The English trifle

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The English trifle
1. The English trifle is a typical dessert that’s been popular for more than 400 years.
2. First place an even layer of sponge fingers on the bottom of the bowl.
3. The only thing left to do is to decorate it however you wish. Maybe with more fresh fruit or toasted almonds?
4. Once it’s solid, add the custard and pour the cream on top.
5. Then cover this with a layer of strawberries and pour the liquid jelly on top. Put it in the fridge so that it sets and solidifies.
6. You’ll need some sponge fingers, strawberries, jelly, cream and custard.
Want to get fit
1. So you want to get fit? We can help you! Follow these easy steps.
2. Once there, you’ll see a big blue button saying ‘Sign up’.
3. It will take you to the home page of our website.
4. Fill it in with all your personal details and then click ‘Send’.
5. Begin by following the link below this advertisement.
6. Click on the button and the registration form will open.

The founder of WSPU
1.Emmeline Pankhurst was born on 14 July 1858 in Moss Side, Manchester.
2.In 1903, along with her daughters Sylvia and Christabel, she founded the Women’s Social and Political Union(WSPU).
3.She decided that wanted to do something to change this situation.
4.The WSPU had been taking action for years, thus often being characterized as a radical party ,in order to get their message heard before they finally did it.
5.As she grew older, Emmeline noticed that women were threated differently to men, for example they weren’t allowed to vote.
6. Her family were rich and her parents were both interested in politics.

Team Teaching
1-Teachers teaching can be enjoyable for both students and teachers.
2- It could also be another teacher who has a different teaching style might be difficult.
3-Another teacher's help can also reduce the time spent on preparing those activities.
4- However these problems can be fixed and team teaching can create a great learning environment.
5- While there benefits to team teaching, there can be problems as well.
6- Students will enjoy seeing another's classroom activities and learning from their experiences.
7- Working with another to equally divide the work when marking assignments.
Answers: __________________________________________________
The writer
1-Joe Benson was born in Liverpool in 1992.
2-So he decided to do it himself and printed his first book of short stories in 2011.
3-People liked it and he sold 3.000 copies in just over a week.
4-He sold more and more books and was rich before he was twenty.
5-He sent them to lots of publishing companies but they refused to publish them.
6-He loved reading all kinds of stories as a child at school.
7-While he was still student he wrote several stories.
Answers: ______________________________________________________

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