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Tertiles of % of total communications spend

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Tertiles of % of total communications spend

This is an example chart, not real data

In order to see the relationship more clearly, we create tertile groups of case, according to their print newsbrand spend as a % of the overall media mix. This creates robust groups, on which we can report the average Y axis score for each group - i.e. the average Revenue ROI

So to see this in action, let’s look at the retail category. In this case we have added a fourth group – no print newsbrand spend. We can then compare the three tertiles of newsbrand spend to the group with no spend.

In Retail: Print newsbrands boost total campaign ROI by 2.8 times, with the optimum return when they are 20% to 31% of the mix.

In all cases it is always better to have print newsbrands in the mix.





Total campaign revenue ROI

Low 2-20%

Medium 20-31%

High 31-100%

Print newsbrand % of total campaign spend in retail

No print newsbrand spend

2015 spend levels



Source: Benchmarketing/Brand Science Results Vaults 2011 to 2015 – excludes outliers and incomplete models


Budget optimisation

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