The part in the middle of your arm where it bends a elbow b shoulder c Forearm d Palm Find the word logically out of the list. Hand- ear- eye head ?

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Variant 2
1) Choose the correct answer: “It‟s very hot today.”
A) 14°C b) 18°C c) 23°C d) 40°C
2) Correct the sentence: You can take four potato from the table
a) bottle b) street c) basket d) can
3) The part in the middle of your arm where it bends
a) elbow b) shoulder c) Forearm d) Palm
4) Find the word logically out of the list. Hand- ear- eye - head ?
a) ear b) Hand c) eye d) Head
5) Choose the correct answer: Where ____ you come from?
A) do b) are c) is d) Am
6) You can ride a ____. A) bicycle b) car c) truck d) train
7) Choose the correct answer: I don’t like _____ music.
A) they B) these C) this D) it
8) Choose the correct answer: Bob, _____ is my mother.
A) these B) it C) this D) that
9) Choose the correct answer: “Is _____ exercise very easy?” “No, _____ isn’t.”
A) these / it B) this / its C) these / this D) that / it
10) Choose the correct answer: I like Tom, _____ I don’t like his wife.
A) and B) but C) because D) so
11) Choose the correct answer: I like living here _____ it’s near the shops.
A) because B) so C) and D) but
12) Choose suitable answer: My friend ________________ to the movies tonight.
a) will b) will be c) is going d) won't
13) Complete the sentence. A person who works in a shop is a shop ____
a) shop-assistant b) sale c) owner d) worker
14) The train began to move when the _____________ blew.
a) whistle b) wind c) saxophone d) guitar

15) Complete the sentence. …..are you smiling? – Because I’m happy.
a) what b) when c) why d) who
16) Choose suitable answer: What/Why/Who/------- were you absent yesterday?
a) what b) ----- c) who d) why
17) How/ -----/When/How many books have you got?
A) ----- b) why c) what d) How many
18) Find the correct answer: It is half past eight.
A) 8:30 B) 7:30 C) 18:30 D) 17:30
19) Find the correct answer: It is quarter past eight.
A) 8:30 B) 7:30 C) 8:15 D) 17:15
20) 1) A synonym for CLEVER A) intelligent B) talkative C) relaxed D) Boring
21) I’m meeting my friend … Wednesday A) on B) in C) at D) by
22) I go to school ….. every day. A. At B) between C) On D) -----
23) In France it often snows …. winter. A) at B) on C) in D) from
24) It is harmful to smoke. It is so harmful you harm your health, so you ______smoke. A) should B) mustn’t C) shouldn’t D) can’t
25) It is clear on the school campus, so you do not _________ clean the territory. A) have to B) should C) must D) can
26) Choose the appropriate questions: I am from Canada/ I’m fine, thank you. A) Where are you from? / How are you? C) Where are going? / Who are you? B) When you were born? / Are OK? D) Where is? / How are you?
27) I ______ stay at home on Sundays .
a) am not b) doesn’t c) Don’t d) may
28) My mother ______ a bad headache .
a) has b) am c) have got d) did
29) How much ______ this sweater cost?
a) is b) does c) do d) are
30) It ______ often rain in summer?
a) don’t b) doesn’t c) isn't d) may not
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