariya: (Russian) film 
kinostudiya: (Russian) film studio. 
kinoteatr: (Russian) movie theater. 
kinotomoshabin: movie viewer. 
kinoustanovka: (Russian) film 
kinoxronika: (Russian) news-reel. 
kinoya: (Arabic) allegory, metaphor; 
sarcasm; hint, allusion. ~ bilan gapir- 
to speak figuratively. ~ qil- to speak 
sarcastically (of). 
kinoyali: figurative, metaphorical; 
kinoyaomuz: sarcastically; 
kioska: (Russian) kiosk, stall, booth. 
gazeta ~si newsstand. 
kiprik: eyelash. ~ qoqmay/qoqmasdan 
without getting a wink of sleep. 
kir-: to enter, to go/come into, to get 
into; to join; to be included in, to be 
considered. shu yoshga ~ib having 
lived this long, up to this age, so far in 
(my) life. go'rga ~- to enter the grave. 
erga ~- to die and be buried; to be 
mortified (to want the ground to open 
up and swallow you). paranjiga ~- to 
reach the age of wearing the tushiga ~- 
to dream of. [kirgiz-, kirgizil-, kiril-, 
kirit-, kiritil-, kirish-] 
kir-chir: dirty laundry (of all sorts); 
dirty, filthy. 
kir: dirt, grime (on the body or 
clothing); dirty laundry. ~ chayqa- to 
rinse or wash laundry. ~ yuv- to do the 
laundry. ~ o'ra pit for wastewater from 
clotheswashing. ~ tog'ora laundry tub 
(s. ~ yuvdi ceremony held the third day 
after s.o.'s burial (the deceased's 
clothes are washed and given to the 
washer). ko'nglida ~ yo'q pure at heart. 
kira: (Arabic) rent, hire (for transport); 
(in) exchange, return (for). ~ qil- to 
hire (transport); to make money from 
hiring out vehicles or animals. ~siga 
nima berasiz? What will you give me 
in return? 
kirachi: s. kirakash. 
kirakash: (Persian) carrier, driver. 
kirakashlik: carrying, carrier's trade; 
rent of transport. 
kirarli-chiqarli: coming and going, 
here and there, now here, now not. 
kiraverish: entrance, entranceway. 
kirchi: launderer, wash-man or 
kirdi-chiqdi: comings and goings; 
uneven, crooked. ~ daftari accounts 
kirdikor: (Persian) misdeed, 
kirim-chiqim: income and expenses; 
kirim: income. 
kirish-: v.i.  coop. of kir-; to enter 
upon, to undertake; to get along with, 
to befriend; to shrink (material); to be 
expended on, to be consumed by. 
kirish: v.n. of ~ man Etiladi no 
admittance, entry forbidden. ~ haqi/~ 

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so?zi introductory remarks. ~-chiqish 
entry and exit. 
kirishimli: friendly, outgoing. 
kirka: (Russian) pickaxe. 
kirkik: call used to lure quail (bedana). 

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