The influence of local food on tourist motivation in Bukhara

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Influence of local food on tourist motivation in Bukhara
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The influence of local food on tourist motivation in Bukhara

  1. Abstract

Gastronomy is one of the main factors in tourist destination. Furthermore, motivation to travel to a destination is also important for destination management for marketing strategies and capacity building. While the literature supports the view that there is a link between local cuisine and tourism, little is known about tourist`s motives to travel for local food and understanding how local cuisine can contribute to the tourist`s overall experience while visiting a destination. The aim of this study is to assess the motivation of international tourists for the consumption of local cuisine in Bukhara, one of the oldest cities of Uzbekistan, which attracts many tourists with its ancient rich history and remarkable places. In this paper it will be learned how does local food work in destination branding in Bukhara. Because, Central Asia is famous for delicious and cheap food. It was mentioned that food in tourism has been under investigated in most tourism studies. As usual all travelers cannot exclude the consumption of food from any travel purposes either for business or leisure, because, eating is a necessity rather than an obligation. Food cooked from local ingredients is also served at restaurants as a means of adding value to the guest`s eating experience and to respond to customers` recently acquired interest in local food and local cuisine. (Pieniak et al., 2009). There is a type of tourists which travel with the principal and/or secondary motivation of discovering a different cuisine, learning more about it, relaxing by tasting the typical local dishes, cultural enrichment, etc. Therefore, in this regard, it is important to analyze the perception that the visitors have with respect to the local food, especially in the countries which is attracting more tourists, day by day and the authenticity of the local gastronomy.
Gastronomical part of tourist motivation in Bukhara is not studied widely. Bukhara is famous for Abu Ali ibn Sino (Avicenna) and the oldest buildings in Central Asia among international tourists, but which local food can remember tourists who visited Bukhara? If analyze reviews from Bukhara is being famous not only with its ancient places, but also with local food which are being presented to international tourists. Even vegetarian tourists expecting that Uzbekistan is the country of meat lovers where they would have issues with finding something for themselves are really wrong. They can find vegetarian options of all the best Uzbek dishes without any problems.

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