The role of authentic materials Content Introduction Chapter I authentic materials

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The role of authentic materials .my coursework, кимё янги китоб

The role of authentic materials

Chapter I Authentic materials

    1. The use of authentic materials in classrooms

1.2 The use of authentic materials in the teaching of reading
Chapter II Working with authentic materials for the teaching of reading

    1. Preparing your materials for the teaching of reading

    2. Using authentic materials with classes

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I have always been interested in alternative and non-traditional teaching methods because they have not been used in the existing education systems in primary and secondary schools for a long time. I think some of them are really helpful and helpful. In practice, I saw alternative approaches and methods. I was amazed by both them and the results. Since then, I have tried to be proficient in using at least some methods in teaching. So I decided to carefully consider one of the alternative methods, the use of real materials.
I think they are underestimated. I believe that if they were used more, teaching English would be not only more effective but also more fun. Relevance of research work. When one of the main reasons for using Authentic materials in the classroom is outside the “safe”, managed language learning environment, the student encounters the real world and how it is used, not the artificial language in the classroom. The task of the teacher is not to deceive the language learner, but to inform him or her and give him or her the necessary skills to understand how the language is used. In the first part of my course work, I would like to explore the literature on the use of original materials and other important components that must be somehow related to authenticity in language teaching. In the second part of this work, I want to describe my training project.
There are three projects with three different classes at different levels. I will also describe the results. This is the first opportunity to put my ideas into practice. I work under the guidance of experienced teachers who help me get rid of ideas that aren’t true and give me valuable advice. I hope to have a good foundation for my future teaching career as I will definitely use some of my ideas that will be good in my next internship.
The actual of the work.
The actual materials are materials that we can use in the classroom and have not been modified in any way for ESL students. Studies and surveys have shown that there are many advantages to using original materials. However, there are a number of shortcomings that teachers and students need to be aware of when using a variety of real material sources, such as newspapers, TV shows, menus, magazines, the internet, movies, songs, brochures, comics, literature, and more. The paper shows how real materials can be used at any level to suit students ’needs and knowledge. Goals and objectives of the work. The purpose of the work is to show why we need real materials. Therefore, we can enumerate the following tasks of the work: The effect of "real" language reflected in language change variation Students are informed about what is happening in the world Textbooks random incorrect English their own does not contain and wears out very quickly. Same material can be used for different tasks Mini-skills training exerciseideal for skimming scanning. contains interesting topics.

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