The pros and cons of the internet. The internet is an integral part of our lives. The opportunities that the internet gives us

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Internet in my live


  1. The pros and cons of the internet.

  2. The internet is an integral part of our lives.

  3. The opportunities that the internet gives us .

What is the Internet for me? The Internet is my second virtual life. This is the reality of modern virtual life. We cannot imagine ourselves without the Internet, i.e. www (world wide web). I actively use all social networking sites. I chat with my friends through it, listen to music and watch funny videos. If I don’t have anything to do, I turn on my phone and use the internet. If I don’t have anything to do, I turn on my phone and use the internet. The internet affects everyone’s life. It has a huge impact on my life as well. Of course, the Internet is a great pleasure for me. There are many pros and cons to the internet. First of all, let’s talk about the positive aspects of the internet. I can communicate with my distant relatives through it. The internet also helps me prepare for my lessons. I look for more information on the Internet almost every day. We can search almost anything on the internet. We can buy things online through it. We sometimes make food orders online. It will be a lot of fun for everyone.

Now let’s talk about its shortcomings. People, especially teenagers, can’t control themselves. They always try to be online. They always try to be online. In other words, they become addicted to the internet. I think the internet also blocks our brains. I just take the theme from the internet, make some changes and the homework is ready. In fact, we have to do all the homework ourselves, but most people are lazy because of the Internet. We need to look for useful things on the internet. But some people are looking for shameless things on the Internet. This is definitely a tragedy.

It can be useful if we use the Internet properly.

Internet is a great invention . It has changed the lives of nearly all people on our planet. Many things have become easier and can be done from the comfort of your own home.

For example people nowadays can order a takeaway food, they can buy clothes online, and they can even work online.

Internet is a global world network which has united people from different countries and of different countries backgrounds . Thanks to this network we can chat with friends , meet new peoople and connect to our distant relatives via video calls.

Shopping has become much easier . If you don’t have have time to go to the store , you can order all the necessary products at the online store and they are delivered within a day. Same can be done with medical pills , railway tickets, shoes , and any other items . In my opinion , it is very convenient.

However, it seems that with the appearance of Internet people have become lazier they rarely walk or so physical exercises. They don’t need to bother much if everyrhing can be done with a click of a button. My family is a fan of active life , so we try to order online only urgent items. If we want to shop for food or clothes , we go to the nearest supermarket.

The question is why we need Internet? I mostly use it to chat with my friends , especially those who live in other towns. I also like communicating through social networks and reading books online . Other than that I find lots of educational information via internet. Obviously, it is one of the most useful tools in the live of modern people .

In my opinion, Internet is of great help in every day life. We just need to learn how to separate useful information from useless. Moreover, we shouldn’t neglect live communication and sports. Remember that real life is more fun than virtual life!

Translated words:

huge – ulkan;

pros and cons – ijobiy va salbiy tomonlari;

prepare – tayyorlanmoq;

shortcomings – kamchiliklar;

addicted – odatlangan, qaram bo’lgan;

shameless – uyatsiz;

definitely – albatta;

tragedy – fojia;

properly – to’g’ri;

takeaway – olib ketish;

network – tarmoq;

store – do'kon;

urgent – shoshilinch;

obviously – aniq;

separate – alohida ;

useless – foydasiz ;

moreover – bundan tashqari;

neglect – e'tiborsizlik;

ranking – reyting;

downsides – salbiy tomonlari.


  1. How do you use the Internet?

  2. Tell us about the positive aspects of the Internet.

  3. Which country was the first to use the Internet?

  4. Tell us about the downsides of the Internet.

  5. When did the Internet enter Uzbekistan?

  6. Talk about social media rankings.

  7. What social networks do you use?

  8. Why do you use these networks?

  9. What do you say to people who are addicted to the Internet?

  10. What conveniences does the Internet give you?

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