The edb is the apex organisation of the Government of Mauritius, operating under the aegis of the Ministry of Finance

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The EDB is the apex organisation of the Government of Mauritius, operating under the aegis of the Ministry of Finance, 

Economic Planning and Development, and mandated to, inter alia, act as the main institution responsible for country 

branding and investment promotion; advise on strategic planning and economic policy formulation; and ensure a 

conducive business environment in Mauritius.

Introductory Remarks by Hon. Mahen Kumar Seeruttun, Minister of Financial Services & Good Governance 

A presentation on the recent developments of the Mauritius jurisdiction by Mr. Faraz Rojid, Head of Financial 

Services of the EDB;

“India and Mauritius - unlocking opportunities together”, by Mr. Nishith Desai, Founder of Nishith Desai Associates 

Mauritius IFC – A Regulatory Perspective, by Mrs. Renu Audit, Director of Authorization and Supervision, Financial 

Services Commission

Questions and Answers

Closing remarks by Mr. Seewraj Nundlall, Economic Counsellor, Economic Development Board of Mauritius

Mumbai Office


 Via Webex 

“Recent Developments and 

Innovation in the 


International Financial Centre ”

 17th September 2020

The Webinar will deep-dive into opportunities offered 

by the Mauritius IFC as an investment hub, highlighting 

the innovation-driven spirit and the new developments.


In partnership with 

Time: 14:30 (IST) 13:00 (Mru time)

Click here to register 

The session will comprise a series of discussions on the 


•FPI managers;

•Tax advisors and intermediaries;

•Family office advisors and HNWIs;

•Estate planning professionals;

•Fund managers and administrators.

Who should attend?

The recently-promulgated Family Office Rules 2020, and the 

forthcoming Variable Capital Company structure;

Mauritius as the hub for Foreign Portfolio Investments;

The concepts of Trust, Foundations and Protected Cell 

Companies as tools for succession and estate planning; and

The strengthened and steadfast AML-CFT Framework in 

Mauritius, including the expeditious initiatives taken by the 

Government of Mauritius to adhere to the FATF and EU 


The Economic Development Board of Mauritius (EDB), in partnership with 

Nishith Desai Associates, have the pleasure to invite you to a Webinar 


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