The DyStar Group at a glance Name DyStar Textilfarben GmbH

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The DyStar Group at a glance

  • Name DyStar Textilfarben GmbH

  • Sales about EUR 900 million

  • Employees approx. 4,400 worldwide

  • Locations Headquarters in Frankfurt

  •  Regional Centres in Frankfurt (Germany), Singapore and Charlotte (USA)

  •  34 sales companies in key markets

  •  Agencies in about 50 other countries

  •  24 production facilities in 14 countries

DyStar's history

  • July 1995 Formation of DyStar as the textile dyes company of Bayer and Hoechst

  • October 2000 Merger with BASF textile dyes

  • May 2002 Acquisition of Color Solutions Inc.

  • February 2004 Acquisition of the textile dyes business of Yorkshire Americas Inc.

  • August 2004 Acquisition of DyStar by Platinum Equity

  • January 2005 Acquisition of the Rotta Group

  • August 2006 Acquisition of the Boehme Group

DyStar's business areas

DyStar's business areas

Our offer for the textile industry

Our offer for the textile industry

Global market leader in all major dye classes

Ongoing investment is key to success

  • DyStar spends 3 - 4% of sales on in-house R&D



Remazol Deep Black GWF

Remazol Deep Black GWF

  • Remazol Deep Black GWF:

  • For intensive colourfast shades of black

  • The main features at a glance:

  • Top fastness properties

  • Excellent build-up

  • Flexible application (exhaust/CPB/continuous)

  • Good reproducibility

  • Flexible shading (neutral black)

  • Excellent wash-off properties

  • Dischargeable

  • Conforms to Oeko-Tex Standard 100 requirements

Dyestuffs for Workwear

Telon RN

Process Developments

Process Developments

Trends in Textile Printing

  • Massive cost and price pressure

  • Shorter yardages

  • Continuous reduction in lead times

  • Increasing individualisation of designs

    • More designs, shorter fashion cycles
    • More colours
    • New effects that cannot be printed using conventional technology
  • Ecological demands are steadily increasing

Digital textile printing

DyStar products for digital textile printing

  • Under the Jettex® brand name we offer:

  • Inks based on the main colorant classes used in textile printing

  • Diluents for optimum customer and software-specific configuration of the ink set-up

  • Cleaning agent for printhead maintenance

  • Pretreatment recommendations for all fabrics

  • Contacts to machine and software suppliers

  • Expert know-how in conventional textile printing

  • A worldwide technical support network

Process Developments

Continuous Dyeing

  • With the intelligent combination of ...

  • new machine technology

  • modern reactive dyes

  • innovative auxiliary-systems

  • there are still new ways of

  • cost optimisation

  • an example …

New Development: Econtrol TTN


Process Developments

A.D.A.M. - An Advanced Diamond Application Method

A.D.A.M. - An Advanced Diamond Application Method

Our offer for the textile industry

Our auxiliaries offer for the textile industry

Multiple Dimensions of Protection

Evo® functional textile effects

The acquisition of Boehme strengthens our textile auxiliaries portfolio

Our offer for the textile industry

Our textile services offer

Our textile services offer

Ecology Solutions bring Econfidence

Ecological problems in global sourcing

How can DyStar Ecology Solutions help?

  • Global products conforming to all applicable chemical legislation

  • Widest product selection available meeting your chemical restriction criteria

  • Advice on any coloristic implications of your eco-criteria

  • Highest standards of hazard communication via high quality MSDS

  • Assistance in communication of eco-specifications to supply chain partners

  • A local contact partner for expert help in all major textile processing markets

  • A reliable partner at the front-end of your supply chain

Ecology Solutions - your benefits

Ecology Solutions - building confidence into your textile supply chain

DyStar - a leading provider of textile solutions

Shaping success with leading global brands

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