The notebook for English Control works Kyzyltepa district School №42 The pupil of 11th b class

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for English Control works

Kyzyltepa district School № 42

The pupil of 11th B class




Control work 1


Match the words with the following definitions.


The environment in which an individual or staff works

a) woodcutter


The quality or state of being physically strong

b) timber merchant


Make something more modern

c) salary


A person who sells wood

d) working conditions


The achievement of the results wanted or hoped for

e) motivated


A person who cuts down trees or branches

f) strength


Believe someone /something will arrive or happen soon

g) sharpened


Being encouraged to do something

h) update


A fixed regular payment, typically paid monthly

i) expected


Being improved or updated

j) succes














Fill in the gaps with for, since or yet.

1. She has been in London _______Monday.

2. She has been in London ______ four days.

3. Mike has been ill ….a long time. He has been in hospital _____ October.

4. What are you doing this evening? I don't know _______

5. The bus is late. We have been waiting ______ 20 minutes.

6. Where is Tom? He isn't here _______

7. Nobody lives in those houses. They have been empty _____ many years.

8. I haven't finished eating ______


Read the text and answer the questions.

The Body shop

When I opened the first 'Body shop' in 1976 my only object was to earn enough to feed my children. Today ' The Body Shop' is an international company rapidly growing all around the world. In the years since we began I have learned a lot. Much of what I have learned will be found in this book, I believe that we, as a company, have something worth saying about how to run a successful business without giving up what we really believe in. It's not a normal business book, it is just about my life. The message is that to succeed in business you have to be different. Business can be fun, business can be run with love and it can do well. In business, as in life, I need to enjoy myself, to have a feeling of family and to feel excited by the unexpected. I have always wanted the people who work for ''The Body Shop'' to feel the same way.


1. What is the writer's main purpose in writing this text?

a) To tell the reader her life story

b) To introduce her ideas to the reader

c) To explain how international companies operate

2. What would someone learn from this text?

a) How to make a lot of money

b) How to write a book about business

c) What the writer's book is about.

3. How does the writer feel about the business she runs?

a) She just runs it for her own entertainment

b) It is not like any other company

c) It is likely to become even more successful.

4. What kind of workers does the writer like to employ?

a) She seems to be someone with strong opinions.

b) She doesn't seem to be very confident

c) She sees running business as just a job.








Grade 11. Control work 2


Read through the text and choose ONE answer for each question.

Pet Doctor

There’s an old saying in the theatre world “Never work with children or animals”. It’s a pity that Heijman Gross has never heard this piece of advice, or if he has, that he didn’t pay attention to it. It’s not so much that Pet Doctor is a bad film, although I can’t really find many reasons for saying it’s a good one. It’s more that it makes me angry. Gross is a good actor. His appearance on the New York stage last winter in Shakespeare’s ’Romeo and Juliet’ showed that he really can act. So what’s he doing in this nonsense? It’s a story about a small town doctor who finds he’s making more money by looking after the local children’s pets than by looking after humans. Then he gets into trouble with the police, because he doesn’t have the right sort of licence to do this and, surprise, the children and their pets find a way to solve his problems. I won’t say how, as it’s the only part of the film that’s even slightly original or amusing. If you have to see it, you’d be annoyed with me for telling you. But my advice is, when it comes to a cinema near you stay in and shampoo the cat.


1. What is the writer trying to do in the text?

a) Compare Herman Gross with another actor.

b) Give his or her opinion about using animals in films

c) Give his or her opinion about Pet Doctor.
2. The text gives the reader ...

a) information about a new film.

b) ideas about how animals should be cared for.

c) news about the lives of film stars.
3. The writer thinks that Pet Doctor is ...

a) amusing.

b) original.

c) not worth seeing.
4. Why did the writer mention Romeo and Juliet?

a) It’s an example of a really good play.

b) Gross proved he’s a good actor in it.

c) The central characters are very young.

5. Which one of these TV guides is describing Pet Doctor?

a) A doctor is loved by the children whose pets he cures. But everything goes wrong and he is sent to prison.

b) A doctor finds he can cure local animals, then discovers this isn’t allowed. But it all finishes happily.

c) A doctor prefers animals to humans and stops looking after his patients. People are dying, the animals are cured, then the police arrive ...

