The Process – Saudi Health Program Saudi/usyd – 60 Scholarship selection – including English

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The Process – Saudi Health Program Saudi/USYD – 60 Scholarship selection – including English

Student progress – November 2007

The gap: Social issues

  • Food

  • Transportation

  • Timetables

  • Prayer rooms

  • Student diversity

  • Reaction to Asian students

The gap: Academic issues

  • Punctuality

  • Learning style

  • Taking notes in class

  • Preparing for classes

  • Doing independent research

  • Active Participation

The gap: Motivation

  • There is direct correlation between English language ability and other parameters in social and academic progression.

Bridging the gap: Possible solutions

  • Be sensitive to these issues (Cultural workshops)

  • Promote Australian culture and Australian institutions as being friendly to Muslims generally.

  • Promote stories of successful and happy Muslims in respected positions in our university and Australian society.

Bridging the gap: What we’re doing in the project

  • Conceptualization of the academic, psychological and social needs of Muslim Saudi Arabian students.

  • Identify strengths and challenges.

  • New plans for pre-selection, homestay, cultural adjustment, teaching and learning.

  • In-service training for staff, administrators and other students as well as Saudi Ministry.

Research Aims:

  • Enhance teaching and learning

  • Promote quality international tertiary standard benchmarks

  • Raise cross cultural competencies and understanding

  • Contribute to knowledge about the specific needs of this international student group

Themes influencing the proposed research questions:

Sample of literature influencing research questions:

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