The importance of job

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There is no doubt that the job and mastery of the work is one of the most important reasons for the advancement and progress of the communities and all that you will find here in Job essay.
 The importance of job
Work has a great importance in human life, it is the source of livelihood of his family, without this work, life can not continue.
The importance of work is to determine the economic and social level of the person, So that the person is named in the name of the work or job in which he is: such as the doctor, engineer, carpenter and other names.
The work is of great importance in the development of society and progress, as in the society that depends on useful work living standards increase and reduce the proportion of poverty.
Therefore, the society is able to move forward in the process of development and civilization, and keep abreast of the latest developments.The community can rely on itself in production, which gives it international significance in the political fields.
The work contributes to the mobilization of leisure time with useful things, especially for the youth, and thus prevents corruption and deviation within the community, and helps the work owner in building his personality, and young people can also build a family.
Mastering work and completing it to the fullest is a basic rule in any work or profession carried out by man, The Prophet (peace and blessings of Allaah be upon him) called for mastery of work and made it a basic pillar of Islam and a means of reaching God’s satisfaction and love.
The perfection of the work depends on sincerity and the completion of work in accordance with the rules and conditions required by the employer, and not to use the means of fraud to obtain funds in improper ways.
Work is a precious gem, only known to those who miss it, and has become a victim of the specter of unemployment.
Man must master his work and work in useful things that contribute to the building of his society and development, and away from work in areas that lead him and his society to the path of destruction and collapse.
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