Grammar and Vocabulary.

Complete the sentences using the correct form of the verbs in brackets.

1. If I _________ (do) well in the exam, my parents will buy me an MP3 player.

2. If my sister borrows my clothes again, I ____________ (scream).

3. We'll leave at six o'clock if the weather ____________ (be) bad.

4. They ____________ (not\ mind ) if we're a bit late this afternoon.

5. Sarah will be very annoyed if Dave ____________ (not\call) her this evening.

6. Will you still go to the concert if the tickets ____________ (cost) 60 euros?

7. If Rania doesn't come to the party, ____________ (Greg\be) upset?

8. I'll be surprised if Doug and Dana ____________ (not\get) a new car soon.

Circle the correct word or phrase.

9. If I win/won a million euros, I'd buy my mum and dad a new house.

11. If Steve paid more attention in class, he (will/would) learn more.

12.If you ____________ (tell) me you were going to the beach I'd have come with you

13. If Dan had missed the plane, he ____________ (be) very annoyed.

14. I'd have got a present if I ____________ (know) it was your birthday.

Write the synonyms of the following words.

1. damage – ______________________

2. people – _______________________

3. jungle – _______________________

4. set on fire – ____________________

5. rescue – _______________________

6. endanger – _____________________

7. remedy – ______________________

8. rush – _________________________

9. precipitation – __________________


Control work 3

1.- Complete the sentences with the words and phrases below.

aware delayed departure go abroad luggage overnight treacherous

  1. We stayed ___________________ in an expensive hotel. Unfortunately, we had to leave the next day.

  2. The ___________________ time is 15:00. However, we must be at the station early to buy the tickets.

  3. Most people are ____________________ of the importance of protecting our environment and that’s why they used public means of transport.

  4. The driver put all the ____________________ in the back of the taxi before he drove to the airport.

  5. My parents have decided they don’t want to _______________________ this year. We’re going to have our holiday close to home instead.

  6. That mountain road is _________________________. There have been many accidents on it this year.

  7. If your train is _______________________, it will leave late.

2. Complete the dialogue with the words and phrases below.

airline book a room flights go abroad go sightseeing

holiday accommodation resort return ticket youth hostel


How about going to Greece for our summer holiday? There are

(1) _____________________ to Athens now for only £79!


That’s such a low price. It must be only for one way.


No, it’s definitely a (2) _______________________.


Which (3) ________________________ is offering that?


It’s called Wings. Let’s go online and book seats!


Great! I’ve always wanted to go on (4) _____________________ to Greece! Where do you think we should stay?


I’m sure we can get cheap (5) ______________________ - maybe we can stay at a (6) _____________________ rather than at a fancy (7) ___________________________.


Great idea. Let’s try to (8) ___________________________ online.


Do you think we will need a car?


No. We won’t need one. We’ll be able to (9) ________________________ on foot or by bus.


You’re right. OK. Let’s do it. Let’s make arrangements to (10) ______________________ this summer!

3.- Complete the passage by adding a suitable noun or adjective suffix to the words in brackets.

Enjoying Time in Airports

In recent years, airports have become very 1 ___________________ (stress) place where passengers face long queues, delays and lost luggage. In addition, there now seems to be little 2 ___________________ (differ) between the terminal of a 3 ____________________ (type) airport and a crowded, noisy shopping centre. But airports in some cities – including Paris, Amsterdam and San Francisco – offer travellers a quieter alternative: art museums. Some feature work by contemporary local 4 ___________________ (art), while others make 5 _____________________ (arrange) with major museums that allow them to borrow important works of art for special 6 _____________________ (exhibit).

7 ____________________ (inform) about airport museums is available online – so why not look it up before your next flight?

4. Do this exercise before you listen. Match the vocabulary with the correct definition and write a – d next to the number 1 – 4.
1…….. platform a. A small piece of paper to allow you to use a train or bus.

2…….. ticket b. The place in a train station where people get on and get off trains.

3…….. single (ticket) c. A ticket to travel to a place, but not to travel back

4…….. return (ticket) d. A ticket to travel to a place and back again.

