The special role of physical education and sport to create a healthy lifestyle

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The special role of physical education and sport
to create a healthy lifestyle.

Jo’rayev Rahmatilla Mustafoyevich.

 Annotation: Article is fulfilled with basic factors, which are vital to keep well. As we know, in order to be stay healthy one should follow some rules as keeping diet or doing regularly exercise. In article one can find profitable information about the role of sport and its usage in healthy lifestyle. Furthermore, there are extra points for teachers of PE not only exerciser, but also psychologically matters which should be learned by coaches.

Key words: healthy lifestyle, instructor, sport, training, competition, moral and physical quality, failure, keep in shape.

  Nowadays, the peoples of Uzbekistan have experienced a great and difficult journey in historical development. The physical culture and sports, which have become independent of these peoples, have been filled with exciting events, as well as fights against hostile oppressors, massacres, and violence against local exploiters. One of the judges came and went. The people have given a bronze: The folklore, similar to Bobur, has survived its long tradition of children, who have lost the Yang, material and cultural ties, and has been deeply saddened by the development of military arts and physical culture. Our ancestors have always been valued for the many talents of Babur. We, as a human being, have a deeper understanding of human culture, not just the spiritual dimensions of it. After all, in Uzbekistan, wrestling, soccer, horseback riding, sailing, jockers, and shoting, Bobur's personal history cannot be overlooked.

At present, many activities are being carried out in the Republic, including national ideology, special national pride, national thinking and honour. At the IX Session of the Oliy Majlis of the Republic of Uzbekistan there were identified the radical changes in the system of education and training, the increase in the level of modernity, the upbringing of the younger generation. This is a highly qualified, experienced and professional who can meet our business goals, aspirations, the transformation of our society, our reforms and lives.

     The social and economic developments in the country, the increasement of shunting, physical education and sports are also relevant to the field of sports psychology. The answer to the questions such as, "What kind of state do we build today?", "What should be the political and social basis, what image should be divided"?
 At present, in the republic there are many empty, physical and cultural cultures.
          With every development in childhood and adolescence, physical education plays an important role. Physical culture teaches us the qualities of goodness, hard work, discipline, and morality. With the emergence of the human race, various movements will be needed. According to Ibn Sina, the various toxic substances in the uterine tissues are absorbed by sweat as the human moves.

The main purpose of physical culture training in schools is to help or educate students from the first grade. Physical education should not be a personal affair, but it is imperative that all teachers of the human race should be aware of the needs of the community and teachers. Our business is not only for our own sake, but also for the busy people, for the country and for the motherland. Academic N.M Amosov said that Islam is not only a disability but also a different type of fast movement and quality of moving. The differentiation of the various movements is an indication of the imperfection of the war.

Engagement with physical culture exercises should be a constant and personal goal for every student in the rugged life, and the sophistication should be one of the most important activities for the right to develop, defend their homeland. As is well known, the physical culture law states that it is necessary for students to work at home to perform independent physical exercises. For bowling, each of the physical exercises needs to be accustomed to self-employment, but they need to develop creative thinking and self-release. Self-education is a free activity for every single person. In the pursuit of the right to freedom of education, each law-abiding student needs to know the following: (a) the power of self-taught methods of self-education; (b) Conversion of abusers into a highly developed community; c) Abuse of the young people in the independent approach to the daily life of the educated, to become the most mobilized force for self-education; d) the strength of English and the right level of knowledge; e) the eagerness of the inner world of the intruder; (f) the acceptance of moral images; g) Building of willpower, cables.

Self-education comes in two forms:

1) community and 2) individual forms. In the community, self-education of the students, physical culture, the training of various kinds of girls and girls, as well as the implementation of community affairs were implemented. In the course of the lesson, not a single collarbone should be required. As a matter of fact, the community provides the opportunity to educate and fulfill the obligations of the present day. If the uprights of the upper class are tossed into the controversy of the trap, then a community thinking will emerge. As a result, the classroom community becomes an organized, strong force. In the individual form, every law enforcement has a clear commitment. In fulfilling this commitment, each individual's individual characteristics must also be taken into account.
        It is necessary to follow the rules of self-education:
1. A clear and meaningful agenda should be separated from each other;
2. new commitments will be accepted after their release;
3. It is important to train students to work independently in the community;
4. Describe what training facilities to use in their own education.
     For example, 7 th class students have created a new Uzbek-language style:
(a) Not to be offended with minor things;
(c) a lack of willingness, that is, "even in the event of failure." The fate created by the self-proclaimed guerrillas gives results.
Formation of the moral and physical qualities of musicians, the formation of self-defense skills, the development of physical self-awareness and sports.

Following methods can be used to establish the practical skills of student education: b) to report for a period of time the moral and physical qualities of the most accomplished responsibilities of the businessman; c) analysis of the inherent obligations of force; the reasons for the successes and failures of the Englishman, and ability to control his own ability to control the rain; (e) To learn how to draw conclusions with the oppressed, self-asserted, self-absorbed traits.

