The recipe for happiness, but having undergone the pandemic, I realized being around my dearest and nearest and seeing them safe and sound

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Happiness sample
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TOPIC: Happiness

  1. How would you define happiness?

The definition of happiness varies from person to person.

As for me, I would attribute happiness to good health and happy family. Once I used to think money and fame were the recipe for happiness, but having undergone the pandemic, I realized being around my dearest and nearest and seeing them safe and sound is my true happiness.

  1. What kinds of things make people in your country happy?

I think it depends on people, their needs and dreams. For example, finding a decent job with a good salary can be a source of happiness for the unemployed. After having a first child, fathers jump for joy. When a young family is able to buy a new house, no one can be as blissfully happy as they are.

  1. Do you think money can make people happy?

If wisely spent, yes it can.

With having an ample amount of money, you can help people in need to better their lives. When you are able to lend a hand to someone, you feel a sense of life satisfaction. That’s why, affluent people usually become philanthropists; they derive happiness from helping the needy, providing shelter, clothes and food.

  1. Are people in your country happier now than they were 30 years ago?

I would say Yes and No

Some people in my country can be much happier than they were 3 decades ago since they have more room in their lives for entertainment because of technological developments; now we don’t have to spend an awful amount of time doing the washing and the washing-up thanks to a washing machine and a dishwasher. Such consumer electronics have left mundane and tedious tasks behind.

But sadly, due to the hectic pace of life and increased competition in the academic context and in the work market, people are feeling more stressed and anxious. We have to meet deadlines, outperform our rivals to survive. As a consequence, we are witnessing stress-related absence in the workplace and more students are dropping out of university. In this day and age, we are oftentimes too pressurized to be happy.

  1. Why do some people say happiness never lasts long?

6. What do you do when you feel unhappy?

TOPIC: New Year

1. How do people in your country celebrate the New Year?

2. How do people celebrate New Year?

3. Have you ever celebrated New Year that you still remember?

4. Why do people think that the New Year is a new beginning?

TOPIC: Names

1. Is it difficult for you to remember people’s names?

2. How do you remember people’s names?

3. How do you feel when people can’t remember your name?

4. Do you often forget people’s names?



TOPIC: Boredom

1. Are there any jobs that you find boring?

2. Do you think all the boring jobs will be done by robots in the future?

3. Why do some people get bored faster than others?

4. Why do people agree to do boring jobs?

5. Some people say that it is good to feel bored sometimes. What do you think?

6. Do you agree that it is impossible to feel bored in our today’s world?
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