The pie charts gives information about how much higher level achieved by people who are over 21 in two separate countires

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Obesity rates are at an all-time high. Why is this the case? What are some of the most pressing health issues for children who are ofese?
One of the most important case is being obesity that is rate is all-time high in the world. This kind of problem comes from eating junk foods , wrong agenda to name but a few that makes some problems which I want to explain in this essay.
1st of all the most popular activity which causes fatness is about eating . People who eats overload during day or before going bed tend to be collect fat in their organism which is the most unhealthy activity in all period. The next problem about food is junk foods which are new to being popular in modern world. The 2nd unhealthy activity is about unplanned dairy. Lots of nations don’t care about morning exercise which is the best thing to lose fats or energy that creates fats . People who spend their life not to be physical active are the second group who are being obesity.
That kind of things which lead being fatty causes some issues. Children who are ofese tend to loose their active positon and may be suffered heart attack blood pressure when they want to be run or play which are makes their body to move fast. Next issue comes in hot weather . if they lives in hot climate or hot place again their heart suffers .
Overall, some bad case such as overload eating or eating problems and unplanned lifestyle an lead us to be fatty and causes heart and blood pressure issues.

The pie charts gives information about how much higher level achieved by people who are over 21 in two separate countires

Overall, Secondary school is the most popular achievement and next is vocational technical school in both country. Non schooling is the least education level .
in both country prefer to have secondary school level and its propotion is 45% and 35% in county a and b respectively and one interesting thing is vocational school level collected 30% and it is the 2nd common level in both county
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