The Picture of Dorian

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The Picture of Dorian Gray , Chapter 1

The story I would like to speak is written by Oscar Wild. He is a famous English writer. And one of his pieces of masterpiece is «The picture of Dorian Grey».

The plot of this story centers round the young man who loved only himself for all his life.
Now we have a chapter from this book. And this chapter is full of different stylistic devices.
The author often uses epithets (rich odour, delicate perfume, tremulous branches, sullen murmur of the bees, blue wreaths of smoke…). These epithets daze the emotional force they carry.( Эти эпитеты ошеломляют своей эмоциональной силой.)

At the beginning of the story the author describes the nature with such phrases: wind stirred amidst the trees of the garden; burden of a beauty so flame-like as theirs; sullen mur-mur of the bees; Due to this description he want to express movement in silence. We can also met synonyms («odour», «scent», «perfume» ). So the author not only demonstrates the richness of the language, but also he use gradation from strong to weak : (rich odour», «heavy scent», «more delicate perfume).

The humorous effect is achieved by the incongruous combination of the words (brainless beautiful creature) and also we can see paronomasia : («Whenever I have gone there, there have been either so many people that I have not been able to see the pictures, which was dreadful, or so many pictures that I have not been able to see the people, which was worse».)

In the conclusion I’d like to say that Oscar Wild is a master of the language and his sentences are so arranged in a such way that each of the consecutive sentences is more important, more significant and more emotionally coloured than the preceding one, all of them forming a chain of interdependent elements.

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