5. Do this exercise while you listen. Write the correct answer to these questions.

1. Which platform does the 10.15 train to Cambridge leave from? _______________

2. How much is a single ticket to Manchester? _______________

3. Which platform does the 12.30 train to Manchester leave from? _______________

4. What time does the train arrive at Exeter? _______________

5. What time is the train back to London? _______________

6. Which platform does the train back to London leave from? _______________

Answer key:

1. Complete the sentences with the words and phrases below.

1. overnight

2. departure

3. aware

4. luggage

5. go abroad

6. treacherous

7. delayed


Control work 4

Common Scams

Targeted At Teens

The inexperienced and trusting nature of young people is often what causes them to fall victim to scam artists. Some scam artists know how to identify and take advantage of teens and their need to fit in. Also, because teens are often so involved in new technology and web-based interactions, it's no surprise that many scammers have found the Internet to be the optimal environment for preying on teens.

Have you ever seen ads online for cheap iPhones, electronic gadgets, designer clothes and other luxury goods being sold at just a fraction of the retail price? Many of these advertisements are simply scams aimed at unsuspecting youngsters who are looking for a good deal. However, in many cases, these cheap goods don't even exist. After these teens hand over their money to the scam artist, they never receive the promised merchandise. Sadly, these teens are often so embarrassed about being duped that they won't tell their parents or the authorities.

Some young people may be naïve to a point where they don't even realise that they could be victims of identity theft. Many of these scams operate online, making use of emails or pop-up windows that ask for verification of account information, credit card information or any other kind of personal data, which teens hand over without further thought.

Many teens want also to personalize their gadgetry with new ringtones and wallpaper images. Some companies target teens for these "free" services that send new ringtones and images on a regular basis. However, what they don't advertise is that this service comes with a hefty fee that'll be added to the phone bill each month. So, it’s important to know that if anything looks too good to be true, then probably it is.

In the end, parents should make their children aware of any potential scams, even if they need to repeat themselves because it's always better to be safe than sorry.

A. From the list below (A to E), choose two options to complete the following statement correctly according to the text.

The author supports his view that young people easily become scam victims by …

A. describing different types of frauds affecting teens.

B. presenting some figures.

C. criticising teens’ addiction to the Internet.

D. characterising the scam artists’ profile.

E. giving examples of teens’ vulnerabilities and the scammers’ strategies.

B. Select from the text four adjectives the author uses to characterise teens.

1. ______________________________

2. ______________________________

3. ______________________________

4. ______________________________

C. Complete the sentences with information from the text.

a. Teens wouldn’t be scammed so easily if they… _______________________________

b. Teens’ desire to fit in makes it’s easier … ___________________________________

c. Advertising cheap luxury goods online are a lure for teens because they …


d. Teens’ embarrassment about being cheated prevents them …


e. Teens don’t even realize that they could be victims of identity theft when they ….


D. Which sentences from the text suggest the following?

a. Teens are best deceived online.


b. So-called “free of charge services” often turn out to be very expensive.


c. Be aware that appearances can be deceptive.


d. Being cautious is always better than regretting something later.


E. Put the verbs in brackets in the infinitive or ing-form.

I believe that advertising has become such a routine part of everyday life that we rarely stop (1. think) ___________ about its influence. Perhaps that’s because it doesn’t have much impact on me. It only helps me in (2. choose) ___________ which thing (3. buy) ____________when the choice is extensive. For example, it may (4. help) ____________ to decide which mobile phone or which shampoo. But does it encourage me (5. want) ______________ more mobile phones or more shampoo? No way! Is it proved that advertising actually makes people (6. consume) ______________ more? I hope not, though many people are made (7. believe) ____________ anything and are getting used to (8. buy) ____________ stuff simply because they have seen it on TV.

F. Now complete this text about consumer rights. Write the numbers and missing words only.

As advertising has the potential to -1- people into commercial transactions that they might otherwise avoid, many governments around the world use regulations to -2- misleading advertising.

-3- have the right to know what they are buying, and all the necessary information should be on the -4-. No matter how a business communicates with you – whether it is through advertising packaging, -5- or logos – you have the right to receive -6- and truthful messages about the products and services you buy. You have the right to a repair, replacement or -7- if your goods are -8-, unsafe, do not work or appear as they should.



Listen to the text “Are fast-food advertisers playing you?” and say whether the following statements are TRUE (T), FALSE (F) or NOT MENTIONED (NM).

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