The Jewett City Dept of Public Utilities has an employment opportunity for an experienced professional

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The Jewett City Dept. of Public Utilities has an employment opportunity for an experienced professional 

to oversee the day to day operations of a 1.1 mgd advanced wastewater treatment facility and 

associated collection/pumping systems in accordance with State Regulatory Agencies, Environmental 

Protection Agency and local ordinances.  The candidate supervises all Water Pollution Control Authority 

staff and is a direct report to the Director of Utilities. 

The candidate plans, organizes and supervises the daily work of the utility including schedules, staffing, 

budgeting, and purchasing.  He/she must have a thorough knowledge of equipment, facilities, SCADA, 

materials, and procedures used in the operation of a waste water treatment facility, have knowledge of 

chemical, bacteriological and biological systems (including nitrogen and phosphorus removal, u.v. 

disinfection and solids handling).  The successful candidate should possess a working knowledge of 

laboratory procedures associated with the operation of a wastewater treatment plant. 

Minimum 4 to 7 years practical experience in wastewater treatment with at least 2 years in a 

supervisory capacity.  Candidate must have a valid CT Grade 4 wastewater treatment operator’s license 

with some experience in the laboratory.  Interested candidates should send resume to:  Jewett City 

Dept. of Public Utilities, 9 East Main Street Jewett City, CT  06351 Attn:  Director of Utilities. 

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