In the III box, the master should be accustomed to the pearl with the need to work independently.
           The school is dedicated to the strengths of the students' knowledge and to the organizational and pedagogical skills, knowledge and abilities of Uarnar. Fans need help with physical education, sports inventory, gym cleaning, sports training, and emergency situations. The student of the physical culture needs to be aware of the disadvantages of the students, and to evaluate the performance of the physical exercises. For example, the student of the VII class K. Akhmedov can be active, scorpions, and ice age, but low learning. Seasons: Geography and Physical Culture. However, the poor geography scores do not fulfill the duties of the cows. In the last few years, physical culture has focused only on "excellent" subjects. Jasmine's passion for ice-cream, his enthusiasm for drills, and his ability to help organize lessons help teach the icebreaker and the icebergs by example. He is always ready to help physically disabled physicians. Volleyball, baseball, and most popular athletics are not welcome. As a physicist, he always helps with the organization of school and classroom competitions.

This is the kind of education that is the teacher of physical culture of the VII class. In some instances, unruly ice lessons may cause classroom attendance to slow down. In many cases these people feel like unnecessary drivers for the community, and sometimes Uarning's girls are involved in extracurricular activities in school and in the classroom. The high level of spiritual activity of the students depends on the high quality of physical culture lessons and competitions. So, nowadays, the methods of competing in the course of physical culture were used. From scratch, who is quick to print, who is long-haired, who brings the york to the bridge with the bridle, who hits the hurricane. In the course of such an organized competition, the volunteers are mobilized to help the poor. So, the competition has defined the "leader" for sporting methods, and students will be helping to organize their own independent sports competitions.

         Nowadays, the teacher of physical culture is the teacher of the legal education in the laws of physical education and sports in the country of high school, lyceums and colleges of independent Uzbekistan. Secondly, the teacher of physical culture is a talented and pedagogical teacher; You need to get used to doing it.
     The teacher of physical culture is connected with different activities. Including sports lessons and sports activities, sports gym and playgrounds, swimming pools, lack of sports inventories, and a great deal of interest in physical culture lessons. Sooner, in the process of dying with the dirty jungle, there was a flurry of chaos, disillusionment, disorder, chaos, and a lot of team-building and training. . In the introduction of these problems, it is required that the teaching of the physical culture be brought to the forefront in the letter.

The skilled physical education instructor should be able to grasp the general physical education curriculum and make sense of the current shortcomings in the school, and allow the teacher of physical culture to remember the movement. The researcher is required to remember the movements of the various movements, the practice of what the students are doing or what they are doing during the lessons, and the rapid, brief interruption of the movement.

     One of the main challenges faced by the teacher of physical culture is the degree to which methods can be combined with the specialties of flour. Including sports theory, physical education, pedagogy, psychology, physiology, sports medicine, philosophy and noise, and the need for ice racing, including athletics, gymnastics, basketball, volleyball, handball, soccer, wrestling. Otherwise, it will be difficult for a teacher of physical culture.
        The subjective linguistics of the teacher of physical culture can be studied in two groups. The first group consists of the inductive features of the teaching of physical culture, the vices associated with personal characteristics, the types, structure, temperature, characteristics of the nervous system. For example: whitewashing nervous system, which has a choleric temperament, is characterized by strong imbalances and irregularities, its inability to function properly.
    Students with phlegmatic temperatures often find it difficult to catch up with their students and their behavior. One of the subjective afflictions in the teaching of physical culture is that it is a goal that has emerged.

These include: lack of self-control, lack of proper planning of sports activities, incompetence in sports, disability, limited intellectual abilities, alcoholism, and so on.

        One of the second subjective problems of the teacher of physical culture is the special peculiarities of the activities. Physical weakness, rhythmic gymnastics and track and field athletics are the most common obstacles to his recovery. The introduction of subjective kinship, first of all, to the teaching skills, the ability to use different types of armor, and ice-cold divisions of sports. His creative work, and the heavy lifting of his passion for the physical culture of the students, have helped him make the most of these addictions.
       Physical culture is one of the emerging activities of the linguists and the educated, enlightened members of the teaching community. If these things are wrong the physical culture will cause poor-quality, teaching. For bowling, it is necessary to work together with teachers and class leaders, to involve students in sports, and to develop social activity. The teacher of physical culture is a great teacher. The billiard and the jigsaw pose are still alive today. As a result, the discipline in the classroom is frozen. The talented physical culture instructor organizes training activities, distributes the nets, and teaches the student every step of the way. The development of educational social services can be seen in the implementation of organizational activities. In particular, the training of sportsmen, the organization of qualitative training, the need for training of trainers, the need for proper training of gymnastics, strengthening of training and training of trainers.


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