The Scottish Highlands The Scottish’s Highlands

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The Scottish Highlands

The Scottish’s Highlands

  • The Highlands is a montainious region in the North of Scottland.

  • The region have a little population : the density is more less than Sweden or Norway.

  • The land is a succession of moutains, some more high than thousand meters. The land is not fertile.

  • in the Highlands, the Gaelic is the more speaking language.

Derry Cairngorm

  • Cairngorm is a moutain in the Highland, in the Cairngorms range, north of Braemar ( a village in the Arberdennshire ). The moutain is famous about his tourist attraction.

  • With a height of 1155 m. Derry Cairngorm is regarded as part of the centralgroup of Cairngorm hills.

  • Derry Cairngorm is characterised by large granite boulders on its higher slopes, which make walking in the summit area difficult, often having to resort to hopping between boulders. All drainage from the mountain flows south via the Derry and Luibeg burns to join the River Dee and reach the sea at Aberdenn.

River Carron

  • River Carron is a river in Wester Ross, in the Highlands of Scotland. The river rises in Ledgowan Forest. It gathers its head-streams through Carron Bog, then enters Loch Scaven and flows out from there.

Scottish Gaelic

  • Scottish Gaelic (Gàidhlig) is a member of the Goidelic branch of Celtic languages. This branch also includes the Irish and Manx languages.

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