The importance of the internet in the social life of

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International Journal of Early Childhood Special Education (INT-JECSE) 
DOI:10.9756/INTJECSE/V14I7.14 ISSN: 1308-5581 Vol 14, Issue 07 2022 
Sotiboldiev Gayratjon Otamirzaevich, 
Senior lecturer 
Namangan Engineering – Construction Institute 
Uzbekistan, Namangan 
Abstract: The article analyzes the role of information and communication and Internet technologies in the 
development of public life in the Republic of Uzbekistan. Modern communication technologies implemented in all 
spheres are a convenient and operational means of information exchange and service, as well as contribute to further 
ensuring transparency, openness and reliability, increase the effectiveness of their interaction with the population of 
the country. So this article discusses the importance of the Internet in the public life of Uzbekistan and the role of 
social networks in the social, cultural and educational life of the country. 
Key words: Internet, social network, source of information, virtual world, social relations, development, ICT. 
At the end of the XX and beginning of the XXI centuries, the necessary conditions for a qualitatively new 
stage in the development of information were formed on the basis of the penetration of various technologies and 
systems for the production, processing, transmission, distribution of information into Uzbekistan. Information 
communication technologies have created an information environment that is gradually dominant in the 
development of society. The development of information activity necessitates the development of information 
relations of society. This, in turn, affects the consciousness of society, creating a historically new informological 
form of social consciousness. It is known from history that humanity has carried out three information revolutions in 
its civilization. While the first was the invention of writing, the second was the invention of book printing by the 
German scientist Guttenberg in the 40s of the 15th century. These two information revolutions served to expand the 
scale of human knowledge. The third information revolution is undoubtedly the coming to the world of the internet. 
With the advent of the Internet, too many aspects of life began to move one after another into the virtual world. Our 
President Sh.M.Mirziyoyev noted:"today it is impossible to talk about modernization and renewal of our country
achieving sustainable development without extensive development of information and communication technologies, 
the internet system" [1]. 
In Uzbekistan, from 1998 to 2021, 87 decisions and laws on information communication technologies and 28 
on the internet were adopted. Information communication technologies make a huge contribution to the 
development of world science. The development of the Internet and related technologies in our country has led to 
the fact that it has become a leading media, the most important information resource that ensures the functioning of 
all structures of modern society, as well as an organizational and technological basis. As a result of the penetration 
of the internet into Uzbekistan and the effective use of it by the population of the country, they acquire new sources 
of information. Ultimately, it becomes important to justify whether the information that humans receive is correct or 
incorrect. Today, social networks play an important role in the socio-political, cultural and educational life of the 
country. Until the end of the XX century, there was a great interest in the social,cultural and educational life of our 
country, mainly in art books, newspapers and magazines and today these have been replaced by a quick source of 
information-social networks. Users of the Facebook network in Uzbekistan have reached 1 million. They are on 
average 25-34 years old, with 65.5 percent being men and 34.5 percent being our wives. At the moment, 1 billion in 
the world Instagram with a like audience has 1,586,500 users in Uzbekistan. And Facebook of 2,476,590 brought 
together 686,400 people in our country. 200 million Telegram18 million dollars in Uzbekistan serving the man"[2]. 
When thinking about the spiritual education of today's younger generation, our President Sh.M.Mirziyoyevit 
is permissible to mention: "it is known to you that at present in our country great importance is attached to 
increasing the level of reading and raising the culture of reading. But the fact that many of our children disconnect 
from the book and spend a lot of time on social networks is also a question. 
Of course, we do not deny the role and importance of the Internet and other modern sources of information. 
It's hard to imagine our life today without the Internet" [3]. At a time when the world information space is 
expanding, it is necessary not to surround the minds of our youth, but to give a special emphasis to their spiritual 
education, to show the right way to the events and phenomena taking place, not wrapped in our own shell. Because 
today the task is set to build an open and free democratic society in our country. It should be noted separately that in 
the process of globalization, messages directed against the spiritual education of our today's youth, which at first 
glance seem trivial, can also cause irreparable harm. Analysis of the capabilities and role of the internet global 
information computer network in Uzbekistan shows the following positive results in personal and social 
development: the use of the internet as a kind of "means of mass communication", a huge information base. a 

International Journal of Early Childhood Special Education (INT-JECSE) 
DOI:10.9756/INTJECSE/V14I7.14 ISSN: 1308-5581 Vol 14, Issue 07 2022 
powerful tool for monitoring, scientific work, organization of creativity. With the help of the Internet, the world 
electronic market, electronic business is being formed. In the political sphere, the Internet protects a person from the 
influence of one-direction ideology as a person. The most striking features of the internet are manifested in its 
uniqueness, nationalism, openness, nonlinear nature, complexity, integration and universality. 
The main problems that arise in the development of the global information network can be described as 
follows: There is no way to control the volume of information posted on networks. Various information appears, 
among which there are many morally negative ones. The Internet makes special demands on the mental and physical 
abilities of a person, since it leads to a lack of immersion in the system, that is, penetration into the virtual world, 
alienation from real life. 
"The lack of convincing information on the internet about the cultural, historical, national, literary, artistic 
and other wealth of the country leads to"cultural isolation" from the outside world. A valuable item of budget 
income of any state can lose the information and intellectual (product sales and services) sphere", - writes Allayarov 
Today there are almost few sites covering the history of our country in Uzbekistan. Only the 
activity of his site is noticeably noticeable. Therefore, it is necessary to increase the number of such sites and if 
necessary, organize sites on the scale of the regions that cover the history of our motherland, beautiful historical and 
cultural monuments of our country. This, in turn, makes a huge contribution to the spread of the history of our 
country to the world, to the development of tourism. 
Highlighting reliable sources about the history, culture and social life of Uzbekistan in the world information 
space today, the historian sets the following tasks for intellectuals: 
1. To express the truthful attitude of historians to the information provided on the history of Uzbekistan on 
the Internet; 
2. On the internet, information about the cultural, historical, national and other material and spiritual wealth 
of the country is included by historians-specialists. 
3. Formation of information that nurtures in the spirit of reverence, loyalty to the Motherland, which forms 
national pride in the minds of young people. 
4. Organization by historians of sites that encourage the study of the history of the motherland, strengthen the 
ideological immunity of young people. 
In conclusion, there are not many scientific studies on the topic of the history of the penetration of the 
internet into Uzbekistan. Today, the emergence of new professions, such as blogging, freelancing activities, has not 
been studied from the point of view of historians, new terms formed thanks to information communication 
technologies and the Internet. 

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